How to Make Consumers Trust Your New Online Business from the Start


A problem that online entrepreneurs in Malaysia face is convincing consumers a new business is trustworthy and reliable. This can be difficult with so many unreliable businesses online today. Fortunately, you can do something about this without changing too much. Here are some ways to make consumers trust your new online business from the start.

3568377Fully Develop Your Brand before Launch

Something that will immediately make Malaysian consumers doubt your new online business is not having a brand or having a muddled, underdeveloped one. You need to fully develop your brand before launching the website. Make a brand guide. Think out the core message, the visuals and the desired customer experience. Brand everything from the beginning including the products or services that you are offering to instil trust.

ab-test-66-638Test Everything and Then Test It Again

A major factor that will drive people far from your online venture is a website that does not work correctly. Even small problems will make people question the competency, security and professionalism of your new start-up in Malaysia. Take the extra time to test everything thoroughly and then test it all again. You want to be confident there are no problems or oversights when the website goes live online. Remember to test across multiple platforms including a variety of actual mobile devices.

BUSINESS-CARDDisplay a Prestigious Physical Address

Consumers have learned that it is a mistake to trust companies without addresses clearly listed on the website. This is often the hallmark of a fly-by-night fraudulent operation. You need to display a prestigious physical address proudly to show your legitimacy as a new business. An easy way to do this is to lease a virtual office in Malaysia. This will provide you with a real address and a receptionist to answer incoming calls to your start-up. It is a cost-effective way to instantly build consumer trust.

customer-serviceRespond To Any Customer Service Enquiries Fast

People in Malaysia who are coming to a new website for the first time are often hesitant to spend money or place orders without knowing there is something real behind the scenes. This is why some people will attempt to contact your start-up with questions before making a purchase. You need to respond quickly to any customer service enquiries. Respond within hours or a day at the most. Leasing a virtual office can really help here since a receptionist will always be available to take incoming calls.

comp_63484406Outsource Your Logistics

The first experience someone has with your company will determine whether that person orders again or abandons your start-up. You want there to be no mistakes when it comes to billing, order fulfilment and shipping. Outsource your logistics right away. Allow a professional and established company to handle credit cards and shipping. This will ensure that every customer has a good experience. The result will be repeat business and positive word of mouth in Malaysia.

Consumer trust is incredibly important because it is what will allow a person to enter personal and financial data into your website to make purchases. You have to focus on creating a professional image and solid brand. Taking these steps will go a long way towards instilling trust in people who see your online business for the first time.


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