Putting a Stop to Too Much Tech – 6 Ways to Effectively Limit Kids’ Screen Time

For parents looking for ways to keep kids seated, quiet, and behaved, handing them a smart phone, a tablet, or sitting them in front of a TV proves to be among the most effective methods. But keep your kid in front of any sort of screen for too long and too often, and you might find them slowly but surely sinking away into limited social interactions and physical activity. If you feel like your kids are spending too much time with their tech, these 6 methods will reduce their screen time and get them more active for healthy bodies and happy relationships.

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  1. Talk More – The reason why a lot of kids find the internet and computers more entertaining and enjoyable is because parents fail to foster a fun and encouraging atmosphere in their home. Take all the opportunities to really communicate with your children by leveraging times that you’re together such as meal time. Talk with them about things they’re interested in and avoid reprimanding them for sharing their concerns and ideas.


  1. Go Out Often – If you take your family out, it’s going to be difficult for your kids to spend hours on their devices. Schedule a regular trip to the park, the mall, or any other outdoor space where you can bond and have fun with your family to keep your kids regularly exposed to different activities. If you’re not in the mood for all that sunlight, there are lots of informative, fun, and physically engaging indoor activities for kids that you can visit away from home for an enjoyable learning experience.


  1. Invest in Board Games – Kids are always looking for fun ways to spend their time. That’s why playing board games are considered one of the most enjoyable home activities for families that don’t require the use of tech. Invest in the best board games you can find and have a regular game night at home to challenge your kids’ problem solving skills and to foster healthy relationships at home.


  1. Set Up Your Yard – Preparing the right environment for your kids to play and have fun will widen the variety of activities they can do while at home. Set up your yard with different sports equipment so your children can engage in outdoor sports whenever they feel like it.

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  1. Put a Limit – It can be difficult to monitor whether or not your kids use their tech when it’s time for bed, so be sure to put your home WiFi on a schedule. Turn it off at a certain hour of the night to prevent kids from staying up until the wee hours of morning.


  1. Encourage Extracurricular Activities – After-school activities will help fill in their time and prevent them from drowning themselves in tech. Encourage your kids to discover their interests and enroll them in extracurricular activities that they can have fun with after classes.


Any parent wants the best for their kids, and that includes limiting their use of tech. Raise well-rounded, active, healthy, and sociable kids by reducing their screen time and keeping them preoccupied with these 6 effective methods.

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