Indoor Learning Fun: Teach Your Kids Learning Isn’t Boring!

Whether you’re a new parent or an experienced one, and regardless of whether or not you homeschool (or plan to), there comes a time in each parent-child relationship when you simply have no idea what to do with your child for a day! And this is especially true for parents with young children who are old enough to understand, but not old enough for school. What’s even more frustrating is you want to help prepare them for school, but all they want to do is play.

Well, here are a couple of fun games you can play with them that will allow you to teach them as well!


1) Zentangles

77afce1479c0d4124149751fff62acbdThe beauty of this activity is in its simplicity and its inexpensiveness. All you need are crayons and a sheet of paper. To start with, you (as the parent) should fill the sheet with a lot of different kinds of shapes. Then assist or accompany your child as he draws or colors in the shapes. That’s it!

This activity can be played by people of all ages and helps develop creativity, focus, and attention to detail. It can also help toddlers learn to control a pen or pencil. You may also use markers and color pencils instead of crayons. There are no rules to this game—just fill the shapes!



2) Motor Alphabet

In this game, you will need cut-outs of every letter in the alphabet, alphabet flashcards, and a music player. Lay out all the letters on the ground and warm the kids up by having them stand on the first letter of their name (or on their favorite letter). Then play some music and dance! When the music stops, they should step on the letter of the flashcard you are holding out.

You can modify this game by shouting out the names of the letters instead. For older children, you also try this game to help them with their spelling.

This game is fun and easy to play, but may take more time to prepare than Zentangles. Children learn the alphabet (and spelling) while developing their motor skills as well!


3) Match the Cards

dog-cards-1This popular game is now often played on tablets, but you can play this game on a table as well. To start, you will need at least two identical decks of cards. Next, lay down all the cards face down on the table (or the ground, if they can’t fit on the table). Then, have your child match all the identical cards.

This game helps strengthen not only your child’s memory but also their critical thinking because it helps train them to differentiate identical information. To mix things up, you may use other types of cards, or you can make your own.

Customizations for this game are endless! You may have your child match words with pictures, or numbers with their addends, so you can use this game to teach your child to spell or to do maths!


Learning can never start too early, nor do they have to be boring. Play these games with your children and teach them that learning can be fun if they want them to be, and watch them turn your house into a playground for indoor activities that educate and inspire them to excel!

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