Retail Safety Store Tips to Follow


Retail stores are a prime target of thieves. Burglars are not the only criminals who may opt to target a retail store in Singapore. Shoplifters frequently look to lift items from shelves and walk out the door with those things. Armed robbery may be rare, but strong-arm robbery or robbery performed by menacing a store’s staff is possible. With these concerns in mind, store owners and managers have to take immediate steps to boost the security of a business. Otherwise, the premises are going to become the target of one thief and criminal after the other.

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A decent in-store security setup must be devised. There are several things that can be done to improve security in a retail store. Putting mirrors up on the wall allows people working in the establishment to keep an eye on what is going on in the aisles. Installing security cameras is another option, and the presence of cameras has a tendency to give many will ill-intensions pause for thought. The images recorded by the cameras can, of course, be used as evidence in the aftermath of a crime.

An intrusion detection system should be installed to protect a business after hours. Intrusion detection commonly involves alarms and lights. No one is able to be on the premises of a business 24 hours a day (at least not without great expense) and criminals know this. After hours, a business is prime to be targeted by a burglar. Now, if an alarm sounds and lights shine on the second a door or window is breached, the intruder is likely to leave the scene. Law enforcement is sure to respond to such a disturbance so the intruder is best served leaving.


Depending upon the type of intrusion detection utilized, the alarm could alert police or private security forces once tripped. This would guarantee an immediate response once an illicit entry occurred.

Depending upon the risks associated with particular businesses, security services in Singapore could be hired for on-site duties. Stores that carry a lot of high-end merchandise, jewellery, or cash on the premises might benefit tremendously from the deterrence security guards provide. Very large traditional stores would find the presence of security guards to be a huge help with dealing with shoplifters.

Being in business sometimes requires dealing with distasteful tasks. Addressing thievery is one of those unsavoury duties. The duties are important ones since they contributed to safeguarding the store and those inside of it.


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