How Grocery Shops Keep The Freshness Of The Fruits And Vegetables They Sell


Fruits and vegetables are considered as perishables, which means they can easily decay if are not stored in a room with controlled temperature. This is particularly the case in tropical countries like Malaysia because the heat can hasten the decay of the fruits and vegetables. For this reason, most grocery shop owners make use of cooling systems to keep the produce fresh and well-preserved. These include commercial coolers and freezers that are designed to accommodate stacks of fruits and vegetables.


Supermarket Refrigeration Systems

This is the term used to describe the system of coolers and freezers that are installed in supermarkets and grocery shops to control the temperature. Not only do these systems preserve the produce being sold in the store, but they also provide indoor air comfort for shoppers. In fact, some refrigeration systems come with separate air conditioning machines. These refrigeration systems are usually installed in the same area as beverages and other perishable products like meat and processed food.


Regularly Spraying The Produce With Water

In some instances, you may have noticed grocery shop workers spraying liquids on the fruits and vegetables they have on display. This is a very common practice to ensure that the items have the moisture they need. Some fruits and vegetables easily wrinkle when they aren’t sprayed for a long time. However, spraying the produce should be done in moderation because too much moisture can lead to the formation of mold that will, in turn, cause the fruits and vegetables to start rotting.


Automated Misting Systems

An automated misting system is a function that comes with some models of supermarket refrigeration systems. As we mentioned earlier, fruits and vegetables need to be moist to maintain their freshness. Instead of spraying them manually, a grocery owner can have an automated misting mechanism installed to do the job automatically. You can set up the settings to control how and when the misting occurs.


These are three of the most common ways in which supermarket and grocery shop owners keep their fruits and vegetables fresh. If you are planning to set up your own store, it’s highly recommended that you remember these systems.

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