Steer Clear of Cycling Perils – 6 Common Road Biking Dangers to Avoid


Biking is a great way to get around not just through nature trails but also through the city. That’s because these manually powered two wheelers can be steered and maneuvered around even in the tightest streets, alleys, and turns without a struggle. However, with the convenience and ease comes danger. If you’re riding a bike through the concrete jungle, be sure to steer clear of these common cycling perils.maxresdefault-2

  1. Gravelly Roads – Not all roads are smoothly paved. There are some that are riddled with little rocks and lots of gravel, even in the big city. In these cases, it’s always best to maintain your speed as propulsion will keep you stable. Find that speed sweet spot to avoid a bumpy ride.right-turn-merge-01-e1350925465211
  2. Blind Turns – For cars, it’s a lot easier to stay safe around a blind turn. All drivers need to do is keep their headlights on or blow their horn and any car on the other side will easily be alerted of the unseen oncoming vehicle. For bikes, it’s not as simple. To turn safely through a blind curve, keep your bike closest to the inner lane of the turn and guide your speed with one foot on the ground.yellow-stripes-road
  3. Paint Stripes – Bigger vehicles have little to fear when it comes to paint stripes, but even a specialized road bike could easily topple over when gliding through these markings. If you need to cross lanes, avoid steering parallel over paint stripes. Try to achieve as much of an angle as possible and maintain slower speeds until you clear the road
  4. Wet Pavement – Riding in rainfall is one of the biggest dangers for any cyclist, regardless of experience. When turning on a wet road, exaggerate your cornering technique and apply greater pressure on the lowered outer pedal. This will give your wheels more grip to prevent you from slipping and falling off your seat.pothole-610
  5. Potholes – Many city bikers simply swerve around potholes, which is a practical and obvious solution. But if there’s an oncoming car, if you’re biking through traffic, or if you’re riding in a group, it might not be as safe. Learn how to pop your wheels over potholes by practicing over smaller cracks first. Start with your front wheel, then learn to pop up your rear to clear potholes head on.high-visibility-clothing-630x418
  6. Visibility – You might think a person riding a two-wheeled contraption should be easy to spot in against gray pavement, but you’d be wrong. There are countless accidents that are chalked up to drivers simply not seeing bikers on the road. Avoid biking fast through quiet streets and roads and always wear reflective gear to keep you in sight.

Staying fit and going green are all made possible with bikes, but that doesn’t mean it’s free of hazards. Keep yourself safe on the road and avoid these common biking hazards for a trouble-free ride.

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