Dispose And Donate. A Year Opener Decluttering And Sharing Guide



Every year, you get a clean slate. A chance to leave the past behind and start anew. Starting the year right doesn’t have to be exclusive to New Year’s resolutions. The New Year is a great time to declutter and donate some of the items you no longer use. Think of it as an extended holiday gift-giving activity for you, your family and your friends. Here’s a short guide to help you dispose and donate this New Year.








Step 1: Choose your recipients

Just like shopping for gifts, it’s easier to decide if you already know who you’re giving to. There are many charities who accept gifts and donations year-round. You can also inquire around your local community if there are groups you can donate to. Of course, if you can’t find any, you can always choose to give your hand-me-downs to extended families. If you already know who will be receiving your pre-loved items, you’ll decide easier which items to give away.








Step 2: Have a purge plan

Don’t start with your storage or attic. Start purging in your living room and pick out the items that you’ve been trying to get replaced or get rid of, but never got the chance. Next, scour your kitchen and pantry for utensils, equipment and even food items that you want to give away. Address the bedrooms and garage next. Lastly, go through your storage or attic.








Step 3: Sort and pack

By the time you finish purging, you would have a huge pile of items to donate. Remove any items that are not good enough for donation and throw them away. Sort the pile using your recipients as categories. Use corrugated boxes to store your old stuff. For breakable items, you can wrap them in newspaper or bubble wrap before boxing them all up. Use a black marker to indicate where the entire box is supposed to go. If you’re sending them via courier, write the address legibly. You can even include a short letter to go with your donation.





Give Back

Often times, you end up putting off donations in the hopes that you’ll be able to use the items one day. This rarely happens. Many people end up hoarding while the items end up collecting dust. It is always better to donate items you no longer use because this means you’re also making room for more. This year, make generosity a part of your growth strategy.