Top Benefits of Reloading MOL Points for Online Gaming


MOL is a virtual currency that’s popular in Asia and being embraced by gamers throughout the world. This currency is like any other gift card or e-wallet except that it isn’t tied to a specific platform, which means that gamers can benefit greatly from having an account and reloading funds as needed.


Protect Your Sensitive Information 

Security is one of the great advantages that MOL points provide gamers. Many online games require subscriptions and microtransactions. Game enough and you can find yourself needing to share your credit card and other important information with a wide range of online vendors. With MOL, you deal with just one vendor and use a single PIN-protect account for all gaming-related purchases.

All Gaming Funds, One Account 

The advantage of consolidating all of your gaming money to a single account cannot be overstated. It’s impossible to forget or lose your money since the account remains accessible via the Internet at all times. Using the points at an online or brick-and-mortar shop requires a security PIN, and you can opt for two-layer authentication on your account in order to ensure that no unauthorized access occurs.

Your Interests May Change but Your Points Won’t 

Gamer interests change. Anyone who enjoys online gaming has been in a situation where they deposited funds into an online game account only to lose interest in that game before using the funds. Since MOL isn’t associated with a particular game or store, this is never an issue. Whatever your interests are tomorrow, your points will be available in order to re-up an MMO subscription, make an in-game microtransaction or make a purchase from the SEA Gamer Mall or other online retailer.


Reloading is Fast and Easy 

Adding more MOL points to your account is simple, and you have a number of options whether you’re paying with a credit card, web wallet or some other means. You can do it directly through MOL online, at any of a number of online retailers and even at a growing number of traditional brick-and-mortar gaming shops.


Buy Points at a Discount 

Another excellent benefit of points is that those points are often available at below face value, which means that you can do more with your gaming budget. Online retailers like SEA Gamer Mall will often sell points at a 10-percent or even greater discount, and you can purchase with confidence whenever there’s a sale because you know that those points will be valid whenever you do opt to use them.

Give Points as a Gift 

Often, the easiest way to purchase points is as a digital code. Access your account, input the code and the money transfers into your account. You can also purchase codes and then email them, which is a great option for a last-minute gift. If you prefer a more traditional present, you can even purchase MOL in the form of a gift card, which you can wrap and then hand or mail to the person.

Hassle-Free Gaming 

Gaming is supposed to be fun, and a service like MOL helps you eliminate hassle. It also protects your crucial information and safeguards you in the event that your online gaming interests change.


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