Why Study In An International School In Malaysia?

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Schools are not the only factor that can contribute to the students’ achievements and skill developments. But as parents, we truly wish that our children will get their first learning experience in school on the right foot. Despite the hefty fees, statistics show that as time goes by, the number of parents sending their children to international schools keeps growing. Have you wondered why? Many parents who sent their children to international schools agree that these are the top three reasons why they made such decision at the first place.

1) The Class Environment

Malaysia is undoubtedly a multiracial country. However, students population in international schools does not just consist of Malaysian, but also of different ethnics from around the world. The students are exposed to the diversity of cultural environments. Soon they will learn to respect the differences, get to know and understand more about each other, and even get to learn different languages. In fact, the number of students per class is not too crowded to create a student-centered learning environment.

2) English Medium

Today is the day of technology. You can tell it’s hard to say no to learning English as it is everywhere. It is even the language of the internet. Teachers of international schools speak English and students will have to speak the language all the time during school hours. Students are exposed to the English language at an early stage in their life, so when the opportunity comes,  they will be well prepared to get into universities abroad and pursue their careers globally. No worry about preserving the local languages, as they will not forget their mother tongue especially the national Malay language.

3) Updated Curriculum

Most international schools updates and improves their international curriculums regularly. If you often have to travel to other countries, don’t worry as the curriculum always integrates into other international schools around the globe. Most importantly, the teachers are highly qualified, well trained, and do their job with passion. They believe that education is not just about academic excellence and copying from the textbook, but also about focusing on the acquisition of students’ skills to be practiced throughout the real life.

Do you agree with all the points above? If the answer is yes, maybe you should start finding the best international school in Malaysia for your kids. Making the right decision can be distressing, but as a parent, the final option is really yours.

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