Renting Apartments in Malaysia: A Guide for Long-Term Rentals for Foreigners

Are you relocating to Malaysia for work? Or just visiting for a few days or weeks? In either case, renting an apartment may be the best option for you.


Long-Term Rentals

Anyone moving to Malaysia and looking for a long-term rental will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of rental choice and ease of renting an apartment. The procedure is very straightforward and rental options can easily be found using an agent, through classified ads, or rental websites. Rental periods are usually for a period of two years, but terms are negotiable and you can often add an early termination clause. Tenants are normally responsible for paying all utilities and a two-month refundable deposit is generally required. Make sure you agree up front who will be responsible for minor repairs during the tenancy. As an added bonus for renters, agent fees are normally paid for by the landlord.


tiny roomShort-Term Rentals

Hotels are not the only option if you are visiting on vacation or a short-term business trip. Short-term rentals are a great choice for anyone who wants to feel more integrated into Malaysian life during their trip, whether you are in Malaysia for just one night or several weeks. Renting can often be cheaper than a hotel stay and there is no shortage of options, whether you are looking for a studio apartment or something more suitable for a family. Renting can also increase your choice of neighborhoods options, whether you want to stay in a business district, residential area, or beachside. There are numerous agents and websites specializing in aiding visitors in their search for a short-term rental and it is just a matter of choosing the right one for you.


Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments come fully-furnished with access to a wide range of amenities and are available for both short-term and long-term rental. Although serviced apartments can be significantly more expensive than other types of rentals depending on the area in which you are looking, they are a good option if you value your free time and convenience above all else. You can often choose a serviced apartment that offers meals and cleaning service in addition to many of the other services traditionally offered by upscale hotels. Start searching for a serviced apartment here.