Steer Clear of Cycling Perils – 6 Common Road Biking Dangers to Avoid


Biking is a great way to get around not just through nature trails but also through the city. That’s because these manually powered two wheelers can be steered and maneuvered around even in the tightest streets, alleys, and turns without a struggle. However, with the convenience and ease comes danger. If you’re riding a bike through the concrete jungle, be sure to steer clear of these common cycling perils.maxresdefault-2

  1. Gravelly Roads – Not all roads are smoothly paved. There are some that are riddled with little rocks and lots of gravel, even in the big city. In these cases, it’s always best to maintain your speed as propulsion will keep you stable. Find that speed sweet spot to avoid a bumpy ride.right-turn-merge-01-e1350925465211
  2. Blind Turns – For cars, it’s a lot easier to stay safe around a blind turn. All drivers need to do is keep their headlights on or blow their horn and any car on the other side will easily be alerted of the unseen oncoming vehicle. For bikes, it’s not as simple. To turn safely through a blind curve, keep your bike closest to the inner lane of the turn and guide your speed with one foot on the ground.yellow-stripes-road
  3. Paint Stripes – Bigger vehicles have little to fear when it comes to paint stripes, but even a specialized road bike could easily topple over when gliding through these markings. If you need to cross lanes, avoid steering parallel over paint stripes. Try to achieve as much of an angle as possible and maintain slower speeds until you clear the road
  4. Wet Pavement – Riding in rainfall is one of the biggest dangers for any cyclist, regardless of experience. When turning on a wet road, exaggerate your cornering technique and apply greater pressure on the lowered outer pedal. This will give your wheels more grip to prevent you from slipping and falling off your seat.pothole-610
  5. Potholes – Many city bikers simply swerve around potholes, which is a practical and obvious solution. But if there’s an oncoming car, if you’re biking through traffic, or if you’re riding in a group, it might not be as safe. Learn how to pop your wheels over potholes by practicing over smaller cracks first. Start with your front wheel, then learn to pop up your rear to clear potholes head on.high-visibility-clothing-630x418
  6. Visibility – You might think a person riding a two-wheeled contraption should be easy to spot in against gray pavement, but you’d be wrong. There are countless accidents that are chalked up to drivers simply not seeing bikers on the road. Avoid biking fast through quiet streets and roads and always wear reflective gear to keep you in sight.

Staying fit and going green are all made possible with bikes, but that doesn’t mean it’s free of hazards. Keep yourself safe on the road and avoid these common biking hazards for a trouble-free ride.

3 Tips Guaranteed to Keep You Safe While Riding a Bike in the City

Pakistani women ride their bikes towards the city's landmark Faisal Mosque to mark International Women's day in Islamabad on March 8, 2013. A group of determined women took to bikes March 8, riding through the Pakistani capital to highlight their rights and love of exercise in a culture that often treats them as second-class citizens. AFP PHOTO/Farooq NAEEMFAROOQ NAEEM/AFP/Getty Images ORG XMIT:

The call to change our ways and become more environmentally conscious is at an all time high, and that’s particularly why lots of people have shifted from driving cars to riding bikes. This fast and fuel-free alternative can help bring you where you want to go and burn those extra calories all at the same time. However, because bikes don’t come with the same exterior that cars do, crashing can be significantly more injurious. Be sure to stay safe and to avoid accidents while getting fit at the same time by checking out these three tips for safe city cycling.1

  1. Ride Close to the Sidewalk – In any case, the sidewalk is your friend. While many local government rules and regulations don’t actually allow bike riders on sidewalks, staying close to one will allow you the chance to steer clear of a potential accident without getting in the way of motorists. What’s more, cars tend to avoid sidewalks mainly because nobody wants to snag an absent-minded passer-by or a fire hydrant. If there are lanes specifically dedicated to bike riders, take advantage of them and avoid joining vehicles on the road whenever possible.2
  2. Know the Common Accidents – By understanding the most common accidents for bike riders, you can stay alert and do your best to avoid them. Getting hit by an opening door of a parked car along the side of the road is one of them, so if you’re passing by parked cars, ride slowly and try to see if there’s anyone inside prepping to go out by checking out the silhouettes through the windows. It’s also common for bike riders to get snagged in dark conditions. Fitting a light reflector and bright clothing during night biking can help make you more visible to cars. It also helps to park your bike wisely to prevent the dreaded runaway bike situation. Consider investing in a foldable bicycle for safe storage and parking.3
  3. Use Your Hand Signals – One of the ways that cars stay safe is by the use of signal lights. This helps those around them understand their plans and where they plan to g,o so that everyone sharing the road can adjust themselves and anticipate any lane changes or turns. Even if your bike doesn’t come equipped with signal lights, you can use your hands to tell other road users if you plan to turn or change lanes. Be mindful however of when and how to stretch out your signal hands. Glance backwards and avoid abrupt signaling to avoid injury to your arms.

Helmets, knee pads, and other protective gear stand no chance against vehicular accidents. Be sure to stay safe in the city while riding your bike by avoiding accidents in the first place. Take these tips with you the next time you head out on your bike for accident-free city navigation.



Disciplined or Motivated: Which One Are You?


maxresdefault (3)

Every morning you ask yourself this question, “What should I wear?” And then you whisper the same answer as the day before, “Whatever doesn’t rip apart after I eat lunch.”


How can this be when you’ve just renewed your membership at the gym last month?


Most people associate activity with productivity.  You may have heard this at the office but believe it or not, it is as applicable in the gym as it is in the conference room.  Yes, you have a gym membership but do you use it?  And when you do, do you maximize it?


When you started attending gym months ago, you were motivated by that scene in front of your closet.  A few months later after being liberated from your baggy shirts, you decide to pass up on your Zumba dance lessons until you can’t even remember when your last visit was.


What happened?


Or better yet, what did not happen?


The operative words are: motivated and disciplined.  You were the former, but failed to be the latter.  Motivation caused you to lose weight.  But discipline will help you keep excess weight at bay.


Here are some tips that can help you get past the motivation point and into the disciplined zone.  And stay there.


  1. Decide that all these are worth it.

The trip to the gym, the sore muscles, the whole nine yards!  If it means a stronger pair of lungs, legs that run faster, and a mind that thinks clearer, then you know it’s all worth it.

no more excuses pink

  1. Let go of your excuses.

You know half of the things you come up with are not even true.  The only thing you have proven to be true is that when you stop now, it would be harder to start over.  Again.


  1. Invest on your fitness plan.

Find a good gym or sports club or sign up for specialized fitness courses.  When you invest on something, it becomes a priority.  It changes your outlook and makes it painful for you NOT to achieve what you paid for.


  1. Just keep going.

On days when you feel like playing it safe, don’t.  Stick to your routine and do what you have committed to do.


In the argument between getting fit and staying fit with zumba dance, choose to respond with discipline rather than motivation.  Discipline will tell you to keep running long after the race was won.

Zumba Fitness: Have Fun While Exercising



The problem most people encounter with their fitness program is that after a while, it gets boring. They get so bored and uninspired that they usually just quit. But if you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy body, you have to continue with your fitness program. If you stop your exercise routine, your body is bound to gain the additional weight that you’ve worked so hard to lose.


If this is your problem too, then fear not. There is a new fitness program that is gaining traction nowadays. This fitness program is called Zumba dance fitness. You might have heard about it already, but what really is Zumba?


What is Zumba?

The Zumba fitness program merges cardio workout, aerobics and dance together. It was created by Alberto Perez, a choreographer from Colombia. Zumba started out as an aerobics training using merengue and salsa songs, but when it was introduced in the United States, it eventually added other types of music such as hip-hop and pop. It is known all over the world and is now a popular fitness program in Malaysia.

zumba (1)

Is Zumba Right for You?

You might think that since Zumba is a dance program, people who can’t dance shouldn’t enroll. That’s where you’re wrong because Zumba dance program is open for anyone, with or without dancing skills. If you’ve never danced an inch in your life, this is the time to start learning. Zumba is very easy to understand and practice. Beginners start with the basics using simple aerobic moves that can get you going. You will notice that the more you move, the more exciting and fun the exercise program becomes. There is no age limit as well, so you can enjoy exercising with your friends, your kids or even your parents!


Unlike other exercise programs, Zumba will never bore you out. As you advance, there will also be changes in the movements. Although there are some basic steps to learn, Zumba instructors usually incorporate fun and dynamic dance moves based on the song that is playing during your session. Zumba adheres with the times because as new songs are released in the radio, instructors are quick to pick them up and create dance routines. Hence the old songs are mixed with new ones every session.  Can you just imagine yourself having fun and getting healthy at the same time? Enrolling in a Zumba class in a local gym in Malaysia will definitely be something you wouldn’t regret doing.

5 Tips That Will Help You Succeed At Your Fitness Goals


Whether you are seeking to lose weight or just want to improve your overall fitness level, there are a few key points that you should greatly consider.

We have performed a vast amount of research and consulted with the best experts in this field to comprise a list of 5 tips that will help you to meet your goals.
Tip #1: Establish a Goal First
Before you even begin to exercise or diet, you should always come up with an overall goal, and a few milestones. This helps you to understand what you are working so hard for, and what you are going to acquire out of your hard work and efforts.
Tips #2: Eat Healthy & Diet
You can exercise all you want to reap health rewards. But without combining it with a healthy diet, you will not be able to reach the pinnacle of your success. It is best to eat healthy foods or even consider a special diet. If you want to lose weight, you will want to consider consuming a low-calorie diet. If you want to tone up and lose fat, you should consider a low-carb, low-fat diet.
Tips #3: Track Your Progress
The experts at say that tracking your progress can help you stay better focused and keep you pushing towards meeting your goals. There is an abundance of applications for devices and desktops that can help you to track your progress when exercising or dieting.
Tips #4: Take Advantage of Your Resources
With the Internet at yours fingertips, you should always use it conveniently to your best advantage of success. These applications can help you track your progress. These tools can help you to record your daily eating choices, provide you with workout ideas, can five you ideas for diet plans, and much more. There is also a limitless amount of information scattered about the web that can give you a wealth of knowledge about health, exercise, and diet.
Tips #5: When You Want to Give Up, Find Motivation
One of the most difficult things about dieting or pursuing better health is that it is easy to give up, give in, and just quit even before you begin to make real progress. The best thing to do at this point is to retrain your frame of mind and to find some motivation that will keep you going. Rediscover why you decided to get healthy in the first place, design a reward system for when you meet milestones, and seek motivation from others who can support you.


Endeavoring better health and exercise to acquire an ideal level of fitness is no walk in the park. It takes blood, sweat, and toil to meet your goals. But, it is always nice to know that by the end of your journey, the hard work you put forth paid off.


Purchasing Bike Products Online


If you happen to be a bicycling enthusiast, chances are that you know all of the best bike shops in town, and chances are that you spend quite a bit of money on bikes and various parts. Bike parts cost a ton of money, especially if you are dealing with high end bikes, which can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Because of the high prices, it is a great thing to find discounts and deals on bike parts, but if you are going to get the best deals possible, there is no question that the internet is the best place to look. The reality is that store front locations only have to deal with the competition from other bike shops in town, meaning they can charge quite a high price for various bikes and bike parts, based on the fact that they know their customers are going to pay the prices. However, online retailers have a huge amount of competition, due to the fact that there is such a massive amount of online retailers that sell all things bike related. This has paved a path for low prices, which can greatly be taken advantage of.

If you are looking to get the best deals on a new bike, bike parts, a bike pump, or literally anything else bike related, the best thing you can do is get online and search around for a great deal. Keep in mind, it always makes sense to test out a bike in person, as you really want to get the overall feel for a bike and take it for a test ride. However, if you already know the type of bike you are looking for, especially the specific model and have ridden the bike in the past, there is no reason that you should not be confident in making a purchase online. You can just about guarantee that you will be able to find the same products that you would find in the stores at a greatly discounted price online, and the great thing is, most of these online retailers will ship the products right to your door step for no additional charge. This saves on the overall price of the bike or the bike parts, saves on gas and saves a lot of time in the long run.
It is a good idea to check whether certain retailers can mail to your certain location, which you can typically do by checking on each site that sells bike products. For example, if you were looking for bicycle pumps in Malaysia, you would want to make sure that whatever site you are wanting to place an order at ships their products to Malaysia. If you change over from buying your bikes and bike parts at a store front location and instead switch to the online method, there is no question that you will end up saving a huge amount of money. Huge bike enthusiasts that splurge on products could end up saving thousands of dollars a year, so it is definitely something to consider.


Tips to help you when purchasing a folding bike


Folding bikes are bikes that are designed to fold into a compact form, which makes transporting and storing it, easy and quick. Folding bikes can be easily carried into houses or buildings or on public transportation facilities like buses. They can also be easily stored in tight living spaces such as an apartment, boat, car or plane. A foldable bike is also easy to carry.

Types of Folding bikes 

There are various types of folding bikes that come in different folding systems, wheel sizes and choices of colours and needs. In addition, there are several tips that will help when selecting a folding bike such as deciding how you ride and where you plan to ride.

• Another tip is to choose your wheel size. Wheel sizes come in different diameters such as 14, 16 and 26 inches.
• It is also important to confirm that the rims have the correct ETRTO numbers that fit tires that are available.
• If the fittings are wrong, your tires may come off while turning sharp corners.

Choose your components and frame design 

Choosing your components and frame design is another tip that will help. It is important to think about what level of performance you want from your components. The better quality components you have on the bike, the better your bike will ride. Many ride a folding bike in Malaysia.

Check out the experience of your bike dealer 

It is also important to check out the experience of your bike dealer. Because operating your folding bike will need service, support and ongoing maintenance, you need an experienced and reliable bike dealer. Keep in mind; you are buying a bike but you are also buying service, too.

Brand reputation is important 

Another tip is to make sure that your brand is reputable and to find out about the warranty and how long the warranty is good for.

• Find out also about how long the bike company has been in business and how comprehensive is the coverage on your bike.
• You can find out most of these answers by conducting research and by asking your friends for recommendations.
• Reputable shops often have a variety of bicycles to choose from, as well as offering you trial periods on popular models.
• When coming for a trial, it is important to dress light and to wear flat soled shoes.

Advantages of purchasing a folding bike 

There are many advantages in purchasing a folding bike such as being able to take it with you, instead of leaving it behind. Other benefits are enjoying the speed and agility of the bike as well as feeling more secure.

To conclude, folding bikes are designed to fold into a compact form and makes transporting and storing the bike easy and accessible. With the many benefits they offer, it would be a shame not to check them out! Click here for more


Cycling With Road Bikes On Your Next Trip


The specialized brand name road bikes that you use will help you make sure that you are happy on the road. There is a great road bike that you will be able to use when you hit the road, and you will find out that you can get a road bike in Malaysia when you are trying to have a nice ride through the country. You can get a bike that will be fun to ride, and you can get a bike that will be easier to ride when you are not that experienced.

Choose A Better Bike 

You can choose a better bike, and you will be able to use the bike that you think will be the easiest to ride. You will be able to make it much easier for you to get the right kind of ride, and it will not have to be so hard on you. You can easily get on the road so that it will be more fun to ride. You can ride really easily if you are planning to make the whole trip more comfortable, and you can get these bikes for your kids when you know that your kids do not have the experience to ride a serious mountain bike.

The Trails You Take 

You have a lot of choices of places to go with your kids, and you need to make sure that you will be able to find a trail that you can actually ride. You need to talk to someone who knows how hard the trails are to write, and you will be able to make it much easier for you to get the rides that you think are the best. This means that you will be able to use the trails to have fun instead of taking a trail that is too hard. You want to be safe on your trip, and it is going to be so much better for you when you have chosen the right places to go.

You Need A Better Bike Rack 

You have to make sure that you are going to get the right kinds of racks to fit all your different bikes that you are taking on your trips. There are many people who are going to want to store their bikes and drive to the next location, and you will be able to do so pretty easily. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to travel better when they have a rack, and it will be much easier for you so that you will not have to worry about riding to every spot and being tired. The car is a safe place to be when you are done with your ride, and you can get it done easily.

There are many people who are going to be able to ride easily, and you will be able to use the bikes to have a really good time on the road when you start your ride.



Image: Bradley Wiggins of Great Britain descends the Col de Mente

Cycling is one of the popular recreational activities among many people in Europe. In the U.K, it is grouped as the third leisure pursuit where approximately 3.1 million individuals are riding in one month. There are several benefits of cycling, and this includes a fast way of trimming down on weight, body fitness and psychologically enables one to reduce stress. The British have embraced the activity and have a website which gives the necessary information for one to enjoy the cycling and cycling clubs where one can enjoy the hobby. A beginner or a pro in the cycling, below are some tips to help you take pleasure in bike riding.

• Wear the right outfit
Cycling is all about aerodynamics, and the right gear is essential for comfort when bicycling. The jersey should be fitting, that is neither tight nor lose. Wearing a jersey aero as a parachute makes one look like a cycling rookie. A sleek pair of shorts is highly recommended since its fabric does not wrinkle on the skin causing irritation. Additionally, pick shorts with no special lining and at the crotch should have no seams. Cycling shoes should depend on the type of pedals, and the kind of bike one rides on. Finding the suitable brand is necessary, and the store one buys the shoes should have the variety to choose from the cycling shoes. Cycling shoes in Malaysia, for instance, they have been made in a customized way to meet all the cyclist needs.

• Fitting helmet
As a guide for safety, cycling helmets is highly recommended in case of accidents. Many cyclists, either beginners or professional riders fall victim of head injuries because of not being knowledgeable on a fitting helmet. Used in the right manner, helmets are almost a hundred percent effective in preventing head and brain injuries to be precise.
• Right bicycle seat and frame
The cyclist body structure and size are a determinant on which bicycle is fit to ride on. On a road bike, for instance, there should be one to two inches gap between the groin and the top tube whereas on a mountain bike not less than two inches. The saddle, on the other hand, should not be hard and narrow especially if it is for a lady. A wider and more cushioned seat reduces the pressure on the sit-bones.
• Reflective clothing at night
Statistics show that most cycling deaths happen at night. Wear reflective clothes when in low light and if one is a beginner, avoid riding at night for safety.
• Be alert on the road and be traffic savvy
Concentrate on the blind spots by not riding on drivers blind spots, implying you have to communicate with the drivers. When in heavy traffic, ride in the car lane to avoid being knocked off. Speed should also be regulated depending on the location.
Following these few guides when cycling makes cycling more than a recreational activity. Cycling is more than a sport but should be embraced by all people since the benefits accrued from it are tremendously valuable. Be the cyclist that everyone will admire.


The Cycling Jersey: a Riders Best Friend


Cycling does not necessarily have to mean going through rigorous training for weeks before one can get to enjoy the experience. Most people cycle to work or for fun without knowing the benefits that cycling has on their bodies. Although training is important when it comes to competitive or long distance riding, knowing what to expect can help the rider improve his performance.


When participating in a competition, it is important to train in intervals. Training like this is important as it improves one’s endurance as well as speed. Training in intervals helps the brain adjust itself to the race and divide it into sections.


When competing, the intervals are sewn into one another, and the ride becomes stead. Competing in a long race or just riding for a long distance calls for a steady, consistent start and a positive ending.


Riders do this because it is better to preserve the energy and fitness that was acquired during training for the finish rather than waste it much earlier. It entails limiting the rate of exertion on the pedals to a steady almost mechanical cycle.


In the cycling world, a cycler’s jersey is an item of great importance. The jersey stands for the team spirit and the affiliation to a country, group or organization. The symbolic importance of the yellow jersey in the Tour De France shows how much it can become a coveted item.


Breathe Ability.


When choosing a jersey for a competition, it is important to consider the aspects of breathability. The riding experience involves a lot of breathing, and this requires that the jersey should not hinder the air intake into the lungs.




The jersey should keep you as a rider warm in cold riding environments and vice versa. It should also protect you from rain, wind and dust. There are some all-weather jerseys in the high-end market that perform all this tasks meaning that the rider can wear the same cycling jersey for a whole year or the length of a competition.




For mountain bikers, durability is a valid concern. When riding on trails that have rock endings and other snags like branches that can abrade the jersey, it determines how the jersey performs.


It can protect the rider’s arms if it comes in long sleeve meaning that the abrasions do not hinder the mountain biking experience and the fun that comes with it.


Blowing Effect.


A real jersey ensures that the wind does not have adverse effects on the pace of the rider. It is, therefore, important for it to be aerodynamic but not too tight such that they become uncomfortable.


A tight jersey will also allow the rider to wear additional clothing depending on the environmental conditions. It should also come with pockets that the rider can use to store his/her valuables such as keys and wallets whenever they are out riding. In this regard, a jersey with rear pockets is the most convenient and the most comfortable option.