There is a world of Dangerous Dust in Your Home

What Is Dust

Everyone know what the word dust means. Dust is, however, a complex, multifaceted object. Ask your family members to give an example of what constitutes dust. There are many, from the most common, road particles thrust into the air by passing vehicles, to the most obscure being dust particles from meteorites. Fires bring ash particles into the home, tree and plant spores invade our homes, fabrics and papers deteriorate and produce dust. Dust mites are actually living organisms floating about the house and leaving waste products that all living organisms produce naturally. Dead skin flakes off our bodies and produces another type of dust. Ugh!

effective dust collector

How To Effectively Remove Dust In Your Home

Frequent use of cleaning equipment can control dust in the home but the cleaning must eliminate dust and not add to the problem. A good example of this is the use of a feather duster. The use of the feather duster temporarily cleans a object but only moves the dust from one place to another. Dust on the floor, if not removed, is reintroduced into the air we breathe by animals and humans walking over the surface of the floor. Sweeping if not done correctly only adds to the problem. A vacuum cleaner with a proper EPA approved filter is a better example of effective cleaning equipment used inside the home. It not only cleans, but it traps the dust particles, eliminating them from the air we breathe. Microfiber cleaning cloths, unlike the feather duster, are an effective dust collector. These cloths clean and, like the vacuum, trap the dust particles for complete removal from the air in our homes.

A Machine For The Effective Removal Of Dust In The Home

There is one machine which is an effective dust collector, it cleans the air in our homes, reduces illness and allergies and adds to the quality of our lives. It is the electric air purifier. It cleans the air around us trapping dust particles within its filtration system for complete removal from our environment. This cleaning machine should be in every habitable room in our homes. Use them in bedrooms and living and dining rooms. Start with a single unit and you’ll soon own more.

Rules For A Dust Free Home

It may be impossible to completely eliminate dust in the home. But you can try by vacuuming floors, rugs and furniture. Use microfiber cleaning cloths for all dusting jobs. Take any small area rug or upholstered furniture item outside and beat it to remove dust. Wash down walls several times each year, brush you pets outside, remove unnecessary items that only collect dust and, finally, buy an air purifier. Your lungs will thank you for it.

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