Ultherapy: The Newest Way to Be Beautiful



Do you want to have a younger looking skin without undergoing any surgical operations? If you do, then you might want to spend at least 15 minutes of your time to get to know this new skin-regenerative procedure. It’s unique, safe, and most of all, pain-free! There are a lot of cosmetic companies in Malaysia that are offering this modern beautification procedure. Therefore, here are some information that you need to know about it:


What is Ultherapy?


Defying age and gravity, it is a safe ultrasound treatment done to make the skin look young. Through the body’s regenerative actions, it gradually lifts the skin particularly those on the neck, chin, and eyebrows. It is also done to remove the fine lines and wrinkles that visibly mark ageing.


Why Makes it Unique? 


Approved by FDA, it is the sole non-invasive treatment that could lift the skin. Furthermore, among all cosmetic procedures, it is the only one that uses ultrasound imaging in viewing the potential target tissues that need to be involved in the treatment. Aside from the face, it is also indicated to clients who want to get rid of the annoying fine lines and wrinkles on the chest.


Am I a Good Candidate for It?


If you are interested, you must first ensure that you are a good candidate. To be like one, you must have a mild to moderate laxity of the skin. This means that you feel like your skin appears lesser firm. Some examples include but not limited to loose skin on your neck, sagging skin under the chin, lowered eyebrow line, and wrinkles and fine lines on the chest area.


Though you could observe some of the things mentioned from above, you must remember that the only person who has the final say whether you are a good candidate or not is your doctor. The cosmetic clinics in Malaysia have good and well-trained doctors to assist you on your journey.


How Long Does it Take? 


The duration depends on the involved area and the client’s treatment plan. But typically, a procedure that involves the face and the neck lasts for 60-90 minutes, whereas, a procedure on the chest lasts more or less for 30 minutes.


What are the Side-Effects? 


Take note that any procedure that you will be undergoing has its own positive and negative side effects. As for Ultherapy, after the procedure, you might experience some of these:


  1. Flushed Skin
    2.             Slight swelling, tenderness, and tingling sensation in the area
    3.             Bruising
    4.             Numbness on a small area of the skin


These manifestations are normal within the first few hours. If they persist, then that’s the time to seek a medical assistance.


When Will It Come Effect? 


The initial effect may be observed after a couple of days, but ultimately, the best results come after 2-3 months. This is the actual length of time for the body to regenerate collagen naturally. The results are based on how fast your body produces collagen, thereby the effects vary from one client to another.


In conclusion, as the world gets modernize, new procedures and treatments emerge in Malaysia through time. But despite the existence of such, the main strategy to make your skin look beautiful even as you age is the practice of a healthy lifestyle. Live young and well! There is no age limit of when to stop caring for your skin.

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