Multiple Use Corrugated Boxes


Did you know that 95% of all things shipped are placed in a recycled corrugated container?

Origins of Cardboard Boxes
The cardboard box was originally invented in 1871 by Robert Gair and ever since we’ve all been using this brown or white box for shipping all sorts of items.


Multiple Uses
Shipping containers made from a corrugated box are easy to use, but difficult to manufacture. They are tough, yet humble looking. That is why fragile content is shipped in corrugated boxes that can also include cushioning inside. This is to protect items inside from getting banged around, crushed and destroyed. The corrugated boxes are put onto pallets or can be shipped individually. They are used to ship gifts, samples, bottles, clothes, hazardous material that is controlled and very rigorously monitored. Names and contents can be directly marked and written on these boxes for distribution and mailing. The corrugated part provides protection from external hazards that box may encounter on its way to its destination. You can also make bar codes and “To” and “From” sticker labels for easier routing and so that the boxes do not get lost or stolen before they get to where they are going.

close up shot of corrugated packing material uncurling on black background
close up shot of corrugated packing material uncurling on black background

Exterior & Interior Durability
Remember all boxes are put next to mixed-loads of other corrugated containers, onto regular or express carriers for faster delivery. The push and shove these boxes and their contents receive are enormous and consistent until they reach their final destination. If you use sturdy corrugated boxes which are made from durable and tough, sometimes re-cycled paper, you will be guaranteed items you sent will get there in one piece. The manufacture process is actually very complicated, even though corrugated cartons look very plain and are usually brown and quite simple looking. They are stack-able, yet can get damaged if not piled in the correct way, one on top of another.

The steps to making corrugated boxes are not easy, although they sound simple. A lot of labor has gone through for the making of a sturdy box. Corrugated boxes are made in two steps:

1)Making Kraft Paper – Wood chips come to a factory and are flattened by passing through steam rollers. The water is removed. Now the wood chip paper is flat and ready to use. It has turned into Kraft paper.

2)Corrugating the Cardboard – The Kraft paper is crimp-cut and glued to form into a corrugated box. A roll of cardboard is corrugated and glued between two pieces of the paper by means of heated rolls. Essentially thecorrugated box is made from 3 layers of Kraft paper. It’s strong and stiff; tear and rip resistant, but very light-weight and durable.

Crush Resistant
Being crush resistant is one of the major characteristics of corrugated boxes, especially since they are going to be stacked in an office, home, restaurant, kitchen, or warehouse on top of each other; sometimes for years and sometimes for short periods. That’s why the best corrugated boxes have multiple uses and are made from durable, inner support, moisture resistant, recycled, heavy paper. Vertical stacking is highly recommended for longer- standing, load-sharing and extra-strength items.


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