Decorating your living room can be vigorous activity. It is where your personality comes into play. Whether you’re outgoing, flashy or reserved. Since it is your personal space,you get to fill it with the things that make you feel your best. From choosing the colour of your walls, the texture of your rugs to the shape and size of your furniture, the only limit is your imagination.

When it comes to furniture in the living room, several things come to play.


• Positioning and arrangement

Being the social hub, proper placement of furniture is paramount. A well-arranged living room can make people feel welcome and warm. The positioning depends on the natural focal point of the living room. It could be a fireplace, in front of a television, it could be determined by the architectural structure of the room. When decorating around a view, be careful not to use pieces of furniture that block the view. A daybed would be the best choice to maintain the view. An arrangement of the furniture in a way that will cater for traffic. People should be able to pass comfortably without jumping over pieces of furniture.


14747 Teak Square root sofa Turkish coffee upholstery (3)• Character of the pieces

Good furniture should be able to stand the test of time. It should be solid yet within your budget. It would be advisable to stick with solid wood rather than particle board and light aluminium. The cushion should be comfortable. If it is a chair or a sofa set, give it a sit test. Excellent furniture is comfortable. The finish of exposed wood on a piece of furniture can dramatically change the effect it has on a room. Painting a piece of furniture black can easily make it contemporary. The fabric also plays a significant role on living room furniture. Most people prefer darker colours for frequently used pieces. Mixing up solid colours and different textures, however, can also add a sophisticated touch to a living room.


• Mix and match

Using various types of items can create a cozy or modern living room depending on your taste. End tables are essential if you’re a regular entertainer. They are especially useful to place snacks or books. Choose end tables with polishable surfaces as they look better for longer.

A club chair can be paired with a sofa L shape and coffee tables especially when you are buying furniture in Malaysia.

When decorating large spaces, one may choose to create two seating areas. Using a bench or ottoman between the spaces allows guests to sit on either side that helps to create one continuous space by merging the seating areas.

Console tables placed behind a sofa can open up a room especially if lamps are placed on them. A good console table should not clash with the harmony of the couch. Preferably, it should be made of the same wood as the sofa.  Mix different shapes and sizes of furniture to draw attention to various points of the living room. However, it’s advisable to use the same colour when the forms or are too different.


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