Is The Rolex Name Overrated? A Gentleman’s Guide to Rolex Watches

Rolex is by far the most established name in the watch industry. Everyone in the world knows what a Rolex is even if they have never seen one, but you must decide if the Rolex price is worth the prestige that comes with the watch. This article explores the Rolex name, how it compares to other luxury watch brands and its pricing in the current world economy.


#1: Rolex Means Something

The Rolex name has great meaning in the world today. And you may purchase a Rolex solely for the name on the face of the watch. You may impress your clients with the Rolex you are wearing, and you may make an impression on someone during a business interview. A manager who understands that you like nice things is more likely to take you seriously, and your watch will shine above the flair of the suit you wore to the interview or presentation.


The Rolex name is so strong that the mere mention of the name in passing is enough to cause people to want to see the watch. People want to know how much you paid for it, where you bought it and what type of Rolex it is (see latest Rolex models here). Rolex has a mystique that is far older than you, far older than your colleagues and piques the interest of anyone who sees or hears the name.

#2: The Rolex Pricing 

Rolex prices are very high compared to most watch brands, but there are other brands that charge just as much as Rolex for their watches. You are weighing the value of the brand against the price you have to pay for the watch. There shoppers who value the name so much they will max out multiple credit cards for the watch, and these same shoppers are anticipating an increase in value over the life of the watch.


Rolexes are seen as investments that businesspeople make the for the sake of their bottom line. The watch can be sold for a tidy profit when times get tough, or the watch will impress a client who has the funding needed for the next big project at your company. A watch is just a watch, but the price of a Rolex watch pays for much more than three hands and some numbers.


#3: Can You Shop Elsewhere? 

There are other brands that carry a certain amount of respect in the fashion world, and you will spend just as much money with other companies. Your investment is a sound one, but the other names you shop with do not have the same sort of power as the Rolex name. You are shopping for a watch that will stay on your wrist for the rest of your life, and you cannot find that sort of name if you are not shopping among elite company.



#4: Understated Simplicity

The Rolex brand stands for understated simplicity. Their watches are some of the simplest you will find on the market, but Rolex watches are made to exacting specifications. The watches are so pristine that they are perfect inside and out when you purchase them. The watchmaker who built your watch has years of experience in the industry, and the watch was built over a long period of time. Every part of the watch is slaved over before it is installed, and you receive a timepiece that is truly meant to last several generations.


Your purchase of a Rolex watch says something about your style, improves your presence and creates an investments that appreciates over time. Consider a Rolex watch when you want a timepiece that is to be a lifelong companion.





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