Image: Bradley Wiggins of Great Britain descends the Col de Mente

Cycling is one of the popular recreational activities among many people in Europe. In the U.K, it is grouped as the third leisure pursuit where approximately 3.1 million individuals are riding in one month. There are several benefits of cycling, and this includes a fast way of trimming down on weight, body fitness and psychologically enables one to reduce stress. The British have embraced the activity and have a website which gives the necessary information for one to enjoy the cycling and cycling clubs where one can enjoy the hobby. A beginner or a pro in the cycling, below are some tips to help you take pleasure in bike riding.

• Wear the right outfit
Cycling is all about aerodynamics, and the right gear is essential for comfort when bicycling. The jersey should be fitting, that is neither tight nor lose. Wearing a jersey aero as a parachute makes one look like a cycling rookie. A sleek pair of shorts is highly recommended since its fabric does not wrinkle on the skin causing irritation. Additionally, pick shorts with no special lining and at the crotch should have no seams. Cycling shoes should depend on the type of pedals, and the kind of bike one rides on. Finding the suitable brand is necessary, and the store one buys the shoes should have the variety to choose from the cycling shoes. Cycling shoes in Malaysia, for instance, they have been made in a customized way to meet all the cyclist needs.

• Fitting helmet
As a guide for safety, cycling helmets is highly recommended in case of accidents. Many cyclists, either beginners or professional riders fall victim of head injuries because of not being knowledgeable on a fitting helmet. Used in the right manner, helmets are almost a hundred percent effective in preventing head and brain injuries to be precise.
• Right bicycle seat and frame
The cyclist body structure and size are a determinant on which bicycle is fit to ride on. On a road bike, for instance, there should be one to two inches gap between the groin and the top tube whereas on a mountain bike not less than two inches. The saddle, on the other hand, should not be hard and narrow especially if it is for a lady. A wider and more cushioned seat reduces the pressure on the sit-bones.
• Reflective clothing at night
Statistics show that most cycling deaths happen at night. Wear reflective clothes when in low light and if one is a beginner, avoid riding at night for safety.
• Be alert on the road and be traffic savvy
Concentrate on the blind spots by not riding on drivers blind spots, implying you have to communicate with the drivers. When in heavy traffic, ride in the car lane to avoid being knocked off. Speed should also be regulated depending on the location.
Following these few guides when cycling makes cycling more than a recreational activity. Cycling is more than a sport but should be embraced by all people since the benefits accrued from it are tremendously valuable. Be the cyclist that everyone will admire.


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