Read Before You Buy: Signs a Rolex Watch is Fake

Have you ever wondered if real Rolex watches in Malaysia actually exist? Well, there are some sure-fire ways in which you can tell the real ones from the fakes. While these differences aren’t always obvious, there are some things you can check out.


#1. Look for Major Flaws

Always keep your eyes open for major flaws, such as:

real Rolex watches in Malaysia * A telltale ticking, not a rapid one, is found within the real watches.

* Make sure the second-hand isn’t perfectly smooth. It should have a speed of 8 tiny movements per second.

* Look for a small dial or window on the right side of the watch’s face that shows the date. Real Rolex watches magnify this to 2.5x. While looking at this, also loosen the watch’s stem and roll back the hands to change the date. This will happen at the 6 position if it’s real.

* Make sure it doesn’t have a clear back and it isn’t too lightweight because real metal and crystal are hefty.

#2. Look for Minor Imperfections

If you manage not to find any major flaws, keep looking because minor imperfections may exist. These typically consist of:

* Check out the serial number. This is found between the “lugs” at the 6:00 position. This lettering is perfect and precise on a real watch. Also make sure Rolex’s crown logo is etched there. It shouldn’t be big enough to see with your naked eye.

* Make sure there’s an etched inscription inside the rim on the dial. This is present on all the watches within the Oyster series, but not in the Cellini series. The dial itself should also have perfectly precise lettering. Make sure there’s no misspelling either.

#3. Look at the Seller’s Authenticity

Even if you haven’t caught on to any imperfections yet, it’s still important to take the seller’s authenticity into consideration. Some things to think about here are:

* Sub-par packaging

* Don’t buy Rolex watches anywhere but from a reputable jeweler. If you do buy one from a pawn shop, make sure they’ve taken efforts to ensure the watch is genuine.\

* Never expect to buy a real watch at a really cheap price.

When all else fails, have an experienced jeweler look at it. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to tell a real watch from a fake one. This is when a jeweler will help.

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