Fifa 16: Ultimate Cheat Sheet

FIFA16 CoverWith the newest update to the “Fifa” franchise comes a new swell of changes to the core gameplay. Gone are the days you could loft a ball to bypass the middle of the park; say hello to a new game that lends itself well to patience and intelligent movement. Most SEA gamers are finding themselves having to rebuild their gameplay from the ground up, so I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of tips to help you do just that:

Mix up your passing: The game’s improved AI now works harder to maintain it’s position, so less-predictable passing will be required to get your opponent out of position. Rapid combinations of quick, short passes no longer cut it.


Play the wings: With more in-depth defending, middle-of-the-pitch play requires large amounts of patience and finesse. You’re much better off playing the wings if you enjoy faster paced, spread-out gameplay.


Apply pressure intelligently: Deciding who to use when applying pressure is now more important than ever. For example, if your opponent is making a run up the wing, your instinct may be to throw your defender on the case, but this could be a mistake. Moving your defender creates space for you opponent that you can’t afford. You’d be better off leaving the defender to hold his position, and sending in a midfielder to apply the pressure.


Don’t be afraid to get stuck in: Using the manual tackle button is a bit more nuanced in Fifa 16. If you’re close enough, using a midfielder against an attacking opponent should be easy work. Steadily tapping the button will help you achieve your results while avoiding a foul.


Skill moves are more difficult: No longer can you just wiggle the trick stick and expect to get through your opponents defenses. It takes a bit more skill, but if you know what your doing and you use the right crowd-pleasing trick at the right time you’ll be sure to leave your opponents in the dust.


Chemistry matters: When curating your Fifa 16 ultimate team, chemistry amongst your players is now the most important element. It may be tempting to choose the most celebrated player, but you’d be much better off picking players who play together in real life or who share a nationality. This will improve your team’s overall skill on the field and give you a leg up on the competition.



EA has made a lot of interesting updates to Fifa 16 and the quickest way to master all of the nuances is to just play the game, but put in the effort to incorporate these tips into your gameplay and you will undoubtedly impress your friends with your unexpected skill. Good luck.

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