Top 5 Trendy Themes For Children’s Birthday Parties

Planning for your child’s upcoming birthday celebration in Kuala Lumpur? Go all out and be extra fun by organizing a theme party that is trending. Give your child a memorable party he or she will love. Check out these top five trendy themes for children’s birthday parties:


  1. Lego-themed party The Lego toy will always be timeless and well loved by both adults and children. Why not please them both by organizing a Lego-themed party? You can have a space where the kids (and even parents) can play Lego, have cakes or cookies in Lego shapes, give goodie bags that contain Lego, or anything. Be creative!ghostbusters-13
  2. Ghostbusters-themed party Ghostbusters is a classic flick. If your kid loves the movie, have a Ghostbusters-themed party. Some ideas include wearable proton packs for guests, custom cake pops or cookies, and giant slime cake. You can also hold a costume contest and give out prizes to guests who come dressed in a Ghostbuster suit.3fe532b8fe1f558f01504e63b31ee04c
  3. Sesame Street-themed party Many children, regardless of gender grow up, watching Sesame Street, so a theme party of the children’s TV series would be perfect! Staying true to the TV series, your party can also be educational and entertainment at the same time. Organize a puppet show of the show’s characters, use Sesame Street party décor, or even have a Cookie Monster piñata filled with cookies! Give out goodie bags filled with small Sesame Street character plush toy and some candies.6a00e3982192808833017eeadec346970d-800wi
  4. Hello Kitty-themed party If your little girl loves everything pink and girlie, a Hello Kitty-themed party is totally adorable. The party could have pink and white as its main color. Include Hello Kitty cake pops or cakes, party decor and goodie bags. Organize a Sanrio character-drawing contest for extra fun.superhero-25
  5. Superhero-themed party A superhero-themed party could be anything based on The Avengers or individual superhero characters such as Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Ironman, Spiderman, Superman, or Batman. Let your guests role-play with their favorite characters. Include superhero cakes or food, party decor and goodie bags.

Once you’ve decided on a theme for your kid’s birthday party, you can start looking for the right venues for birthday celebration in Kuala Lumpur. Take your time to consider your budget and party requirements, and do some research on the venues to determine the best one to organize the party at. Pick a venue that could not only accommodate the children and their parents, but provide enough parking spaces for every guest.

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