Why Business Studies is Key to Success in the 21st Century


The world is changing faster than ever before. It is hard to say what one skill will set you up for years to come. In the old days, learning a trade such as and finding a job with a trade union was enough to set you on the path to support yourself and your family for life. Today, a bachelor of business is proving to be increasingly valuable to help set up a long, flexible and profitable career.


An education in business studies incorporates a lot of different disciplines. It allows future managers to study finance, accounting, logistics, production, trade, operations, marketing, advertising, sales, entrepreneurship and management. With such a wide variety of different skill sets, business studies majors have an upper hand on their competition in the marketplace. No matter what the interview question, they will have a base of knowledge to draw upon.


A bachelor of business can be used to enter small, medium or large businesses in many different capacities. Take a large company like General Electric for example. The company makes airplane engines and utilizes its financing unit to help fund in production of the product. Business majors could work in many different places along this value chain including supervising production, supply chain management, accounting, financing structures, sales and reporting. Business majors have a wealth of options at such a company.


Even working at a small distribution company, a person with a bachelor of business has many different options to choose from. They can run the ware house, manage inventory, work in the back office on finance and accounting or work up to senior level management. While some of these positions require additional certification or training, they all need basic understanding of business.

Getting a degree in business has helped countless managers achieve their dreams. It is a great start to support a long and profitable career.


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