Disciplined or Motivated: Which One Are You?


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Every morning you ask yourself this question, “What should I wear?” And then you whisper the same answer as the day before, “Whatever doesn’t rip apart after I eat lunch.”


How can this be when you’ve just renewed your membership at the gym last month?


Most people associate activity with productivity.  You may have heard this at the office but believe it or not, it is as applicable in the gym as it is in the conference room.  Yes, you have a gym membership but do you use it?  And when you do, do you maximize it?


When you started attending gym months ago, you were motivated by that scene in front of your closet.  A few months later after being liberated from your baggy shirts, you decide to pass up on your Zumba dance lessons until you can’t even remember when your last visit was.


What happened?


Or better yet, what did not happen?


The operative words are: motivated and disciplined.  You were the former, but failed to be the latter.  Motivation caused you to lose weight.  But discipline will help you keep excess weight at bay.


Here are some tips that can help you get past the motivation point and into the disciplined zone.  And stay there.


  1. Decide that all these are worth it.

The trip to the gym, the sore muscles, the whole nine yards!  If it means a stronger pair of lungs, legs that run faster, and a mind that thinks clearer, then you know it’s all worth it.

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  1. Let go of your excuses.

You know half of the things you come up with are not even true.  The only thing you have proven to be true is that when you stop now, it would be harder to start over.  Again.


  1. Invest on your fitness plan.

Find a good gym or sports club or sign up for specialized fitness courses.  When you invest on something, it becomes a priority.  It changes your outlook and makes it painful for you NOT to achieve what you paid for.


  1. Just keep going.

On days when you feel like playing it safe, don’t.  Stick to your routine and do what you have committed to do.


In the argument between getting fit and staying fit with zumba dance, choose to respond with discipline rather than motivation.  Discipline will tell you to keep running long after the race was won.

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