Six Surprising Ways Men Unwittingly Destroy Their Skin On A Daily Basis

As Malaysia’s economy continues steady growth, you have more activities in which to partake. Even though this is a very good thing, there are activities you participate in that can lead to the emergence of skin problems. It can be downright surprising which things modern men like you do that are bad for your skin, and here are six of the most common.

Not Sleeping Enough

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If you have a very busy schedule and don’t get enough sleep, your skin will respond negatively. Three straight days of no more than six hours of sleep will cause dark circles, premature aging, and make your skin duller in appearance. You need to ensure you get a good night’s sleep of 7 to 8 hours straight, as often as possible, to keep your skin in its best condition.

Showers That Are Too Hot

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Hot showers feel good on your sore and tired muscles at the end of a long day of work, but they wreck havoc on your skin. Hot showers remove important oils from your skin, leaving it dry and dull. Taking showers that are more lukewarm will help to preserve the oil your skin needs to remain soft and supple.

Too Much Phone Use

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Like most men, you likely enjoy using your cellphone often each day. Unfortunately, your cellphone has more harmful bacteria than a common toilet seat. And, like a lot of men, you probably don’t use sanitary wipes to clean your phone. Using the best facial wash for men can help you to counteract the effects of holding your cellphone against your face for too many hours per day.

Missing Meals

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Your skin needs vitamins and nutrients to remain vibrant and healthy. If you are living a busy lifestyle and skipping meals, you are depriving your skin of critical nutrition. That can cause poor skin complexion and other problems. You can take supplemental vitamins to help replace your lost nutrients, but eating three well-balanced meals per day is best.

Drinking Coffee

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Caffeine can toy with your hormones, which can boost the oil production in your skin. When that happens, you could wind up having more acne and blemishes. Coffee also has a high acid content, which can sap important nutrients your skin needs to stay healthy. Limiting coffee intake will help to prevent ill effects on your skin.

Using Dirty Towels

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Like a lot of men, you likely use the same towel morning, noon and night for days at a time. If so, you are exposing your skin to a variety of bacteria that cause blemishes, acne, and other skin conditions. You need to rotate your towels after every use and wash them regularly to prevent exposing your skin to harmful bacteria and substances that are bad for your skin.

You might not commit all six of the highly common ways men ruin their skin on a daily basis, but odds are you are guilty of at least some of them. If so, you can make relatively simple modifications to your daily routine to stop damaging your skin.

Modest changes in your personal hygiene also can help, like finding and using the best facial wash for men. When you pay attention to your daily routine and eliminate the damaging habits that ruin your skin, you will keep your skin looking its best.

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