Your Itinerary for a Weekend Trip to Port Dickson



If you’re planning to hang out in the not-so-famous Port Dickson of Malaysia, you need a bunch of ideas on how to spend your vacation. It is a perfect beach destination with your much-desired travel convenience, the location being 45-minute away from the Kuala Lumpur airport.


There are great sights to visit in the area. You’re sure to relax and enjoy sans the feeling of having to rush around with this list of top attractions. Here’s an itinerary guide that’s truly worth considering.


  1. Military Museum
    Port Dickson houses the well-loved Malaysian Army museum where kids can engage more with helicopters and armoured cars. This is among the best places to start your tour.

A gallery exhibiting the historical milestones of Malay peninsula’s military and ancient military hardware make up this museum. Among the highlights of the gallery are the early European influences and the UN peacekeeping efforts displayed in a tunnel. There are also two buildings where few rooms had captions in the Bahasa Malaysian dialect and most in English. The museum is around 500 meters from the 1.5-kilometer south-of-Avillion traffic lights and charges no entrance fee.


  1. Ostrich Farm
    If you’re searching for a surprisingly fun way to enjoy your stay, then this is the best spot. This kid-friendly attraction may have ostriches as the stars, but a lot of things can be done once you’re here.

Kids are given chances to ride on an ostrich, as well as anyone under 40 kilograms. Other animals can be seen too, such as horses, rabbits, goats, turkeys, chickens, peacocks and guinea pigs. A small playground where turkeys roam and a farm cafeteria serving burgers and ostrich satay sticks also make your visit more interesting.


  1. Yun Loon Chinese Temple
    This beautifully decorated sight lies approximately five kilometres south of Avillion. It became popular because of the more-than-a-hundred-year old giant tortoise which was reported to have died early 2015. A small pond and a garden-hub for turtles make this sight more attractive. No fee is charged for visitors but a donation box can be seen inside the temple.


  1. Alive 3D Art Gallery
    If you’re fond of isometric art, the around-50 murals and paintings in this gallery will definitely captivate your heart. This is also a great place for indoor fun. Its location is in Lukut, in the northern portion of Port Dickson.


  1. Beaches
    On top of things-to-do when in Port Dickson is relaxing in its beaches. Their picturesque views make them unsurprisingly popular among tourists. Port Dickson hotels also come in various facilities and options and are sure to create a comfortable stay for you and for your family.


  1. Day Trip
    If you’re the type who’s not confined to just one area, Port Dickson is truly a good choice for you! Its proximity to other Malaysian destinations can make your trip more exciting. Melaka is just an hour away while Kuala Lumpur is roughly an hour-and-a-half travel. You can definitely enjoy a day in these equally interesting sites.  There are indeed, a number of ways to make the most of your Port Dickson getaway. However, you must remember these few good points. It is difficult to navigate Port Dickson by foot. Strollers won’t fit here. You need to take your own car with you or take taxis or the public buses.


The best travel guide? Plan well. Plan ahead.

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