Why Laser Facial Treatments Aren’t for Everyone

CO2 laser treatment

Fractional CO2 laser treatment is one of the most advanced and excellent technology that is used for restoring mysteriously appealing youthful skin. Like all other countries, Malaysia is also offering fractional laser treatment therapy to its citizens. Dr. Chen Tai Ho provides effective fractional laser therapy at his aesthetic clinic in KL, along with other medical aesthetic treatments. He lets us in on some reasons why laser facial treatments aren’t for everyone. You may find a number of aesthetic doctors in KL, but not all of them will acknowledge you whether this fractional CO2 laser treatment is beneficial or hazardous to your skin. Dr. Chen Tai Ho guides as to whether this laser facial treatment procedure is suitable for the individual or not.
No doubt in this modern world of fashion and technology everybody wants to look young and beautiful, however it is not necessarily important that everybody will get the fruitful results from fractional Co2 resurfacing laser treatment. There is some of the pre-procedural diagnosis, which Dr. Chen makes before his therapy:

  • Although facial laser resurfacing is an excellent treatment as it helps in regaining youth’s charming and healthyafter fractional co2 laser treatment by doctor chen skin by removing all the fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, sunburns, spots, acne etc. but on the other hand it also causes many serious side effects to the patients having sensitive skin. One of the most common side effects of this therapy is hypo-pigmentation after several therapies.
  • Moreover, this therapy can cause excessive damage to older patients having oily skin and to the patients having heavy coated sebum in their skin tissues. An applicant might suffer from swelling due to the deep rooted sebum. The swelling ooze out of the pores and thus gives the skin an abnormally large otherwise ugly appearance.
  • Some people have poor wound healing systems, while some also have issues of hypertrophy scarring, but they still undergo fractional laser therapy and thus put themselves in a mighty trouble. They should keep in mind that this fractional laser therapy is not innovated to be used among all the people in the situation of all the types.


Dr. Chen also offers post-operative diagnosis in his premier clinics.

  •  One of the treatments is the Fractional CO2 laser in Malaysia offered by Dr. Chen. The treatment Fractional CO2 laser is somewhat more hazardous for the patients having a weak immune system because of the environmental factors. After the laser therapy, skin becomes more vulnerable to microorganisms attack. Once fungi, bacteria, virus make their residence on your skin, it will become difficult for you to remove them, thus people with weak immune system should avoid this therapy in order to remain away from such fatal infectious microorganisms.

fractional co2 laser treatment by doctor chen

Hopefully, all these points might have cleared the misconception of commonly utilized fraction CO2 facial laser therapy treatment.