Top 3 IT Certifications That Will Look Great on Your Resume

The IT field offers a lot of opportunities. During the past two decades, even when the economy was down, there were plenty openings for IT jobs. The IT industry is unique in that a lot of the entry -level jobs don’t require years of experience. For some jobs, training could be done in as short as a month or two, or even done online. Doing so would enhance an IT personnel’s skills and upgrade his skill set.
The following are the top 3 IT certifications which employers look for in job candidates.

1. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
Image result for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)Cisco is the largest manufacturer of network equipment. Their network equipment and appliances are used by almost all large enterprises. To run data centers and network servers, companies need Cisco certified professionals. To ensure that network professionals are up to speed with the latest Cisco offerings, they offer certifications for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).
The CCNA certification consists of a 90-minute exam with about 50 questions. The exam fee is around $300. The most common jobs for CCNA certified professionals include network engineers, network and systems administrators.

2. CompTIA A+ Technician

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Not all certifications are for extensive knowledge or vendor specific. The CompTIA A+ Technician certification exams test for the skills for maintaining PCs, mobile devices, laptops, as well as printers, different operating systems and peripheral devices. This certification is for entry-level positions like computer technicians and for repair, as well as for assembling PCs from off the shelf parts. The CompTIA A+ certification is composed of two exams: a multiple choice and a performance-based exam. The certification costs around $200. CompTIA A+ certified professionals can get jobs as desktop support and help desk technicians.

3. Network+
Image result for Network+The Network+ certification tests for the ability to manage and support wired and wireless networks. The certification exam consists of 90 questions about the network device configurations. The exam is less than $300. Available jobs include help desk and information technology technician.

If you want to change careers, you can take up IT courses online and take the necessary certifications. The above is a short list of the most popular requirements for entry level jobs. Take the time to study for them, take the exam and take the plunge into a new career. Alternatively, you can stay in the same job but move up the career ladder. Now that you have more skills and certifications to show for, you’re more than qualified to become a Supervisor or even a Manager.

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