Mole Removal Tips/Advice


To be clear, moles are growths on the skin that are often brown or black in colour. Moles can appear anywhere on the skin, in groups or alone. There are several types of moles; congenital moles that occur at birth, dysplastic nevi, which are moles that are larger than normal and irregular in shape. Dysplastic nevi are more likely to turn into melanoma.

Bad-Moles-Pictures-4What do moles look like?

Moles come in various shapes sizes and colours. Moles that change in colour, diameter, asymmetry or size, should be examined by a dermatologist.

• Once he or she examines the mole, a decision will be made to either remove the mole or take a small tissue sample of the mole—a biopsy.
• If the mole is found to be cancerous, your dermatologist will remove the mole or take a small tissue sample of the mole to examine it.
• However, if the mole is found to be cancerous, the dermatologist will remove the entire mole by cutting out the mole and some skin around it and then stitching the wound closed.

shutterstock_177714458-e1436213662665Can moles be prevented?

Most moles can be prevented by staying out of the sun, especially between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. It is also important to use sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or more when outside. Protective clothing is also advisable when outside such as pants, long-sleeved shirts and a wide-brimmed hat.

mole-removal-surgery-300x240Moles and how they are removed

Laser or cryogenic treatments are two ways moles are removed. Surgical excision, where a doctor numbs the area around the mole and cuts out the mole, is another way a mole can be removed. A surgical shave, where a doctor numbs the area around the mole and uses a small blade to cut around and beneath the mole, is another way. This technique is used for smaller moles and does not require sutures.

Keep in mind; moles come in all shapes and sizes and can appear anywhere on the skin, such as the nose and facial area, arms and chests and appear in groups or by themselves. Moles can be removed by laser, surgery and is a cosmetic procedure that offers a solution to those who want to improve their appearance and lessen health risks.

Dubai-Cosmetic-Surgery-DirectoryCosmetic surgery procedures, costs, risks and benefits

Cosmetic surgery procedures, including mole removal, have risks, costs and other factors that a person should find out from their dermatologist before proceeding with the removal of moles. Of course, there are benefits in removing moles such as:

• getting rid of moles that are in the way of shaving
• reducing skin irritation
• having smoother skin
• enhancing one’s appearance and
• improving one’s self-esteem
• In addition, removing a mole that is pre-cancerous may prevent a serious health problem.

skinOther ways to protect your skin

Other ways to protect your skin are wearing UV sunglasses and avoiding artificial tanning beds. In addition, clothing that is made with fabric that is specially treated to block UV radiation, may also be an effective, preventative factor. There are several ways to hide moles such as with makeup. An aesthetic doctor can also give you suggestions on how to hide moles.

To conclude, moles can be innocent or serious. Talk with your dermatologist soon and find out more about moles and mole removal techniques.


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