Top 3 University Degrees You Should Consider Taking in Malaysia

If you are a student who wants to pursue higher studies, then choosing a university degree in college is one of the toughest decisions you’ll ever make. Your decision today will affect your life in the next 5 to 10 years. It may either lead you to the right path of the greater scheme of things, or to the other path you mistakenly assumed was right.

Several Malaysian universities are known to produce academically excellent students who are competitive enough to work in international fields. So if you are considering to study in Malaysia, you might want to grab your pen and application form and start building your future on these most sought-after university degrees.


  1. Petroleum Engineering

Showered with natural resources, Malaysia is one of the major exporters of crude oil worldwide. Huge Britain-based foreign oil investors have been on a business agreement with Malaysia for almost 50 years. These major oil companies have been contributing to the petrochemical sector’s growth, resulting in the overall boost of the Malaysian economy.

In addition, the country owns almost 2% of the world’s natural gas and approximately 29 billion oil barrel reserves, which indicate that the petroleum industry is Malaysia’s catalyst towards economic prosperity. With the addition of the government’s extra efforts to increase the production by 5% every year, Malaysia will soon be Asia’s number one hub for gas and oil exports. Therefore, high salaries and huge career opportunities are waiting for the Petroleum Engineering graduates.


  1. Business and Finance

Based on the economic trend last 2014, statistics showed that Malaysia’s economy grew up to 5.5%, which entitled the country to become the world’s largest Islamic financial and banking center. In spite of the existence of a global crisis and extreme poverty in Malaysia, the financial sector was resilient to manage the risks.   In 4 years, the financial sector predicts that almost 300,000 business-related jobs such as international trades, sales and marketing, accounting, and investments, will emerge. Because business and finance studies became one of the most sought-after programs in Malaysia, several universities have been offering business courses to students since then.


  1. Law

Because the laws ran the world, attorneys or lawyers work almost everywhere. Private businesses, judiciaries, government institutions, private organizations, and academia are only some of the fields which a law student might consider entering after graduation. Typically, law studies in Malaysia take 3 years long to finish. Students can specialize in a particular field they find interesting such as real estate, civil rights, immigration, employment, insurance, or criminal law.

Because the degree leads to one of the top high-paying jobs in the country, the law studies in Malaysia have become popular and in demand. A law graduate who owns a firm can earn as much as RM 66,000 per month! Consequently, top-ranking universities in the country have been offering law studies to all who aspires to work and earn from these high-paying jobs.
Finishing a degree program is not as easy as deciding on what degree to take. Remember that the decision you’ll make today will be your future. Think carefully and choose wisely before applying.

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