Is It Better to Sign Up for Credit Cards Online or In Person

The Malaysian economy is thriving and has been steadily growing, and with an industry as strong as the country’s, it is becoming a norm for people, especially the working class,  to have credit cards. Supply and demand go hand in hand, after all. It is quite easy to apply for a credit card in Malaysia nowadays; you can either opt to walk in and apply in-person or fill up an online application at the comfort of your own home. Today, people sign up for credit cards in Malaysia to use in various ways and instances. But which is the better choice for you to be approved? Here are some pointers to help you decide.

In-person ApplicationThe traditional way of applicationr is equires you to walk into offices and apply for credit card

The more “traditional” way of application, it requires you to walk into the offices of the company you want to apply for, and attend an appointment with their specialist to discuss matters affecting your application like credit history and other details. While it requires you to travel and spend more energy, an in-person appointment gives you the opportunity to answer questions easily and explain your take on it.

Also, it will give you an ample time and allow you to ask questions that you deem important, like parts of policies that you would want to understand. And if by the end of the process you are approved, you are immediately given a chance to use the card as soon as you leave the office. Or if you are applying for a store card, you will be able to bring home the items you need that same day.

Online ApplicationThe alternative way of application is you need only to fill up online forms and send it back to the company

As the alternative way of application, you need only to fill up online forms and send it back to the company. Although an immediate response is not guaranteed, you will be able to save more time and energy in this process as you don’t need to leave your home or workplace to apply. If you are applying for a store credit, this can also give you the opportunity to browse their online catalog and shop from your home, saving even more regarding effort and opportunity.

All in all, there isn’t much difference between the two options since they hold different advantages. One gives you an opportunity to ask and answer in a faster way, while the other saves your time. If you decide to sign up for credit cards in Malaysia, look for a company that is best suited for you and consider talking to a financial advisor to know more.

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