Levelling Guide for Path of Exile


For those who are fairly new to Path of Exile, they might not know that there are four acts with three difficulty levels. You’ll go through four acts in normal, cruel and merciless difficulty. While normal doesn’t have any penalties for dying, cruel and merciless deaths will impact the experience that you gain. You can lose thousands of experience points by dying in those difficulties.

When you’re progressing towards the higher difficulties, you want to out level the content a bit to ensure that you don’t die from unique bosses. To do this, you’ll want to farm a few easier zones to gain levels before facing the boss. The only problem with farming zones is that you’ll need to stay within a few levels of the zone to get the maximum amount of experience.

Best Levelling Zones 

Act One to Four Normal 
When you’re beginning in act one on normal difficulty, you shouldn’t have to farm until you reach level 28. At that point, you can visit the docks to gain experience that will help you progress to Piety and Dominus. You can safely farm the docks from level 28 to 34 without a huge loss in the experience that you’ll gain. Once your character reaches level 34, the aqueducts is a good farming zone to get to level 38.

Act One through Four Cruel 
Once you’ve reached level 38, you should be able to progress through normal to reach cruel. You’ll start in act one again. The best place to farm is the ledge. You can rush through the first part of the area to reach it. This area can be farmed until you reach 47 without a huge loss of experience points gained. Chamber of sins in act 2 can be farmed until level 52. City of Sarn and the docks will level you to 57 easily. The aqueducts and the dried lake are good zones to take you to level 61.

Act One to Four Merciless 
At level 62, you should be able to progress through merciless difficulty in the beginning to the ledge again. Each area to farm is the same as it was in Cruel. Once you hit level 68, you can farm in the chamber of sins. The City of Sarn will take you to level 70, and the docks will take you to level 71. Once you hit 71, you can farm the aqueducts and dried lake, or progress to maps for the remainder of your levelling.

At any point during progression, it might feel as if it’s hard to move forward. That’s the best time to stop progressing and start farming to gain levels. It has the added bonus of helping you gather orbs and gear for your character.

Make sure you’re adding plenty of life nodes to your character if you find that you’re dying quickly or having a hard time. Whether you play a spell caster, ranger or melee character, you’ll need life nodes to stay alive in battle. You can find POE with other online games in Singapore.


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