Tips to Maximize Space in Your Kitchen


We live in a time of increasing accumulation. As goods become more available and affordable, we acquire items pretty rapidly. And this spills over to clutter up a home pretty quickly. There’s also more services and information with paper trails that tends to pile up in places like the kitchen and before you know it, the functional counter space to work on the meal preparation you should be doing in the kitchen is occupied by things that probably do not have a good place in how the kitchen was designed.

And the design itself of the kitchen in Malaysia may not be optimized to use the space as effectively as it could be. This often leads to compromises in how much you enjoy preparing food at home. You may find yourself using more store-prepared foods that cost more and are loaded with additives you would be healthier to avoid. When renovating your kitchen space in Malaysia, take some time to consider the following variables:

Clear up the clutter.

One of the most beneficial things you can do to reclaim your kitchen space and be able to enjoy meal preparation in an organized space with counter top available, is to get rid of the items that are really not needed for kitchen activities. Go through everything that and separate that which is not a kitchen item. Then find a more appropriate place in your home for as much of it as you can. I f the place is in the kitchen, consider where it could be stored to be out of the way.

Some items are kitchen tools but they’re not used enough to need to take up valuable counter space. Put some of the lesser needed appliances and food containers in cabinets or on shelves. You may need to re-organize your cupboards to make neater stacks so you can fit more without things falling over.

Use that dining room.

Make eating your meals a special part of your day. You will find your meal time more satisfying. You can also keep more kitchen area clear by possibly removing furniture for eating from that area.

Give some thought top your dining room furniture. This may be a good time to update. You can make this room nice and a more pleasant place to enjoy meals. A wood dining table is a handsome addition to any set of dining room furniture. And when you make this designated room more inviting, family members will be drawn there and this will reduce the tendency to use the kitchen as a drop-off point.

Consider organizing solutions.

After you have a plan to buy furniture in Malaysia, you can finish the space enhancement in the kitchen by adding shelves and racks in cupboards. Shelves can be an artful work of craftsmanship when they will be visible and stand-alone. This is where you can put extra appliances and possibly more decorative canisters for ingredients.

And for inside the cabinets, adjustable rack systems can maximize the usable area without having to pull pans from the bottom of a cumbersome stack. The easier it is to access and put away items you use, the more inviting it is to maintain your new system.


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