Why Foreign Students should Study Business in the UK


Many foreign students are flocking to the UK each year to earn their business degrees because it provides the opportunity to separate yourself from the pack and put a unique experience on a resume. The UK has only trailed the United States as a destination for international students and it was estimated that about 480,000 students invade the UK each year from varied locations like China, the United States and India. That is because some of the most prestigious institutions of learning are offering a business degree that will help advance a career. This is a more in depth look at the reasons that so many students make the UK their choice for business studies each year.

focus-on-businessMore Focus on Business
One of the top reasons that the UK is so popular for students studying for their business degree is that the system is set up to provide a deep immersion into the topic of their major. This is a huge difference from many colleges and universities in the states. Students are often encouraged to take a well-rounded course load before focusing on their interest in business. The UK students know what they want and the curriculum is built around business courses that can help develop your knowledge of the subject. The only difficulty is that changing a major is a lot more complicated in the UK because few classes are going to be similar in the course load between one program and another. There is definitely a deeper exposure to the topic at hand.
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Students Can Save Money in the UK
Even though the cost per year is on a par with other nations, it takes less time to complete a business degree in the UK. Most universities will award a bachelor’s degree in three years rather than four. That is a significant savings in money, effort and time in order to put your degree to use. Moving on to earn a higher degree or to take the knowledge from your business courses and apply it to a career will all happen sooner. This can be great for the business student who has a clear desire about the outcomes they desire. Saving a whole year in tuition costs would seem to make solid business sense.

work_cropWork is an Option in the UK
It is very common for international students to get a job while studying full or part time in the UK. They are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week and that can really help the bottom line of a student’s budget. In the US, there are strict guidelines that limit the jobs students can take. There are no such limits in the UK, a student can get a job virtually anywhere and find something that will contribute to and augment their business coursed. A person on a student visa is able to work anywhere that they want, which is a great advantage to them.

Study-Abroad-UKUK Education Provides Global Connections
Finally, the British experience in education will provide more global connections than earning a business degree somewhere else. The educational system in the UK is more globally connected with students coming from all parts of the world. Getting to know the widest variety of people through your studies and taking courses provides a worldwide grid of connections. That type of system is going to provide opportunities that simply taking business courses will not provide. The more people that know and trust you, the more chances a person has to complete business transactions, find jobs and make money.


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