Finding the Perfect Children’s Present in Less Than 5 Minutes


As a parent, uncle/aunt, or grandparent, you can probably relate to the hardships of trying to get the perfect gift for a kid. Despite the multitude of remote-controlled cars, stuffed toys, and Lego play sets, it can be exhausting to try and strike a balance between a creative and useful gift. Technology-savvy kids today may want to get an online gaming card for their birthday, graduation, Christmas, or whatever the occasion is.

What are Online Gaming Cards?

As the name implies, it’s a game card meant to be topped up into games or apps. This yields in-game credits that can be used to purchase rare items, such as mounts, weapons, costumes, etc. The credits differ from the in-game currency, but can be used to purchase items which can then be resold later on for in-game currency. Think of it like the equivalent of a prepaid card for phones. You’ll find the card to include similar details including a card and pin number as well as step by step instructions on how to top up.

Where to Find Online Gaming Cards? 

Whether it’s a Google Play card or a Steam card, you’ll find these choices online. The answer primarily depends on what type of game you are looking to top up. Games like Cabal 2, Dragon Nest, and Tree of Savior are free to play, but offer the option to purchase items of high value through a gaming card. Aside from MMORPGs, games like Fifa and MOBAs like League of Legends are also popular genres within the young demographic. Make sure you know the type of game they are playing before shopping for a game card.

Console Cards 

Aside from computer game cards, you can also purchase cards for consoles like Playstation and Xbox. The Xbox Live gold card, for instance, is a bestseller amongst the console gaming community. You can find it neatly categorized online for gamers in the US, Europe, Japan, and Russia. After clicking on the product, you will have a chance to choose the amount of time you want the membership to work. It can be as short as 2 days to as long as one full year, which definitely comes as the money saver.

Other Important Considerations 

Payment method is one aspect of the purchase you should give at least some thought to. Bear in mind that you will be putting in information from your bank account or a digital wallet. Payment methods you can expect from vendors include Paypal, Maybank, DBS, Skrill, Web Money, AliPay, and Pay Safe Card. Also, double check the quantity of cards you are about to order. Although most portals will have the box filled with a “1” by default, it could accidentally display more than one card, which you end up paying for.

The right children’s present is one that they will love and be able to use. Ditch those unoriginal branded clothes and toys that they already have tons of. Online gaming cards are the future of gift giving for avid young gamers.


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