The Guide to the Classes of Maplestory 2


One of the popular online games in Singapore, MapleStory 2 differs from MapleStory in the sense that it has a new block with a different art style. The game places an incredible focus on the customization of your characters, so you have a lot of freedom when playing this game. In the game, the focus sits on the Lapenta, which is a magic that had been meant for sealing away evil from long ago. The problem comes in that the Lapenta have started to vanish, and you have to protect them to keep the evil out of Maple World.

maplestory-2-charactersThis game gives you a robust character creation system, where you can change facial markings, eyes, skin color, hair and clothing. You have such a large choice for all of them that no one in the game will look the same as you. The game allows for five characters, and you can use three to 12 letters when creating a character. Unlike the first MapleStory, you do not have a giant information bar at the bottom of your screen. MapleStory 2 has different colors for different chats.

ms2-wallpaper-05-1600x900What are some of the classes in the game? First, you have the knight, which is the Royal Guard who protect Tria Palace. You are a strong warrior who will defend your allies to the death with shield and sword. Next, you have the wizard class, which has suddenly come back to the world since people have needed them again. These are humans who have developed a deep knowledge while receiving the help of fairies. They are ardent in their study, but they have become so wrapped up in it that they have disregarded almost everything else.

Aura-Kingdom-F2P-MMORPGAs with many MMORPGs, you have a priest class that shares the teachings of God, and he gives emotional comfort to those in need. This class requires a lot of patience and intelligence to play well. Another class that belongs to the world of Maple Story would be the rangers who belong to the order of the Green Hoods. They were first founded by the legendary archer Hastur. Rumor has it, they carry out missions for the royal family in secret. Rangers will always have their eagle friends with them.

20140922054057a0dwaijuvjqstxwkAssassin would be another class, but not much is known about how they truly live. Known more immoral actions in the name of justice, assassins have some interesting weapons like throwing ninja stars. Next, you have berserkers, which are known rulers of the battlefield. They live without fear and can go into a blind fury when wielding their Great Sword, a force to be reckoned with.

Want to carry heavy artillery? With the heavy gunner class, you are the outlaw on the battlefield who destroys everything without breaking composure. This can be a hard class to work with, but once you get it, it can be one of the most fun. Finally, you have the thief class, which is known for their sleek and crafty movements. The thieves began with the wandering rebel Jonathon Button and his group of followers. At first, they were just some alley misfits, but now they live freely. Every class in this game has a uniqueness that is worth checking out.


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