Fitness Made Fun: 5 Easy Ways to Make Exercise More Enjoyable than Ever


In Malaysia (especially in the urban areas), there are two main reasons why people exercise. They either seek the results or find the workout process itself enjoyable. People are more likely to give up on exercise when they fail to see any results. How many times have we heard people say they developed the habit of exercising out of self-discipline? That looks easier said than done. So instead of forcing ourselves to be disciplined, why don’t we just make exercise more fun? Here are 5 ways you can do to motivate yourself to exercise at times when you really don’t want to:1

  1. Join Zumba dance classes. There are people who prefer to be “lone wolf” when they jog, run, or hit the gym. But when it comes to dancing, isn’t it better when you do it with a group? Sweating it out with your favorite music is just one of the best things about joining dance classes. Going social can also help maintain your motivation.2
  2. Treat yourself. The reward can be as simple as watching your favorite TV show when you get home. Or if you feel like looking good will inspire you to keep moving, accessorize with that nice sports watch or kit bag you have always wanted to buy for yourself. It would not hurt to buy a pair of quality sneakers, too.3
  3. Always remember your reasons for working out. Many girls have the “I can’t wear shorts” mentality because their legs were too fat. If you always wanted to try a sexy outfit but not brave enough because those thunder thighs are showing, why not use it as a motivation to work out?4
  4. Put an exercise gear. Would you believe that simply wearing exercise gear can motivate you to do a physical activity? A research at the Northwestern University in 2013 revealed that a proper exercise gear can push people to sweat it out. However, that does not mean you should spend all your money on the proper attire. Wear the basic gym outfit and invest as you go along.
  5. Try video games that will require you to move your body. If you are on the techie side and love video games, “Exergaming” could be the perfect one for you. With a TV and a console, you can burn calories by playing dance games, boxing, kickboxing, and more. You can also take advantage of smartphones game that will require you to keep moving.

In the end, what matters most is you find something that you genuinely want to do. When a certain exercise already felt like a chore, stop it. It is better to work out when you don’t even realize you are doing it.

Mountain Bike or Road Bike? Three Reasons MTB Is Better

21 OCT 2011:  Mountain biking the trails of Deer Creek in Littleton,CO.

With more and more people getting interested in the sport of cycling or biking whether it’s for leisure, health, or for practical daily transportation, biking has indeed become a very popular activity for people in urban and rural setting alike. There are several types of bikes out there and if you want to try biking, it is best to find out first which type of bicycle suits your needs, personality, and environment.

The two most popular types of bikes are road or racing bikes and mountain bikes. A few people have also sported what is called a hybrid bike, which is a combination of the two bikes. Although racing bikes have become popular because of the Tour de France and other triathlon events around the world, mountain bikes have also gotten their niche market. Here are three reasons why you should try mountain bikes:trial

  1. MTBs offer a better workout for your body Since mountain bikes are built to be used on rough terrains, riding them needs more dynamic fitness which results in more intense cardio exercises and muscle workouts. Also, mountain bikes give riders a more comfortable and relaxed riding position than a road bike.ride-sierra-nevada-trails
  2. MTBs are more durable Unlike racing bikes which can only be used on smooth pavements and roads, mountain bikes are meant to be driven on off-road trails and terrain. Therefore, these bikes are expected to be more durable and stable, using wider tires and more heavy duty frames designed to withstand minor crashes. 3. Mountain bikes are cheaper compared to road bikes Bicycles and their prices vary tremendously based on the parts and specifications that riders and owners put into theirs. However, generally speaking, mountain bikes are much more affordable and easy to build compared to road bikes. With more and more bicycle shops around town, and even online, finding the bike essentials is not much of a hassle.

So, if you’re now convinced and interested in buying a mountain bike for yourself, you may start checking out different models and brands to see what suits you perfectly. You may also click here to shop for mountain bikes and choose an MTB among the wide selection.

Top 3 Smart Accessories for Cyclists Writer

Brian Holm, Guesdon en Spruch bij het verlaten van het Bos van Wallers. foto Cor Vos©1997

Cycling is back in style, and in a big way. This activity is no longer for enthusiasts who just love to feel the wind on their faces. It is a competitive sport that people engage in by the thousands. Of course, the more people who participate in a particular activity, the more it gets the attention of others.

In the case of cycling, it has evolved into a billion-dollar industry. It has spawned not only bike brands, but fitness clothing and bike accessories as well. There are glow in the dark cycling tops and pants to make cyclists visible whenever they travel at night. Additionally, there are accessories such as belt clips that can hold water bottles and energy gel packs. This contraption is built in a way that a cyclist can reach for water and gel packs using only one hand. It’s ingenious and really useful for people who are serious about this sport.


If you’re one who likes to browse mountain bikes online, you might also be interested in these three cycling accessories:

  1. LED Turn Signal Gloves – Biking in daylight can already be problematic, what more if it’s at night. Not all motorists respect bike lanes, and this is why cyclists must wear additional gear or accessories to be more visible. The LED turn signal gloves alert motorists whenever a cyclist is going to turn. This signal glove is practical and hassle-free to use.



  1. Heart Rate Monitor– athletes have a tendency to over train or workout longer than necessary. One way of keeping tabs on yourself is with a heart rate monitor. It gives accurate readings of your pulse, heart rate, and blood pressure levels. So if an uphill climb is causing you to exert too much effort, the monitor will tell you that it’s time to slow down a bit.



  1. Smart Glasses – these glasses do make everything easier. It can sync with your smart phone in order to check your messages, email, etc. You can connect it to an mp3 player, or record a video with it which you can later share on social media.



These are just three of the accessories that a cyclist must have in these modern times. Which one is your favourite?

A Cyclist Shopping Guide: Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Road Bike



Cycling in Malaysia is where the country’s heart belongs and part of its most esteemed culture, because cycling in Malaysia is thrilling and fun. A cycling holiday in Malaysia is also a great way to experience and see the country–you get to explore the hidden treasures and immersive attractions of the country, hike in the most popularly raved towns and cities around the country and much more. Although for you to enjoy the most of your cycling experience around Malaysia and take it to the next level, road bikes offer such a fast, fun and thrilling experience that’s second to none. That’s why most road bikes are beautifully designed and light in every way, to give you a cycling experience that you’d live to remember for a lifetime. All the same, for you to enjoy an exciting cycling experience together with buddies around Malaysia, it’s good to ensure some of the few factors mentioned below are in-line before you decide to take your bike for a hike.


1)          Frame and Fork Materials – The Frame and Fork design play a crucial part on how your bike’s handle operates, and that’s why most road bike frames and fork materials use steeper angles to simulate a flat-backed, streamlined riding position. This makes your body to become more aerodynamic, giving you maximum comfort like no other. In fact, this also helps you to ride really fast and cut through a crowded pack of riders seamlessly. Frames and fork materials are usually made from a combination of these four components: aluminum, titanium, steel and carbon fiber (carbon).

A tip: When inspecting frames and fork materials, search for a tubing decal on the down tube or seat tube in order to be aware what type of material and brand is used to make the frame and fork materials altogether.



2)          Gearing – Anytime you want to maneuver and climb up hills seamlessly, a good road bike should have proper bottom gear of about 11-tooth, stepping up in small increments about 25-tooth long. Similarly the front gears should be large with about 53-tooth front chainring, and should be equipped with a smaller 39-tooth inner ring inside.

3)            Analyse Yourself – And lastly, you should evaluate your options carefully. For example, you should consider how many miles you want to log within a week, or within a year with your road bike altogether. You should also determine the kind of budget you’ve set aside specifically for buying this particular bike, because some are cheap and others are more expensive than others. Would you like more hip or simpler designs? What kind of wheels would you like? Such questions are what you need to ask yourself first before purchasing any bike from any shop, because they will help you find the perfect road bike that’s tailored for your every need.


Most of your cycling experience around Malaysia will be so much fun most of the time. In fact, the country is a safe haven for bike enthusiasts who wish to learn and explore more of the country, starting with its hidden treasures and attractions, and hiking around the country’s most vibrant towns and cities. But if you’d really want to take your cycling experience in Malaysia to another new level, it’s important to ensure your road bike is up to the task. Sure, most road bikes offer such a thrilling and fun experience, but only when your bike is in good shape would you really enjoy the most from your cycling experience!


Consequently, before you take your road bike for a test drive together with your other cycling buddies, make sure the few factors mentioned in this guide are checked for all the time–then you can get started on your cycling pursuits anytime you wish. Road bikes come in a wide range of styles from leisure bikes and commuting bikes to sportive bikes and single-speed bikes and more. Simply check out Specialized road bikes in Malaysia to find which one is a great fit for you and suits you most—be aware, these road bikes are specially designed to make your cycling experience become super-easy, fast, and lots of fun!

Buying Your First Cycling Shoes: 3 Criteria to Consider



Cycling is an addictive hobby. Once you feel the wind on your face, it is hard to give up! Cycling enthusiasts will tell you that the cycling experience can be improved with the help of additional accessories. One must-have accessory for many cyclists is cycling shoes.

What should you look for when buying cycling shoes in Malaysia?

First off, you must understand that there are two types of cycling shoes available. These are the Road Cycling Shoes and the Mountain Biking Shoes. Your choice should be based on how you intend to use them: on the road or off the road? The differences in these biking shoes are very pronounced as the shoes will affect the way your energy is transferred from your legs to the pedal and vice versa.


Once you have decided which type you want to buy, here are some of the shoe qualities that you should keep in mind:

  • Cleat compatibility. Cleats on your cycling shoes will determine your performance on the road. The cleats come in contact with the pedal, which ensures complete transfer of energy from your legs to the pedals. Cleats on road cycling shoes use a three-bolt cleat mount, while mountain biking shoes use only two.


  • Buckles, straps or BOA lacing? The way you wear your cycling shoes will determine your safety on the road. If the shoes easily fall off, this could mean danger not only to yourself but also to other people on the same road. When you buy cycling shoes in Malaysia, make sure to try each of the available options to see which one would stay on your feet securely.


  • Comfort. Your cycling shoes should provide you not only safety and power, but also comfort. There are waterproof cycling shoes which are useful on muddy tracks or during rainy days. There are also cycling shoes with rubber mesh, which serves as ventilation and ensures durability without adding weight.


Before purchasing your first cycling shoes, make sure that you research on the available brands online in order to give you an idea on how much it would cost you. If you know someone who is into bicycling, ask their opinions about the brands of shoes that they wear so that you would learn firsthand about its performance on the road. You can also read online reviews about the brand of cycling shoes you are interested in to give you more insight.

How to Choose the Best Bicycle Pumps

Image result for Best Bicycle Pumps

Safety on the road should always be the top priority of every Malaysian cyclist. If you are among them, the only way you can achieve it is by ensuring that every part of your bicycle is in perfect working condition. This includes your bicycle wheels. You cannot hope to have safe and smooth cycling without good and perfectly inflated wheels. The only way to achieve this is by having the best bicycle pumps in Malaysia.


What are the Types of Bicycle Pumps That I Can Use?


There are different types of bicycle pumps that you can use in every situation. This is particularly good especially if you are planning to build a workshop for your bikes. If you have many bikes, the best thing to do is to have each and every one of these pumps in your possession.


Here are some of the bicycle pumps that you can consider procuring:

Image result for Track pump

  • Track pump. This should definitely be one of your priorities when shopping for bicycle pumps. This pump has a long hose, a huge tubular chamber for good supply of air, and a pressure gauge to check the amount of air that goes into your tires.

Image result for Hand bicycle Pump

  • Hand Pump. Hand pumps are designed to be lightweight and compact for portable use. This is best utilized during emergency situations on the road. The only problem regarding this particular pump is that because it is designed to be small, you will have some difficulty reaching the ideal tire pressure of your bike wheels.

Image result for CO2 inflators

  • CO2 inflators. If you are in a hurry, the best tire pump for this situation is the CO2 inflators. The usual 16g of CO2 cartridge can pump up a standard 700x23c wheel up to 100psi.

Image result for Frame Pump

  • Frame Pump. This is like a hand pump, but only bigger. This is designed to fit in the triangle frame of a bike. This pump is perfect for touring bikes.

Image result for Shock Pump.

  • Shock Pump. If you have a mountain bike that uses air suspension, this is absolutely perfect for you. This adjusts the preload in air suspension, usually up to 300 psi, allowing you to achieve the proper pressure and fine tune it.


When shopping for bicycle pumps in Malaysia, always make sure to consider your need over your budget. Do not compromise your safety by choosing the wrong type of pump because you have a limited budget. After all, a good quality pump equals better bicycle performance.


5 Tips for a Smart Cycling Habit


World-s-first-smart-cycling-helmet-LifeBEAM-Helmet-uses-Nordic-wireless-technology-to-support-ANT-and-Bluetooth-SmartBicycling has always been a fun and healthy way to go through the outdoors and travel, for old and young alike. When done properly and vigorously, the body’s circulation gets the right workout it needs and the right assistance for healthier metabolism. Training for the appropriate skills adds challenge to the habit itself as mastery slowly becomes an enthusiast’s demand.


There are options available though, in order to put the icing on the cake. Here’s a list of tips to ensure performance, comfort and safety of your ride.


  1. Hang around new roads. To stay fresh, bring your ride to a new zone every so often. Get the map. Learn to explore. Variety helps in keeping you engaged and in making your road bike an exciting discovery every now and then.


  1. Make smart use of intervals. Newbies can do a set of descending intervals at maximum intensity every session. Advanced riders can complete about six sets every session. A sample set may consist of 2 minutes hard – 2 minutes easy – 1 minute hard – 1 minute easy – 30 seconds hard – 30 seconds easy – 15 seconds sprint and 5 minutes easy.


  1. Aim for a steep climb. Pacing creates the difference. Don’t charge everything that you have to a certain climb if it’s not important in a race. Steady pacing is good for a start. Going hard too early will eventually tire you out.


  1. Reach for your first century. Set a definite goal to add extra 10 miles when you’re geared up for your longest ride within the week, until you’re able to finish 80. This helps you assess your personal pacing and how well your food or fluid intake fits into the ride. Rookies normally get too excited, start too fast and prepare less for the highs and lows psychologically. This idea helps you to be mentally ready too.


  1. Get rid of worries over flats. Flat-changing skills need to be developed. Don’t wait for a situation to confront you before you actually hone yours. You better practice in your own garage using the tools you normally carry on a ride. Changing flat tires far from home will become handy then.


Every road bike now has more places to ride. It is definitely beneficial to make your riding better by learning how to train and prepare smartly. These tips are sure to keep you going, despite the odds on the road.

How to Choose the Perfect Cycling Jersey for You



Cycling is one of the most exciting forms of cardio exercise. Not only do you get the work out that you need, you also get to travel vast distances, as compared to walking or jogging. It’s pretty fun because you can do it on your own, or you can do it in groups.


And with cycling, you really get to sweat it out, helping you lose that excess fat in your body. However, too much sweat can be uncomfortable. For this reason, you need to wear a comfy jersey that could easily absorb sweat. But how do you choose the best cycling jerseys in Malaysia?



Things to Consider When Shopping for Cycling Jerseys


The following are the matters that you need to take into consideration when buying jerseys:


  • Materials. Look for fabrics that can absorb your sweat and at the same time expel it outside in order to evaporate. Synthetic fabrics are the ideal materials for this purpose. Cotton-made shirts only hold on to your sweat, giving you a heavy feeling. When you are on the road, it is always important to feel light.


  • Sun protection. Too much exposure in the sun can lead to skin cancer. Shop for jerseys that can properly hide your skin and protect it against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.


  • Fit. What good are the two previous considerations if the jersey doesn’t even fit you? You need to find the best fit to get the maximum comfort that you deserve. Cycling jerseys that don’t have the right fit is not a good choice if you have to keep on adjusting it while on the road.


  • Style. There are cycling jerseys that have reflectors incorporated in them. This will give you high visibility to motor vehicles during night time. Wearing this will lessen your chances of getting involved in vehicular accidents especially in accident-prone areas in Malaysia.


  • Price. It is undeniable that cycling jerseys can be a little bit expensive. Look for jerseys that are on sale. You can buy plenty of them and save a lot of money at the same time. This way, you can wear different jerseys without worrying that you are only sporting one style every time.


Undoubtedly, there are many styles of cycling jerseys in Malaysia that you can choose from. Make sure that when you are shopping, you pick the one that not only gives you comfort but also reflects your personality. For the best shopping experience, bring a friend to help you with the selection.

Tips and The Best of Malaysian Trails


Riding the trails of Malaysia with your favorite or new mountain bike is a fun, rewarding experience. It challenges you, offers great exercise and gives you time to unwind. The important thing is the proper techniques to get the most out of your time.

So learn those steps below:

Using Strength and Flexibility 

When riding on tough terrain, you don’t want to just rely on speed and agility. There’s more to get out of a bike by being flexible and using your strength. Strength allows you to scale certain inclines with greater force. This is especially true if the top of hills is where you stall.

Muscle your way beginning at the bottom to get the best momentum for finishing on top.

Shifting Weight 

If you’re having too hard of a time getting up those hills, it can also be a weight issue. This is not your overall weight. This is about where you put your weight. Even when going downhill, you could be placing your weight in the less advantageous areas.

You want to bring your weight forward as you incline. It helps dramatically to do so. In opposite manner, bring your weight as far back as possible when going downhill.

Feather Brakes Without Slamming 

If it’s your first time on a mountain trial, you may perceive more dangers than what actually exist. This causes you to lose control as you slam on your brakes. That’s a huge problem because your inertia keeps in the direction you were already going. The imbalance can cause accidents.

To best control your movements and where you end off after stopping, you want to feather your brakes as opposed to slamming down on them. Feathering allows you to gradually slow and gives you time to dictate where you end off.

man_confused_mUsing the Right Bike 

Finding a bike that’s suitable to you is important. Don’t just buy any bike and go for the quality mountain bike in Malaysia. The Malaysian trails can be tricky, so you want to utilize every advantage you have. That can’t happen if you’re uncomfortable or unable to peddle because your bike is too big.

Use size and help from your sales rep for your best options. Make sure your legs are never completely straight in a full peddling cycle. They should also avoid being bent too much when peddling.

Keeping Your Eyes Forward 

You may be distracted by beautiful things on a Malaysian trail. Don’t be. Find out where your immediate destination is, and keep your focus in that direction. You never know what may end up in the location you’re going. Keeping your eyes there gives you the ability to respond properly and safely.

Keep these things in mind next time you and your MTB rough the trails of Malaysia. Biking on challenging trails is a great way to get exercise, sweat off a few pounds and compete with a group of close friends.

If you just need that bike to commute to a cool camping spot, then you have the same advantage should you need a quick but healthy way to work. Be safe, be cautious and have nothing but fun.


Why Do You Need A Folding Bike?

A folding bike is going to work great for you if you are the kind of person who wants to take one around town, and you need to make sure that you have done something to get the best results when you are riding. There is a lot to do, and you need to try to get it done as fast as you can. The folding bike is going to make your life a lot easier in the end because it is going to be easy to manage.

carrying a folding bike in malaysia

Foldable bike companies are going to sell you something that you can unfold in an instant, and you can get a folding bike in Malaysia if you click here for more information. You are going to be able to find a bike that you will be able to use easily, and you will be able to find a bike that is going to make it simple for you to manage your ride. These bikes are going to be much easier for you to use, and you will notice that you can get much better results because you have done the work to find the right one.

types of folding bike in malaysia

You also need to make sure that you are going to pick out one that is going to have the gears that you are used to. Some of these bikes are basic, but you can get bikes with a couple gears if you need them to ride in the city. You just need to make sure that you are going to pick out the right one so that there is no question that you are using the right one when you get on the street. The streets are going to be hard to ride when you are on the right one, but you are going to be able to pick out a bike that is also the right size for you. The bikes that you pick have to be made just for you, and you need to find one that you think you will be able to fold up and travel with easily.

Everyone who picks out one of these bikes is going to wonder how they are going to get the best ride, and you are going to have much better chances if you look at how big the bikes are. The bikes are easy to fold, but they still all come with the same kind of folding system. You just need to pick the one that you think is the right size. Anything that is not the right size is going to be very hard for you to ride, and you are going to need to avoid these bikes because they are going to be just too much for you.

You will be able to ride anywhere you want at any time if you have put the time in to get what you want. You will be able to pick out a bike that is going to be easy to fold and use on the street.

riding a folding bike in malaysia