Tips to help you when purchasing a folding bike


Folding bikes are bikes that are designed to fold into a compact form, which makes transporting and storing it, easy and quick. Folding bikes can be easily carried into houses or buildings or on public transportation facilities like buses. They can also be easily stored in tight living spaces such as an apartment, boat, car or plane. A foldable bike is also easy to carry.

Types of Folding bikes 

There are various types of folding bikes that come in different folding systems, wheel sizes and choices of colours and needs. In addition, there are several tips that will help when selecting a folding bike such as deciding how you ride and where you plan to ride.

• Another tip is to choose your wheel size. Wheel sizes come in different diameters such as 14, 16 and 26 inches.
• It is also important to confirm that the rims have the correct ETRTO numbers that fit tires that are available.
• If the fittings are wrong, your tires may come off while turning sharp corners.

Choose your components and frame design 

Choosing your components and frame design is another tip that will help. It is important to think about what level of performance you want from your components. The better quality components you have on the bike, the better your bike will ride. Many ride a folding bike in Malaysia.

Check out the experience of your bike dealer 

It is also important to check out the experience of your bike dealer. Because operating your folding bike will need service, support and ongoing maintenance, you need an experienced and reliable bike dealer. Keep in mind; you are buying a bike but you are also buying service, too.

Brand reputation is important 

Another tip is to make sure that your brand is reputable and to find out about the warranty and how long the warranty is good for.

• Find out also about how long the bike company has been in business and how comprehensive is the coverage on your bike.
• You can find out most of these answers by conducting research and by asking your friends for recommendations.
• Reputable shops often have a variety of bicycles to choose from, as well as offering you trial periods on popular models.
• When coming for a trial, it is important to dress light and to wear flat soled shoes.

Advantages of purchasing a folding bike 

There are many advantages in purchasing a folding bike such as being able to take it with you, instead of leaving it behind. Other benefits are enjoying the speed and agility of the bike as well as feeling more secure.

To conclude, folding bikes are designed to fold into a compact form and makes transporting and storing the bike easy and accessible. With the many benefits they offer, it would be a shame not to check them out! Click here for more


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