Alternatives to Driving a Car in Kuala Lumpur on KL Car-Free Days

Car-free days in Kuala Lumpur seem to be exciting events on the first and third Sundays of each month.  Perhaps you have been wondering why these days go on and if it is worth it to participate in the events.  You may also be wondering what kind of transportation is available to you during those days when you need to get somewhere in the city or outside of the city. Here we discuss those issues to help clarify them for you.


  1. Carbon-free air

When there are car-free days in Kuala Lumpur, this is to help promote the Go Green Campaign, which expresses a desire to see somewhat of a reduction of carbon that is released into the air from cars.  This promotes better oxygen for people to breath cleaner air, which promotes overall better health for the people of Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Fun events

There are many fun events for you to participate in with your family and friends during the car-free days of Kuala Lumpur on the first and third Sundays of every month. The event runs from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.  The good news it that there is free entry in the designated area of the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur, where the event is featured. Roads which are closed to regular cars are open to the public to use for walking, jogging, bicycling, skateboarding, rollerblading and even roller skating. Bicycles can be rented for free, but picture ID is required to obtain one to use during the event. There are food trucks with delectable things to try. It is a fun time to get out for some exercise and to chat with friends and family members, because during the week people are so busy with work and other responsibilities that limit quality time with the ones they care about.


  1. Transportation

It is understandable that you may have to go somewhere and need transportation to get there. But then there is the dilemma of roads being closed to cars. However, the good news is that not all transportation is shut down, because the reality is people have to get about.  So on the days when you cannot use your car, you will have peace of mind knowing that you can take the KTM Komuter.


Car-free days in Kuala Lumpur can be fun and amazing for a lot of people. And those who need transportation are not completely stranded, knowing that the KTM Komuter is available to them.  So car-free days are overall a good addition to the way of life in Kuala Lumpur.

A TASTE OF THE GOOD LIFE – 5 Ways to Experience the Jet Set Lifestyle in Malaysia


Have you ever fancied a jet set lifestyle? Certainly, your tastes are no different from the affluent and sophisticated. You do not need a private jet to live out your fantasy. Clear your calendar and bring your family to glamorous Kuala Lumpur. People now can find a deluxe villa in Malaysia for that ultimate lifestyle experience.


Jet setters travel in style. Flying to exotic locations in pursuit of adventure is a whim. Your objective is entirely different and you are a socialite in your own way seeking to fulfill a lifelong dream. Here’s how you can experience the jet set lifestyle in Malaysia:

  1. First, your frame of mind should be that of a true blue jet setter. Be prepared to conform to the country’s rich culture. Every travel of seasoned high-flyers is to enhance their experience. Discovering a whole new world means moving away from your comfort zone and blending in with the cultural heritage.


  1. The Island of Langkawi is one of the most beautiful landform sites in Asia, if not the world. Distance yourself from the maddening crowd and jet set your way into this surreal tropical island. A jet setter’s vacay is not complete without basking in the sun while enjoying a quiet space at the beach.


  1. The taste buds of the well-travelled are always burning with sensation. You can savor the authentic taste of Malaysian and foreign-inspired popular dishes in shop house-lined streets or in the glam restos atop high-rise buildings. Jet setters have no qualms about eating in casual places or exquisite bistros.


  1. The Sunway Pyramid shopping mall located in the Sunway Resort City is the shopper’s paradise of the globetrotter. This is the haven for your retail therapy. Your spectrum is wide to navigate the whole stretch filled with branded outlets and F&B galore. Literally, it is a shop till you drop affair. Anyway, a jet setter will always look for quality items when going on a spending binge in a humongous marketplace such as this one.


  1. When you find a deluxe villa in Malaysia, expect the best swinging taste of the good life. Jet setters prefer to stay in private accommodations with lavish dimensions. A private pool surrounded by a lush colorful garden is the perfect couple or family recluse. Pampered is an understatement. Living in this sanctuary for a day or two should be enough to experience the lifestyle of the wealthy less the worldly stress.


You can always dream, plan and arrange for a vacation to get away from it all. However, to experience a jet set lifestyle for a fleeting moment is priceless. Mass-market travel is not the trait of the jet setter. You are distinguished by your sense of purpose and luxurious taste. A once-in-a-lifetime splurge ain’t so bad if the travel moment you desire is aristocratic. Do not dream about it, live it!

plan and arrange for a vacation

6 Absolute Must-Try Foods When In Kota Damansara

If you have a plan to visit and spend a holiday in Kota Damansara, you should definitely check out the town’s food scene. The region is home to dozens of cafes and restaurants offering a plethora of dishes you will surely enjoy. Below is a quick rundown of some of the must-visit food joints in town.


3cvvpv61cce4442e11a146mx1) Bakso at the Rakshee (RM9.90 per plate) – Bakso is a very common Indonesian meatball made from beef surimi. What differentiates good bakso from poor bakso is the way they are prepared and served. At the Rakshee restaurant, you are assured that you will be served with bakso that’s been cooked to perfection. You can enjoy the delicacy on top of other dishes like spaghetti, burgers, Swedish beefball, and beefball marinara.


2) Seafood at the Red Lobster (Prices range from RM12.9 to RM165.9 depending on serving and size) – If seafood is your thing, you should definitely drop by the Red Lobster. This restaurant offers sumptuous meals featuring lobsters, shrimps, scallops, mussels, crabs, and linguini. You get to choose if the main ingredient will be steamed, grilled, roasted, battered, or tossed.


3) Buttered Chicken at the Amaze K (RM12.5-RM14.50 per serving) – The menu at Amaze K will satiate your appetite if you like chicken-based rice meals. You get to choose if the sauce is butter or sweet and sour. Other specialties in the restaurant include seafood pasta and salmon steak pasta. If you don’t want chicken or pasta, you can try out their beef burgers and mushroom soups.


4) Drunken Egg at the Hakka Rang Restaurant (RM10.80-RM15.80 per serving) – If you are looking for tasty home-cooked meals, this is the place to go. Of course, their most popular dish is the drunken egg. They prepare, cook, and serve the dish in their own unique style. Also popular are their fried bitter gourds, crispy fried pork, and abacus seeds.


5) Beef Noodles at the Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap (RM9.90-RM13.90) – The great thing about this restaurant is that you get to choose what goes in your bowl of noodles. You can choose from tripes, intestines, tendons, sliced meat, and other inner entrails.


6) Fusion Burgers at the Burger Junkyard (RM15.80-RM20) – There are several reasons why this is the most popular burger joint in town. First, their patties come from grain-fed cows raised in Australia. Second, they like to try bold moves, like incorporating fruity flavors in their burgers. They also use boneless chicken thighs for their chicken patties. And to top it all, you get to choose from different types of cheese such as sharp cheddar, pressed cheddar, and mozzarella.


These food joints are located within or are near the town’s center so they are usually within walking distance. You can always take a taxi if you are not that familiar with the directions. For easier access to the most popular restaurants, you should pick a budget hotel in Kota Damansara that’s situated near the central business district.

How to Get Around Malaysia Without Busting Your Wallet

Malaysia beckons travelers to a fusion of history and modernity. It remains to be one of the most fascinating countries in Southeast Asia for the solo traveler, the couple on a honeymoon, and even a family out on vacation.
Here are tips on how to enjoy the best of Malaysia’s unique culture and traditions and breathtaking city modernism without breaking the bank.

Best Time to Visit
Malaysia is a tropical country, making it an ideal tourist destination any time of the year. Hotels and resorts tend to get packed from May to September so make sure to book your reservations in advance if you plan to visit during these months. It is less crowded during the Northeast monsoon season months of October to March as occasional rains and thunderstorms drive pedestrians indoors. However, the west coast cities of Langkawi, Penang, and Pangkor remain alive with beach side attractions and activities to keep tourists entertained in spite of the occasional showers.

Where to Stay
The best approach to finding a good and affordable place to stay in Malaysia is by planning your itinerary ahead of time. List down the sites you wish to visit and check how far one is to the next. Hotel rates in Kuala Lumpur range from RM81 to RM131 per night so it is better to search the internet for a quaint hotel in Selangor or a hostel dorm in Petaling Jaya instead. These cost no more than RM38 to RM60 a night and are only 30 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur.

Public Transport
The KLIA Express train is not your cheapest option to travel from the airport to the heart of Kuala Lumpur, although it is the fastest. A one-way ticket for an adult costs RM55 while a return ticket is at RM100. Take the bus instead and pay only RM10 for a one-way ticket and RM18 for returns. Buses leave every 30 minutes.

Do not miss out on authentic Chinese and Indian hawker fare or your entire trip would be wasted. Jalan Alor and Petaling streets offer a wide variety of affordable local delicacies and street food choices. Fried seafood and vegetables, with two or three items per order, only cost RM1 while a large mug of Kopi, Malaysia’s version of brewed coffee, costs RM2.20. A generous serving of the famous Nasi Goreng, or fried rice, costs RM4 and a Nasi Lemak, Malaysia’s traditional breakfast meal of rice, shrimp paste, cucumbers, egg, and anchovies, costs RM1.50. If you like fruits, a sun-ripened mangosteen is sold at RM8 per kilogram while a good durian can be bought at RM18 to RM30 per kilogram.
Experiencing Malaysia’s vibrant culture need not be costly. When you have secured your budget for your hotel, transportation, and food, you would have a better idea on how much you should set aside to enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful country. Temples and mosques are open to the public while city sites such as the Petronas Twin Towers have online ticket sales so travelers can pay for their visit in advance. This should help you plan your expenses better and avoid going over your budget.
Your Southeast Asian tour won’t be complete without seeing the grandeur that is Malaysia. Discover why it has remained a favorite destination among tourists and backpackers.

Your Itinerary for a Weekend Trip to Port Dickson



If you’re planning to hang out in the not-so-famous Port Dickson of Malaysia, you need a bunch of ideas on how to spend your vacation. It is a perfect beach destination with your much-desired travel convenience, the location being 45-minute away from the Kuala Lumpur airport.


There are great sights to visit in the area. You’re sure to relax and enjoy sans the feeling of having to rush around with this list of top attractions. Here’s an itinerary guide that’s truly worth considering.


  1. Military Museum
    Port Dickson houses the well-loved Malaysian Army museum where kids can engage more with helicopters and armoured cars. This is among the best places to start your tour.

A gallery exhibiting the historical milestones of Malay peninsula’s military and ancient military hardware make up this museum. Among the highlights of the gallery are the early European influences and the UN peacekeeping efforts displayed in a tunnel. There are also two buildings where few rooms had captions in the Bahasa Malaysian dialect and most in English. The museum is around 500 meters from the 1.5-kilometer south-of-Avillion traffic lights and charges no entrance fee.


  1. Ostrich Farm
    If you’re searching for a surprisingly fun way to enjoy your stay, then this is the best spot. This kid-friendly attraction may have ostriches as the stars, but a lot of things can be done once you’re here.

Kids are given chances to ride on an ostrich, as well as anyone under 40 kilograms. Other animals can be seen too, such as horses, rabbits, goats, turkeys, chickens, peacocks and guinea pigs. A small playground where turkeys roam and a farm cafeteria serving burgers and ostrich satay sticks also make your visit more interesting.


  1. Yun Loon Chinese Temple
    This beautifully decorated sight lies approximately five kilometres south of Avillion. It became popular because of the more-than-a-hundred-year old giant tortoise which was reported to have died early 2015. A small pond and a garden-hub for turtles make this sight more attractive. No fee is charged for visitors but a donation box can be seen inside the temple.


  1. Alive 3D Art Gallery
    If you’re fond of isometric art, the around-50 murals and paintings in this gallery will definitely captivate your heart. This is also a great place for indoor fun. Its location is in Lukut, in the northern portion of Port Dickson.


  1. Beaches
    On top of things-to-do when in Port Dickson is relaxing in its beaches. Their picturesque views make them unsurprisingly popular among tourists. Port Dickson hotels also come in various facilities and options and are sure to create a comfortable stay for you and for your family.


  1. Day Trip
    If you’re the type who’s not confined to just one area, Port Dickson is truly a good choice for you! Its proximity to other Malaysian destinations can make your trip more exciting. Melaka is just an hour away while Kuala Lumpur is roughly an hour-and-a-half travel. You can definitely enjoy a day in these equally interesting sites.  There are indeed, a number of ways to make the most of your Port Dickson getaway. However, you must remember these few good points. It is difficult to navigate Port Dickson by foot. Strollers won’t fit here. You need to take your own car with you or take taxis or the public buses.


The best travel guide? Plan well. Plan ahead.

Penang Island, Malaysia Travel Tips

If you are looking for a great place to vacation, consider exotic Penang Island, Malaysia. This vacation destination on the Malaysia Peninsula offers fun and adventure for everyone regardless of age. There are beautiful beaches, gorgeous gardens, stupendous nightlife, a wide variety of nature and wildlife reserves, incredible shopping centres, tasty, unforgettable food and drink, and an almost endless array of spas and wellness centres, water and amusement parks, water sports and boat tours. Plus there are many excellent Penang hotel promotion to make your vacation more affordable.

The biggest problem visitors to Penang Island have is trying to decide which 5 star hotel in Penang to choose. There is an amazing beachside resort chain located on the shores of exotic Penang Island that has all the amenities you want and offers easy access to any attraction you would like to visit. And Penang Island has so many great attractions you will need months to visit all of them. Many visitors to this 114 square mile island are so enchanted by the scenery, the food, the entertainment options, and the friendly locals, they extend their vacations again and again and want to visit every year.

Penang-National-Park-41315The fourth largest island in Malaysia, Penang Island is a veritable paradise. Penang National Park boasts 417 types of plants and 143 animal species. This gives it one of Malaysia’s most unusual biodiversity assemblages. There are civets, crabs, deer, dolphins, fish, monkeys, monitor lizards, snakes, turtles, wild boar, wild cats, and more than 45 species of birds including kingfisher, kites, and sea eagles.




There are also 9 amazing beaches where you can enjoy sun, sand, surf, and swaying palm trees to your heart’s content. And when it comes to dining, there is no better food in all the world. Penang Island has a number of unforgettable places you must visit.


When you want some fun, it’s a short trip from your 5 star hotel in Penang to places like Straits Quay, the Pinang Peranakan Mansion in George Town, the breathtaking Kek Lok Si Temple, Tropical Spice Garden, Khoo Kongsi temple, the beautiful Dharmikarama Burmese Temple, and the unforgettable Penang Hill. You can also enjoy the incredible Escape Adventureplay in Teluk Bahang, Armenian Street in George Town, Wat Chayamangkalaram with its reclining Buddha, and the bedazzling Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. Visitors should also make time to see the Camera Museum, the Cannon Street heritage area, Entopia in Teluk Bahang, and the Penang Botanical Gardens.


When you’re looking for something interesting to wear or souvenirs for family and friends, make a trip to either Gurney Paragon Shopping Mall, Queensbay Mall in Bayan Lepas, or both. Yes, a trip to Penang Island in Malaysia is an unforgettable experience. One you will be talking about for years to come. When you return home you will be loaded with pictures, excited about planning your next visit, and have a smile permanently plastered all over your face. So take advantage of a Penang hotel promotion and head to Penang Island.


24 Hours in Taiping

Over 200 years ago, before there was anything in Taiping, a man named Long Jaafar hopped on his elephant and went exploring. According to legend, during that fateful trip, Long happened upon a then precious metal, tin. In short order, people heard about the discovery and flocked to the area. Eventually, the region became known as Taiping – meaning “great peace.” And though Taiping has seen its fair share of heartache during the 19th and 20th centuries, today, it is a nature haven that is quickly becoming a hit with travellers from around the world.

Twenty-four hours in Taiping could be the rejuvenating mini break you’ve been craving.


Morning in Taiping, Perak

Rise and shine! You’ve got 24 hours in Taiping, Malaysia – so you’d better wake with the birds. Hopefully, you’ve made arraignments to rent a bicycle for the day. You’ll probably want to grab some rain gear before heading out the door; after all, Taiping enjoys the distinction of being the “wettest” town on the Malaysian Peninsula.
But don’t fret about the rain, because it translates into some of the most stunning natural floral displays in the world.

Antong Coffee

What is the best way to start your 24 hours in Taiping? Head “downtown” and find a place to indulge in a cup – or two – of antong coffee – a much-loved local beverage. Once you’re sufficiently caffeinated, take a walk through the town centre to experience the hustle and bustle of Taiping. Perhaps peruse Butik Bollywood on Barrack Road, one of the more popular fashion stores in the area.

Lake Garden

After soaking in town life for an hour, it’s time to indulge in the tranquillity Taiping has to offer at the famous Lake Gardens, which have been stunning visitors since 1880. Ancient water trees provide a picturesque background – and ample photo opportunities.


Afternoon in Taiping, Perak

After the serenity of the Lake Gardens, perhaps make your way to the Perak Museum, one of the oldest art centres in Malaysia.

Bukit Larut

If you’re more the outdoors type, spend the afternoon in Bukit Larut – a.k.a., Maxwell Hill. Situated approximately 1200 meters above sea level, Bukit Larut is a nature oasis. A favourite spot for jungle treks and bird watching, the hill resort is relatively unspoiled by modern construction and still features British bungalows and English gardens from the days of colonization. But be warned: you need a permit to bring your own vehicle.


Evening in Taiping, Perak

It’s dinner time! There are plenty of local eateries to choose from, but one of the most popular amongst tourists is a place called Jia Ti Dao – a vegetarian establishment that consistently earns rave reviews on travel review websites. After dinner, walk off your meal at the beautifully manicured Taiping War Cemetery.

Taiping War Cemetery


Night in Taiping, Perak

To top of your 24 hours in Taiping, be sure to book reservations at the Taiping Zoo’s night safari! It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you’re sure to see some exotic animals.

Taiping Zoo’s night safari

If you find yourself around the Malaysian peninsula, a “balik kampuna” —which is Malaysian for “return to the village” — is a must. So book a hotel in Taiping, and get exploring!

Traveller’s Guide to Malaysia Local Customs: How to Get Your Way Around Without Being Ignorant!

Malaysian Customs 

Malaysia is a wonderfully diverse country composed of three primary ethnic groups, all culturally blended as well as unique. An Islamic country, Malaysians are of Malay, Chinese or Indian heritage, or some combination thereof. The blend of cultures makes for a wide variety of customs, traditions, dress and foods. Bahasa Malayu is the native language of Malaysia, but English is widely spoken, particularly in the cities and resort areas. Chinese and Tamil are also spoken, but the common language for Malaysian people is English.

Some unique and delightful customs to be aware of when traveling in Malaysia:



Malaysia is an Islamic country although other religions, including Buddhism, Hindu and Christianity are practiced. Traditional dress for a Malaysian woman is called Baju Kurung, a long skirt with a long blouse over the top. Baju Karungs are typically made from colorful silk fabrics. Not all Malaysian women wear head coverings, known as Tudung; wearing a Tudung is a matter of personal preference. Shorts and skirts are appropriate, as long as they are not too revealing. Some restaurants do not allow shorts; some provide guests with a sorong garment to cover themselves in the restaurant. If visiting a mosque, cover your arms and legs and wear a head covering. Remove shoes when entering a mosque or temple, or a private home.

Baju Kurung




A handshake is an appropriate greeting in Malaysia, but some Muslims are not comfortable shaking the hand of someone of the opposite sex. In that case, they may simply nod and smile. A lovely Malaysian tradition is to pat one’s heart with the right hand after greeting someone. The right hand should always be used to shake someone’s hand or give something; the right hand should be used for eating as well.





Pointing directly at someone with a forefinger is considered very rude in Malaysia. If you need to point out something, use your right hand, with your thumb on top and your other fingers loosely folded under.

Hailing a Taxi 
Taxis are plentiful in Malaysia and the fare is regulated by the government. To hail a taxi in Malaysia, lift your arm in the air with your hand dropped, rather loose wristed. Waving with an open hand or pointing with a forefinger is not generally recognized and you may find yourself waiting for a taxi to stop for an extended period.




Qibla Indicating the Direction of Mecca 
Most rooms in hotels in Malaysia, have a Qibla, a directional arrow pointing to the west. This is an indicator for Muslim guests to know the direction to face for daily prayers. The Qibla is usually located on the ceiling, but may be in a bureau drawer. Call to prayer occurs five times a day.



Respect for Elders 
As a sign of respect, Malaysian parents teach their children to address all adults as “Auntie” or “Uncle”. The Bahasa words are “Cik” for Auntie and “Pak” for Uncle. Respect for elders is widely practiced; young Malaysian men are keen on giving up their seats on the train to older adults.

From the modern metropolitan of Kuala Lumpur to the coastal resorts to the mountain retreats, Malaysia offers a variety of landscapes, cultures and diverse activities to appeal to all levels of travelers, from economy to the most discriminating.

Travelling on a Budget in Malaysia? Try Visiting Its Charming State of Kedah Economical Traveling in Kedah, Malaysia

If you’re looking to travel in beautiful Malaysia on a budget, the state of Kedah has a lot of inexpensive options simply waiting for you. If you plan ahead and are smart, traveling in Kedah doesn’t have to be an expensive experience. Langkawi, which is one of Kedah’s premier attractions, is particularly rich in affordable choices for enthusiastic travelers.

Budget Shopping For Everything

Picturesque Langkawi (which is also called “Langkawi the Jewel of Kedah) is a great destination for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on shopping. If you love shopping but detest the steep prices that you often encounter on your travels, never fear. Langkawi is a hub for budget-friendly duty-free shopping choices. If you’re searching for souvenirs, electronics, shoes, attire, for example, you’ll have the time of your life shopping in Langkawi. Finding discounts on these types of products is generally extremely easy. Be sure to stop by the archipelago’s many bustling shops and markets. They’re practically impossible to miss.

Inexpensive Transportation

Transportation in Langkawi doesn’t have to be expensive, either. The archipelago’s public transportation is extremely reliable and efficient. Most importantly, it’s typically safe and reasonably priced. If you want some nice independence in your Kedah travels, you might want to consider reserving a small vehicle for yourself. These are called “kancils.” Since these cars are equipped with petrol that should last for roughly two to three days, you don’t have to worry about filling them up initially. Motorcycle and bicycle hire are yet two more inexpensive transportation options in Kedah. Since Langkawi taxis are often rather costly, these all make suitable, practical and comfortable alternatives.

Affordable Lodging

Accommodations in Langkawi are also usually rather inexpensive. If you want to visit Kedah without worrying about exorbitant hotel rates, Langkawi is the perfect destination for you. The area’s budget hotels are generally clean, comfortable and friendly, with all the basic amenities guests need to relax and unwind. Some of the hotels even feature exciting perks such as fitness centers and swimming pools. Note that Langkawi isn’t the only place in Kedah that has inexpensive choices in accommodations. Kulim is a southeastern Kedah city that also is home to several affordable hotels. One hotel in Kulim that fits this description is the brightly-colored red and white Tune Hotel.

Cheap Eating

Eating in Langkawi doesn’t have to cost travelers a lot of money at all, thankfully. Lively Pantai Cenang in Langkawi is a hub for inexpensive — yet absolutely delicious — small dining establishments. If you’re in Pantai Cenang and concerned about food prices, look for family-run establishments that have local specialty meals on their menus. Although these dishes taste fabulous and have authentic local flair, the prices are low and geared toward hungry travelers in the area. Many of these dining establishments serve local and Western menu items alike. Some of these restaurants are even conveniently open for business 24 hours a day — a great bonus for tired travelers who are jet-lagged and craving something quick and filling to eat.