The Keys to Setting Up a Virtual Office in Malaysia


Over the past decade, Malaysia has proven to be one of the most fertile geographical locations for the launch of global businesses. Malaysia has gone to substantial measures to create a national business environment and government infrastructure to better facilitate the launch of businesses by non-Malaysian entrepreneurs. One of the reasons that this nation has proven to be such as sought out destination for business owners is the fact that it comes with a built in demand stream from certain Asian markets, including China, India, Vietnam, Singapore and Myanmar.

In addition to the built-in demand, the startup costs are exceptionally low when being compared to other Asian markets with the same reach, such as Singapore. In fact, many businesses that have a strong customer base in Singapore, establish virtual offices, and manufacturing plants in Malaysia to service those accounts. It simply makes good financial sense.


download (1)Overcoming Perceived Challenges

Although many companies and entrepreneurs are aware of the multitudinous benefits of launching a startup in Malaysia, many have bypassed the opportunity based on a misconception about the complexity of setting up a business in a country that they are not familiar with. The process for setting up a business in Malaysia is different than the process in America and other countries, and it is important to understand the primary distinctions.

What should be understood is that there are virtual office and business opportunity service providers in Malaysia that specialize in offering services that facilitate the startup launch, making it easy for those who are looking to start a business in Malaysia to do so.

Company Registration Assistance

company registration in malaysia

Another area of concern for businesses that are interested in opening offices in Malaysia is making sure that all company registration guidelines are met. Fortunately, there are third-party service providers that offer assistance with company registration in Malaysia. There are certain fees and processes that the potential business owner must be aware of. Working with an experienced service provider in Malaysia will ensure that all requirements are met.

For the business owner who has the resources to manage the process on their own, the country has a website that provides in-depth step-by-step instructions for registering a company. It is during this process that the company name will be established. The business owner will also need to determine if the company will be run as a sole proprietorship, partnership or SDN Bhd (Private Limited).

Working with a service provider will ensure that all parts of the process are being covered. As far as running a virtual office, which is one way that business owners are creating more efficient business processes. The key is to find the service provider that has the experience and the expertise to create an ideal virtual office environment for their clients. The virtual office experience allows businesses to engage their clientele and vendors in a highly professional environment without the overhead that is normally associated with opening an overseas office.

partnership for company registration in malaysia

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