How to Sell a Luxury Watch


There is nothing that says luxury like a luxury watch. These watches not only tell perfect time but they also make a statement about how successful you are to everyone who meets you. When looking to sell a luxury watch, consider their construction, jewels, movement and limited production.

When selling, consider the precious metals like gold are used in the construction of the watch. The more precious metals are used, the more valuable the watch is as an investment to a buyer. Some watches even incorporate gold in the watch’s hands. Other manufacturers choose to use precision cut milled steel blocks for mid-range luxury watches. Additionally, for high-end luxury watches learn the amount of handwork that went into the watch’s construction. A newer trend by some luxury watch brands including Patek Philippe and Ulysse Nardin is the use of exotic materials like silicium help make watches more interesting than those using gold or titanium. Make sure to describe the watches construction as accurately as possible.

The type and number of jewels should be carefully described in words and photos. Make sure to state if the jewels are real and the origin of the stones. While manufactured stones may look authentic, they will greatly affect the value that you can get for the watch. Larger stones that are blemish free are worth more than many smaller stones.

Describe the watches movement as well as you can. Remember that most watch companies do not make their own movements. Many are manufactured by ETA which is part of the large Swatch Group. If your watch to be sold has a movement made by the manufacturer it is a sign that you are selling a higher quality watch. Some of these manufacturers include Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, A. Lange & Sohne. If your watch has the Seal of Geneva proudly proclaim this fact. This seal indicates that it was made within Switzerland by highly trained professionals.

Limited Production 
The more limited the production of a watch is, the higher the value of the watch. Therefore, before selling the watch learn how many watches have been produced over what period of time. While many buyers look at a Tag Heuer price tag and consider it a luxury watch, other people think nothing of spending over a million dollars on a watch. In fact, one of the most expensive watches ever made was constructed in 1943, but sold at auction in 2010 for almost four million pounds. This Patek Philippe watch features an 18 karat yellow gold case. a perpetual calendar and a moon phase display.

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