Managing Homesickness

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If you are sending your child to a boarding school in Malaysia, chances are, they will get homesick in the first couple of months. Think of it this way, even adults who move to other cities tend to miss their hometowns, what more for children and teens who have stayed only at one place their entire lives? This is quite normal, though. You should expect it and best be ready for when it happens. Here are a couple of tips you could do when your child misses home.
Talk to the school about it
One of the cures for homesickness is actually going home, so you have to know when this is possible for your child. Some schools allow the children to visit home on the weekends, or when they have special family occasions. Some schools also have special programs that help manage homesickness. They have counselors that the students can talk to when they are feeling this way. Encourage your child to seek comfort from the school.
Encourage them endlessly
Whenever you talk to your child, try to be the positive voice they need. Homesickness is nothing more than a challenge that they have to go through, which is why it is important that your child knows you have confidence in their ability to survive this hurdle. Try not to talk about home too much, and instead talk about events and activities in the boarding school that they could look forward to. Also encourage them to build meaningful relationships with other students and even with the teachers. This would take their mind off the homesickness.
Don’t show them that you are upset
When your child misses you, chances are, you miss them too. However, you shouldn’t show this to them, because it could bother them and make them feel worse. It is okay to tell them that you miss them, but as much as you can, try to talk in a positive tone.
Student life at Malaysian boarding schools could be tough, especially for new students. Homesickness is a common occurrence among students, and there are ways to go around it so it won’t affect your child. You should expect for the homesickness to diminish after a couple of months. By then, they would have adjusted to the new environment and to a new life of independence and responsibility.

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