Five Tips and Tricks to Using Skype You Didn’t Know About


Since Microsoft bought Skype in 2011, the service has seen a huge rollout, appearing on nearly every electronic device that is released today, including gaming systems. Whether you’re a newcomer to Skype or a veteran who frequently finds themselves buying Skype credit, here are five tips and tricks for Skype that even the most vigilant user of the program may not know about.


  1. Increasing Your Audio Quality

There are many ways to chat with your friends using Skype, but did you know that some methods are superior to others? While you can use integrated audio devices on your PC to make and receive calls, Skype recommends a USB or Bluetooth device to ensure you’re getting the highest quality audio performance possible. Even if you don’t have a USB or Bluetooth headset, Skype recommends that even a USB webcam with a built-in microphone provides higher sound quality than an integrated audio solution.


  1. How to Speak in A Different Language

With Skype Translator, the company is breaking down language barriers by letting you talk to anyone in the world, even if you don’t know their particular language. Just open the Skype Translator from the Skype Settings menu, select the language your contact speaks and marvel as the words you type instantly translate to your contact’s preferred language and vice versa.

  1. Rename Your Contacts

Having a contact list with multiple people with the same first name or similar sounding full names can make it difficult when attempting to communicate with a specific Skype user. To rename any contact on your Skype list, just right-click on any contact and select “Rename” from the pop-up menu. You can rename your contact anything you want; don’t worry about the renamed contact seeing your nickname, as only you will be able to see the names you give to your Skype contacts.


  1. Let Skype Know Your Thoughts

Have you ever been frustrated with an aspect of Skype or had a superb idea for a new feature you think they should implement? Whether you want to give good tidings to Skype or get something off your chest, you can send your feedback to Skype directly from the program or application itself. To do this, select “Give Feedback” from the Help menu if you’re on PC or Mac, the My Info menu if you’re on iOS or Settings on the Android app. While Skype may not give you a personalized response to your feedback, they do read everything you send.


  1. Text Your Friends Using Skype

While most Skype users know that you can send instant messages and participate in audio/video calls with your Skype contacts, many are unaware that you can also send text messages through the service. To do this, add the telephone number to the Skype profile of the contact you want to text, then change your delivery method from instant messaging to text messaging. Keep in mind that you will need to buy Skype credit before you’re able to send any text message.

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