Helpful Tips for Anyone Renting a Property for the First Time in Singapore

Renting a property in Singapore can open up many new opportunities. There are many different types of properties available from Housing Development Board, or HDB, rentals to large homes and condominiums. You want to make the right choice since it is difficult to get out of a rental agreement. A few tips will be very helpful if you are renting a property in Singapore for the first time.

Always Compare
Always compare the price before purchase the property!

Always Compare Average Prices

The first tip is to always compare average prices in the area when you find a property rental you like. The reason is that there might be an anomalous apartment listed that is much more expensive than everything else in the area. If you look at other nearby listings, then you will be able to determine whether the rental price is a good deal or whether to look for another property.

Steer Clear Of Unusual or Confusing Rental Agreements

Something to be aware of is that some property owners in Singapore might present you with a rental agreement that is not what you expected. The property owner might attempt to increase the security deposit in exchange for lower rent. You generally want to steer clear of unusual or confusing rental agreements. The reason is that some property owners use these agreements to exploit tenants or to gain extra money. If the rental terms are odd or make you feel uncomfortable, then do not rent the property.

Check All the Listed Amenities

Check All the Listed Amenities

Whether you are looking for a condominium or an HDB for rent, you are going to see a list of amenities. These can include nearby conveniences or even items on the property like a gym. You need to take the time to check all the amenities listed by the property owner. Ask to see any amenities on the grounds to find out if they are functional. Check the neighbourhood to make sure things such as transportation and shopping are as close as was claimed.

Do Not Just Accept the Inventory of Contents

You are going to be presented with an inventory of contents when you rent a property in Singapore. The inventory is a list of everything that is in the property. Many people simply sign off on the inventory without really looking at it. You must stop and go through everything in the inventory of contents. Make sure to note items missing from the list, listed items that are not on the property and the condition of items that look damaged. This will protect you later.

Renting Tips – How to get a House or Apartment Rental

Keep Everything Pristine From the Start

A final tip is to keep everything in the rental property pristine from the start. Do as little damage as possible, do not make dramatic changes and clean regularly. This is important because your security deposit depends on the condition of the property. If you are vigilant about keeping the property in excellent shape from the moment you move in, then you are far more like to get all or most of your security deposit back.

beauty of singapore
Singapore is a beautiful country!

Renting a property in Singapore can be easy especially with modern online listing services. You just need to know what to watch out for when looking at the diverse selection of rentals available. These tips will help you to have a good experience when renting property in Singapore for the first time.

How to Prevent Dirt from Building up In Your House

Most people are used to a routine where it is necessary to do a thorough cleaning in the home every one to two weeks. This is because so much dirt, dust and debris will collect on surfaces. This does not have to be the case. You can do a few things to stop dirt and dust from building up in your home.

Shoes Stay at the Door 

The first step is to leave shoes by the front door. Shoes can bring in a large amount of dirt and grime. The weight of your body is going to push the dirt deep into your carpets or wooden floors. It can be very difficult to remove this dirt after weeks or months of shoes pounding into the floor. Have everyone take off shoes directly after coming in. Have a mat inside of the entryway. You might even want to get a boot tray to hold shoes that are wet or covered in mud.


Avoid Fabric Curtains and Furniture Covers 

Something that can be problematic in Malaysia is having a large amount of fabric in any room. This includes curtains, fabric covers for furniture and even fabric runners or mats for tables. The problem is that the fabric is going to naturally attract dust and dirt. If you move or handle the fabric, then the dirt is going to be released back into the air. This can start a cycle that ends with a large amount of dirt circulating through the room. You need to avoid using fabric curtains and furniture covers.


Power Wash Your Steps and Driveway 

An important way to stop dirt from building up quickly in your home is take care of the area just outside. You will need the right cleaning equipments in Malaysia to do this job. You want to use a high pressure water jet to clean your steps, driveway and pathways leading up to the front door. Do this once every month or two. The idea is to get rid of dirt and debris that could easily be picked up by shoes on your way into the house. If you do this, then you are going to have far fewer problems with dirt and debris being tracked into your home from the outside.


Clean Your Vacuum 

The tools that you use to clean in Malaysia can sometimes cause problems. If you are using a dirty vacuum, then you could be spreading dirt all around your home. This is because a dirty vacuum will not have good suction. It will not pick up all the dirt on your floors. Additionally, dirty components can actually deposit dirt across clean areas of the house. You want to turn your vacuum over and clean all of the parts underneath. You might even want to partially disassemble the vacuum and clean everything inside.


You are going to want to take action to reduce the amount of dirt and debris that gets into your house in Malaysia. The major benefit of this is that you will have an easier time cleaning because there is less dirt to deal with. You can use these tips to cut down on the dust and dirt that accumulates in your home.

7 Tips to Care for Wood Furniture in Malaysia

Wooden furniture can be extraordinarily beautiful, but it can be damaged if not cared for properly. Wood furniture will last several lifetimes if you take care of it well. If you have some beautiful wood furniture that you want to keep looking its best, here are seven tips you can use to care for it properly.

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Using Water

Lots of people are afraid to use water to clean their wood furniture. This is usually because they think that the moisture will warp the wood. That warping will only happen if the wood is exposed to standing water for a long time. Don’t be afraid to clean you wooden furniture with a mixture of warm water and dish soap when you need to remove dust and messes.

2. Paste Wax Is Wood Furniture’s Friend

After you have cleaned you wood furniture, you should always coat it with some paste wax to protect it. Paste wax will give your wood a beautiful shine and finish that lasts for months.

3. Avoid the Sun

As you know, the sun here in Malaysia can be pretty brutal. Sun will damage wood furniture in Malaysia very quickly. Therefore, you want to keep you wooden furniture out of the sun in order to keep it protected. This includes the sun that streams through your windows. Keep your wooden furniture in areas in your home that are not exposed to direct sunlight.

4. Shoe Polish Is Amazing

No matter how careful you are with your wood furniture, the chances are that it will be scuffed or scratched at some point. When this happens, you can quickly cover up the damage with shoe polish. Rubbing a little shoe polish into a scratch will cover it up in no time. If you don’t have shoe polish handy, a felt tip marker can work in a pinch.

5. Polishing Hardware

You need to care for the hardware on your wood furniture as well. The best way to do this is to polish it occasionally. However, you will want to remove the hardware from your wood furniture before you polish it. Metal polish could damage your wood if you polish the hardware while it is still attached to your furniture.

6. Remove Coffee Rings

One of the most frequent issues that occurs with wood furniture is the rings that develop on it when a glass or cup is carelessly left on it without a coaster. If you have rings on your furniture, it is easy to remove them. If you mix cooking oil up with ashes, it will create a mild abrasive that you can rub on the rings to remove them.

7. Refinishing

If you have an older piece of wood furniture that you are thinking about getting rid of, try refinishing it first. Refinishing an old piece of wood furniture can work miracles on it. If you get the refinishing work done by a professional, you will be amazed at how great the results will be.

Tips To Keep Your Teak Furniture Looking Good All Year Long

Teak furniture is renowned for being durable, attractive and easy to care for. All of this is true. This is why you so frequently see teak outdoor furniture sets. Although teak will last for a long time with just minimal care, you will want to know how to keep it in the best shape possible. A few tips will help you to keep your teak furniture looking attractive all year long.

Protect the Furniture When Outside

The first tip is to protect all your teak furniture when it is outside. The teak pieces you can get from a furniture shop are incredibly resilient and have a natural resistance to the elements. It is still best to provide some protection against the sun and excessive rain. Think about putting the furniture under an awning. Do not leave the furniture in areas where water pools on the ground. You might also want to cover the furniture if you are going away or expecting severe weather for a few day. A little protection will go a long way with teak furniture.

Clean the Furniture Every Week

If you want to keep your furniture as attractive as possible, then do a little cleaning every week. You want to remove any dirt and debris that has accumulated on the furniture or within the grain. You can do this with a rag and a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid. Alternately, you could use a special teak cleaner and a fine bristled brush. If you are short on time, then washing the teak down gently with a hose will work as well. This will prevent problems over the years.

Dealing With Stains on the Teak

Always deal with stains on your teak furniture immediately. You mainly have to worry about oily and acidic substances causing stains. The main way to deal with a stain is to sand the area down gently until the discolouration is gone. Use a very fine grit sandpaper. The area might appear lighter than the surrounding sections when you are done. The lighter colour will fade quickly and there will be no trace of any changes. If you are oiling the teak, then apply some oil after you finish sanding.

Maintaining the Original Colour

Some people enjoy watching teak furniture weather and take on a silvery patina. Other people want to preserve the original golden colour. If you want to maintain the original colour, then you need to regularly treat the teak with a special oil solution. You can get this from a furniture dealer or you can make your own. A simple mixture is equal parts of mineral spirits and teak oil or tung oil. Wipe this into the surface of the wood a few times a year to preserve the colour.

Teak furniture is easy to maintain because it contains natural oils that resist fungus and pests. You still want to take some action in order to preserve the appearance and structure of the teak. If you follow these tips, then your teak furniture can last for decades or longer.

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