How to Keep Your Health and Safety in Mind When Cycling

Cycling is one of life’s liberating experience, that can invigorate people of any age. One doesn’t have to be a sports enthusiast to enjoy this very active pass time.
Whether cycling recreationally or to work, bicycles are an easy way to stay more active. It is easy to get started with cycling, although a few pieces of information and advice can be inspirational in terms of sticking to a new cycle friendly lifestyle.

Health Benefits

Regular cycling has been found in many studies to lessen risk of illness. Stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease are among some of the conditions that can be helped if not completely prevented by active cycling. This is thought to be because of cycling’s ability to increase circulation, therefore reducing weight, and increasing endorphins, which leads to an overall mood boost.

Health Concerns

Cycling should be a fun and effective way to stay fit and travel conveniently. We can all save a few dollars at the gas pump by substituting a few short trips with a bike ride. However, if pre-existing health concerns are a concern, it is best to check with a doctor regarding possible distance limitations. An existing heart problem, for example, may make travelling in high heats over long distances unadvisable. The very basic rules of the road are:

• Start cycling in a safe environment
• Make sure you seen at night and during the day (especially in high traffic)
• Wear a helmet
• Get repairs on broken bike parts
• Pay attention to the road
• Always heed the rules of the road

Keep it Casual but Safe

Most are safe taking short journeys. Starting off, it isn’t necessary to get an expensive bicycle. After cycling ability has increased, it is o.k. to look into getting a bike that fits a certain criteria. A special type of cycling jersey in Malaysia is available for cyclers who are interested in biking after work in the night time. One may find that they are wanting to do off-terrain biking or join a cycling group that travels long distances at high speeds. Although these are nice ideals to aim for, they shouldn’t necessarily be thought of as mandatory for a beginner cyclist. It will also be good to get cycling accessories like a cycling jersey in case you will not want to wear normal clothing while biking.

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Equipment Specs

This isn’t to say that equipment doesn’t matter! Buying a second-hand bike requires some caution. One must check the brakes, chains, and other specialty attachments that are necessary for smooth operation of the bike. If parts of the bike seem faulty, or liable to break, consider having it serviced at a bike shop that knows how to fix up older bikes. Even bikes that have been bought new can still require maintenance after a certain period of use. After six months it may be advisable to get bikes checked out just for safety’s sake.

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New Bike Purchase

New bikes also require some diligence. It can feel as if there are many models on the market. Hybrids, mountain bikes, and road bikes are examples of popular bike types that are good for any level of cyclist. For those wanting to buy from a specialist bike shop, it will be important to communicate budget and the type of cycling that will be done. Some of the smaller bike shops can be a bit pricey, and some only sell a particular type of bike. Sometimes it is best to call ahead to confirm that the type of bike you are looking for is located in a specific shop.


Top Road Bike Adventures Takes a Top Bike

bike laneNew riders who own road bikes may be seeking a course for themselves. There are multiple tracks that are designed for these riders. They have to share paths with joggers and maybe horses as well. But planning and preparation will reveal some important details for new visitors. Each state will host a website for its cleanest and best preserved bike trails. A few caveats should be understood by riders before they attempt a course designation. The helpful guide is intended to introduce people to UK road bike tours. A new adventure is waiting for those athletic enough to attempt a course.


Check For Compatibility

A road bike will feature squat tires that balance well. It should distribute a rider’s weight evenly over the length of the bicycle. The frame is likely sturdier as well, which is appealing from a safety perspective. They are meant to be ridden on paved roads, not dirt paths. The UK has a few prominent bike paths that keep riders moving.

Some tracks have complimentary pamphlets or guide books. These detail information about the roads people may be traversing. Bike tours keep riders on a given path. There are maps that direct riders towards an entrance and an exit.


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air up bike tiresPrepare For The Trip

Local residents around the UK may tote their bike in a vehicle. That keeps the bike intact until people arrive on location. Air up the tires before sitting on top of the bicycle seat. Bicycles have safety programs written to keep people stable. Other gear should include a helmet and water bottle to stay hydrated. Road bikes may be fitted with a storage unit on the rear. UK riders can go to a local shoppe for snack before going on a trail. Eating light will keep athletes fit for a lengthy ride.


New Bike Discounts For Locals

Shoppes around the UK are now offering new model bicycles. Viewers may see bike discounts here for more information. A full list of product specifications is available for customers following purchases. Cursory tours of the shoppe are offered for new arrivals. Buyers should understand the basic mechanics of a standard bicycle.

These road bikes feature critical parts, including working pedals and brakes. These may need to be repaired or replaced for future buyers. Owners may identify several bike tours for their guests. They are local experts who are respected by community members.


how to choose the best road bike for you

Touring The Countryside

Lush rolling hills and grassy plains may be viewed from these paved paths. They are separate from roads that feature cars on them. Riders should feel safe and secure as they tour the UK’s environment. Photographic opportunities abound for those with an artistic bent. Road bicycles streak across the paths, so new riders should be wary. Guests are welcome to spot local wildlife if they take a rest. Stopping on the side of trails should be permitted. A wide berth has to be given for horses trotting down these widened bike road paths.

Long Distance Cycling: Cycle Longer and Faster With These Tips

Even though long distance cycling is what every cyclist dreams about, it takes time of hard work and training to accomplish this safely. Here are some guidelines and ideas to assist cycle for a long distance without much effort.

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Build your fitness level

First and foremost you must work out and build your fitness level up for your road tour. Even if you can do it yourself, never should you start with a long ride. Begin by covering short distances and then steadily increase the length of your cycling.


cycling train stamina


For you to achieve best results it is recommended you cycle with Specialized brand bikes since they are made that you can ride without much struggle. Your training must still leave you with the energy to cycle the following day.


Your bike must be comfortable

It is vital to be familiar with the bicycle you are using, which again can only be achieved over time as you progressively increase the length of your ride. The way the bike behaves on short distance is not an indication that it will behave on the long distance cycling. It as well takes the time to get used to a saddle and get your most favorable seating position on a new bike.


Ensure you have proper equipment and clothing

cyclist equiptmentIt is good to buy a cycling jersey since it has rear pockets that allow you to carry stuff easily for your tour such as food you may need to eat while cycling. Helmets are crucial and never should you go cycling without them on. Fit and being comfortable on a bike is very essential. You can wear a regular sports shoe since they are fine when you have pedals that offer support to them. Cycling on a particular shoe can be much more comfortable as time goes by, especially when you cycle long distances.


Change of gears

If the distance you are covering is long, and it is along the mountains, you have to change the gears more often. Make it a necessity to lever to a lower gear when climbing a hill, even if you think you do not need to. Otherwise, you will be consuming a lot of energy cycling uphill and will not have enough power in your body left for the rest of the journey. Try as much as you can to pedal at the equivalent speed during the trip. If you realize that your legs are moving slow because it is hard to turn the pedals, then it is an indication that you need to change to a lower gear. Check the video below for how to change gear like a pro.



Regular replacement and adjustments

bike maintenanceFor your bicycle to serve you well. You must have it regularly checked and some parts replaced and others adjusted. If something does not work correctly for you admit, it and let it be replaced. It comprises changing components like the saddle, handlebars, gear shifters, and grips. On maybe you may consider replacing the entire bike, you can search around the bicycle shops in Malaysia and get a bike discount, so that is best for you. Ensure that the bike works well for you.


Tips to Make Tackling a Steep Climb on Your Bicycle Easier and Safer

A challenge that all cyclists face at some point is a steep climb. This could be a hill, a rising road in a city or a winding trail leading to higher elevations. If you do not know what to do, then you might not be able to successfully reach the top. A few tips will make tackling a steep climb on your bicycle much easier and safer.

Build Momentum before the Climb

The first step is to build momentum before you start the climb. You want to do this while on level ground or while heading downhill. Pick up as much speed as you can safely. Do not stay in a high gear this entire time. Start to switch downwards just a little. You optimally want to be pedalling quickly but you still want to feel good resistance from the gears. This momentum will help immensely when first hitting the incline.

Climb Hill

Start Switching Gears

You want to start switching gears once you are on the hill or incline. This generally means lowering the gears so that you have less resistance but are still moving the chain. This is easiest when using a good road bike that has 12 or more gears as opposed to a simpler bike with just a handful. Your goal is to find the gear that is right for you. Change quickly while you still have momentum since switching gears too often will slow down the bike. Work down until you are pedalling at a comfortable rate while still maintaining your speed uphill. The right gear for uphill cycling is different for everyone.

Do Not Stand Up

You have probably seen people standing up on a bike and stomping down on the pedals in an effort to make it up a steep hill. You should not do this especially if the climb is very long. Pedalling uphill while standing up uses significantly more energy than normal cycling positions. It can also lead to cramping in your legs. The better option is to stay seated, find the correct gear and push onward. Although it might not seem intuitive, you will use less energy pedalling faster in a lower gear than standing up and mashing the pedals.

Use Your Whole Body

A mistake many cyclists make when trying to get up a difficult incline is relying solely on the legs and thighs for power. This can make the climb very tough and painful. You need to use your whole body when going up a hill or steep roadway. Lean forward, bend your arms and tuck your head down. Move your body so that you engage your core muscles and abdominal muscles. The added power from your core muscles will relieve stress on your legs and allow you to endure even on the steepest roadways.

Climb Bike

The combination of your gears, smart cycling positions and momentum is often enough to conquer any climb while on a bike. The key is to stay positive, resist the urge to use brute force on the pedals and keep your eyes on the top of the hill. These tips will make it much easier for you to overcome any steep climbs while cycling.

Beginners Guide for Cycling And Training Tips For Improvement

Shopping in your local bike shop can be an intimidating experience. There are so many brands, models and styles that it is hard to know which one fits your needs. You will save time and money by shopping online where you can compare models, prices and accessories at your leisure. They offer foldable bikes, sport and mountain bikes for people interested in all aspects of cycling. Riding a bike is a great form of exercise that can lower your risk of certain diseases. If you plan on performance cycling, then you will need to practice your skills in order to improve.

Types of Bikes

There are many varieties of bikes for sale including road, pavement, and bikes just for women. You will also find a large assortment of mountain bikes and gear. The kind of bike you choose will depend on whether you are riding for enjoyment or completion. Not all bikes are made the same, and performance bikes command top dollar. For example, mountain bikes have larger wheels and frames than other bikes. This allows you to ride over bumpy terrain without having an accident.

Cycling Training Tips for Improvement

Optimize your bike performance with regular practice sessions. You will also improve your biking skills by participating in a weight-training program. Successful cycling will improve your upper and lower body strength, but weight training will improve your performance much faster. Combing a weight-training program with aerobics will also improve your cycling skills. Other factors that improve your cycling skills is proper nutrition, hydration and specific cycling training.

Build endurance and speed with a regular routine of biking further each week. Endurance is one of the most important skills a cyclist will need when competing against other cyclists. Practice going faster at every training session until you significantly improve your speed. Aerobics training off the bike will significantly improve your endurance.

Cycling Nutrition

If you want to become a good athlete in any sport, then good nutrition is an important part of improving your skills. If you do not give your body high-quality foods, then you simply will not have the energy you need to perform at your peak. Choose foods that have high amounts of proteins with low amounts of fats such as chicken, tuna, salmon and turkey. Omega-3 fatty acids are also an important part of good nutrition for all athletes.

If you plan to ride for under one hour, then you should consume a meal that has a high level of carbohydrates such as fruits, toast or whole-grain cereals. Your body prefers to use carbohydrates for fuel instead of protein. If you plan to ride for over three hours, then it is important that you consume long-lasting carbohydrates such as oatmeal, bagels, yogurt and fruit. Energy bars and bottled water should be carried in your backpack on every ride. To help your body recover from exercise, eat small meals that contain half carbohydrates and half proteins. This will help your body refuel and repair damaged tissues and ligaments.