Singapore’s Bugis Area Unveils New Condo Launch

Known as one of the trendiest hotspots of Singapore, the Bugis area attracts artists, writers, celebrities, investment bankers, singles and other successful people looking to have a great time. Even though Bugis Street is named after the pirates who once trolled it, the area has turned into a flourishing center for the arts, shopping and spiritual life.

Some of the hidden treasures that you can find in the Bugis Area include the Sultan Mosque, Sri Krishnan Temple, Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho (Goddess of Mercy) and Bugis Junction. Bugis Junction has an array of eateries and awesome shops to browse. Of course, the beautiful high-rise apartments of the Bugis area are not to be forgotten. A new condo launch is now being hosted for what will likely become the next hotspot of the town, the DUO Residences. Those who want a designer condo in Bugis will love everything that the DUO Residences has to offer. Refer to site:


Singapore DUO Tower
Singapore DUO Tower




Affordable High-End Living Option

The DUO Residences is a great option for the young professional on a budget. A payment scheme is available for those who want to see exactly how funds are allocated for the purchase of a condo in the complex. Starting prices are listed as follows:
Studio: $930,000
1 BR: $1.1 mil
1 + 1: $1.3 mil
2 BR: $1.6 mil
2 + 1: $1.85 mil
3 BR: $3 mil

Those who are interested in purchasing one of the units in the DUO Residences can call 81 18 5250 for more information.


Luxurious Amenities in One of Singapore’s Newest, Hottest Condo Properties

The amenities that you receive with your purchase are incredible. The design of the building is completely modern and reveals the beautiful vision of the architectural firm behind the project. The exterior of the building stands out from the rest of the high-rise buildings in the area. The scaled exterior has a beautiful sparkling effect in the sunlight.


DUO Tower Residences
DUO Tower Residences



In addition to the modern aesthetic of the property, residents can also enjoy the four levels of amenities that the property has to offer. The Teppanyaki Pavilion offers an excellent place to unwind and relax. The Lap Pool and Sky Pool are also great places to hang out. When you are enjoying life in the Sky Pool, you will appreciate the gorgeous view of the city that you have. There is also a recreation room and Aqua Gym available in the building. The Spa Pool is the perfect place to let some steam off after a day’s work.


Duo Residence Sky Pool
Duo Residence Sky Pool


Landscaped Plaza
Landscaped Plaza




A Great Investment for the Future

When you want to purchase a property that you will enjoy and be able to profit from in the future, the DUO Residences are an option you should consider. These properties will likely be very sought-after in the future. Penthouses are still available in the complex, but you should know that they probably will not last for long. The interest in the DUO Residences is increasing every day as more people come to learn about the complex.



Buying Overseas Property

A great deal of people has considered purchasing residence overseas. The opportunity of high returns and a relatively small financial commitment is a significant fascination to anyone. The reason people don’t spend more money seems to be that the whole procedure seems too risky and they experience can be overwhelming. Just taking into considering the paper trail end of things and the need for some unique qualifications, it detours some people from making their dreams come true.

People are often fearful that they will not be able to keep a close watch on their investment, with it being so far away. Putting it in perspective, when is the last time someone has seen their stock shares? The major error individuals create is seeing a good financial investment as a house instead of a good financial opportunity. When buying a residence one should not evaluate on the fact as if they were going to live there themselves, unless that is the plan. It is a property that may need a few improvements, but it is a rental investment, the developments at a later date will only further increase the appreciation of the property.

Perhaps one wants to live in a home in another country and not rent, the process can be difficult, but can be done. Not every country will allow foreigners to own property in their area, such as Switzerland. One of the biggest problems is financing. People buying property for sale abroad should plan on paying cash. In America, there are lenders begging people with all sorts of credit scores to take our loans, in foreign countries, this is not always the case. The US has a sophisticated mortgage system, most countries are not so lucky. However, in many countries like Mexico and parts of Eastern Europe real estate is always paid for in cash.

For those who will need financing on their dream home abroad, they can expect to put at least 40 percent down. While that seems a little steep, considering the prices are usually a great deal more economical than American properties, it comes into prospective. There are some countries that will offer mortgages such as Africa and Singapore. Be very selective when looking at mortgage lenders, check the deed and always make sure to read the fine print.

Buying a house or apartment for sale in a foreign country can be an exciting experience. Taking time to do some homework and research will pay off big time in the end. Whether looking for a rental or investment property or a new home for the family, there are many options available. Some often buy homes in resort areas or get an apartment for rent by the week and then use when they will be in town. Regardless of how one chooses to fun their adventure, owing a home in another country can be just that, an adventure.