Top 7 Indoor Places in KL Your Child Can Enjoy


Soccer, kickball, mud pies and climbing trees – these are just some of the fun games children enjoy in their spare time outdoors. The shared connection and joy they receive from their peers and friends can never be overlooked, especially in their crucial, formative years. The carefree laughter and the learning derived from these experiences are both significant as they grow psychologically and socially.


Nowadays however, much can already be done indoors. Technology has managed to create a version readily confined in gadgets like tablets and mobile phones. You can also make your own version without compromising their needs!


Here are top destinations where your children can have fun with you.


  1. Aquaria KLCC

The enchanting marine life in a stocked aquarium is worth a visit! You can further inquire at tel. no. +603 2333 1888.


  1. BlokSpace in Petaling Jaya
    This creative space where constructions toys can be played with is a great hangout for children five to fourteen years old. They can be reached at +603 7722 1227.

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  1. Camp 5 Climbing Gym
    This indoor climbing gym in 1Utama shopping complex will surely complement your children’s physical activities. You can contact them through +603 7726 0410.


  1. Discoveria, Avenue K
    Children who love science and discoveries perfectly fit into this indoor playground in KL. Dinosaurs are the main theme and children can act as paleontologists as they go through fossils and dino specimens. Telephone number is +603 2181 7218.


  1. Ice Skating
    Located in Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia’s first and premiere entertainment center features this skate academy. The skating arena is also open to everyone interested. Drop a call via this number: +603 7492 6800.


  1. Islamic Arts Museum
    Museums may not be too fun to begin with, but kids will learn to love the walk as they take a look at interesting artifacts. Their café can also accommodate lunch so you need not worry of packing one. Their gift shop also has wide range of selection.


  1. KidZania Edutainment Centre
    A perfect indoor playground in KL, this facility promotes learning via role-playing. Over 90 professions in the real economy will give them opportunity to socialize and learn.


Indoors are as equally fun as outdoor activities when properly planned. Before finalizing your itinerary for a day, make sure you consider your kids’ interests as well. There is better result when activities are aligned with what they’re passionate to do. Almost always.

Finding the Perfect Children’s Present in Less Than 5 Minutes


As a parent, uncle/aunt, or grandparent, you can probably relate to the hardships of trying to get the perfect gift for a kid. Despite the multitude of remote-controlled cars, stuffed toys, and Lego play sets, it can be exhausting to try and strike a balance between a creative and useful gift. Technology-savvy kids today may want to get an online gaming card for their birthday, graduation, Christmas, or whatever the occasion is.

What are Online Gaming Cards?

As the name implies, it’s a game card meant to be topped up into games or apps. This yields in-game credits that can be used to purchase rare items, such as mounts, weapons, costumes, etc. The credits differ from the in-game currency, but can be used to purchase items which can then be resold later on for in-game currency. Think of it like the equivalent of a prepaid card for phones. You’ll find the card to include similar details including a card and pin number as well as step by step instructions on how to top up.

Where to Find Online Gaming Cards? 

Whether it’s a Google Play card or a Steam card, you’ll find these choices online. The answer primarily depends on what type of game you are looking to top up. Games like Cabal 2, Dragon Nest, and Tree of Savior are free to play, but offer the option to purchase items of high value through a gaming card. Aside from MMORPGs, games like Fifa and MOBAs like League of Legends are also popular genres within the young demographic. Make sure you know the type of game they are playing before shopping for a game card.

Console Cards 

Aside from computer game cards, you can also purchase cards for consoles like Playstation and Xbox. The Xbox Live gold card, for instance, is a bestseller amongst the console gaming community. You can find it neatly categorized online for gamers in the US, Europe, Japan, and Russia. After clicking on the product, you will have a chance to choose the amount of time you want the membership to work. It can be as short as 2 days to as long as one full year, which definitely comes as the money saver.

Other Important Considerations 

Payment method is one aspect of the purchase you should give at least some thought to. Bear in mind that you will be putting in information from your bank account or a digital wallet. Payment methods you can expect from vendors include Paypal, Maybank, DBS, Skrill, Web Money, AliPay, and Pay Safe Card. Also, double check the quantity of cards you are about to order. Although most portals will have the box filled with a “1” by default, it could accidentally display more than one card, which you end up paying for.

The right children’s present is one that they will love and be able to use. Ditch those unoriginal branded clothes and toys that they already have tons of. Online gaming cards are the future of gift giving for avid young gamers.


How to be the Ultimate Baccarat Champion


If you’ve heard of the casino business, chances are you’ve also heard of Baccarat. After all, it’s a crowd-favourite among many amateur and elite gamblers. There’s a handful of reasons why it could be one of the most popular casino games in the world today. But whether it’s the relatively low house edge of around 1 percent or its exclusivity to VIP areas, Baccarat is undoubtedly a fun, classic game that can also be profitable if you know what you’re doing.


A Brief History to Baccarat

Baccarat first made its way to the Americas in the 1950s. At the time, it was called Chemin de Fer, or European Baccarat. It was mainly popular among the elite players and VIP members due to the fact that stakes were overwhelmingly high for working class patrons. At first, Baccarat games consisted of three dealers alongside irritatingly complex rules, which required players to take shifts for the banker role. Later on, the complex rules were simplified to make it possible for Baccarat to be played with a single dealer.


Understanding the Basics

Before you can dive into winning Baccarat strategies, let’s first discuss the basics, particularly how the cards are dealt. In a nutshell, two hands are dealt with each hand having two cards. One hand is termed as the Player hand and the other is a Banker hand. Players will then bet on which hand has a combined card value that is closer to nine – the Player or the Banker.

Learning the respective values of cards is equally important as understanding the basics of how the cards are dealt in the first place. Basically, face cards are valued at 10 points each, Aces are worth 1, and all numbered cards are valued based on their face value. For example, a 2 of spades is valued at 2 points. In case you’re wondering, suits are ignored in Baccarat.


Managing Risk

Gambling involves high risk. Not to sound like your financial adviser or even your concerned spouse, but it’s advisable to manage risk proactively when you’re in a casino. A game like Baccarat has nil to do with skill or experience, but rather purely based on luck. If tables are playing on high stakes, stay on the sidelines until it cools down. If you’re new to the game, try to practice on a free Baccarat app that you can download on your Android or Apple smartphone. Playing a few games here should instil a solid foundation concerning its mechanics. Visit SEA Gamer Mall today to download the app for free.

Betting on the Highest Probable Outcome

In Baccarat, you have three choices – Banker, Player, or Tie. The latter is very rare and should be avoided unless you’ve actually played enough games to know when the outcome might be a tie.

Impress your friends or win a few games at your local or online casino with these simple-to-use guidelines. While they don’t necessarily teach you everything you need to know, it’s a great starting point for the furtherance of your hobby or career in Baccarat gaming.


Top Benefits of Reloading MOL Points for Online Gaming


MOL is a virtual currency that’s popular in Asia and being embraced by gamers throughout the world. This currency is like any other gift card or e-wallet except that it isn’t tied to a specific platform, which means that gamers can benefit greatly from having an account and reloading funds as needed.


Protect Your Sensitive Information 

Security is one of the great advantages that MOL points provide gamers. Many online games require subscriptions and microtransactions. Game enough and you can find yourself needing to share your credit card and other important information with a wide range of online vendors. With MOL, you deal with just one vendor and use a single PIN-protect account for all gaming-related purchases.

All Gaming Funds, One Account 

The advantage of consolidating all of your gaming money to a single account cannot be overstated. It’s impossible to forget or lose your money since the account remains accessible via the Internet at all times. Using the points at an online or brick-and-mortar shop requires a security PIN, and you can opt for two-layer authentication on your account in order to ensure that no unauthorized access occurs.

Your Interests May Change but Your Points Won’t 

Gamer interests change. Anyone who enjoys online gaming has been in a situation where they deposited funds into an online game account only to lose interest in that game before using the funds. Since MOL isn’t associated with a particular game or store, this is never an issue. Whatever your interests are tomorrow, your points will be available in order to re-up an MMO subscription, make an in-game microtransaction or make a purchase from the SEA Gamer Mall or other online retailer.


Reloading is Fast and Easy 

Adding more MOL points to your account is simple, and you have a number of options whether you’re paying with a credit card, web wallet or some other means. You can do it directly through MOL online, at any of a number of online retailers and even at a growing number of traditional brick-and-mortar gaming shops.


Buy Points at a Discount 

Another excellent benefit of points is that those points are often available at below face value, which means that you can do more with your gaming budget. Online retailers like SEA Gamer Mall will often sell points at a 10-percent or even greater discount, and you can purchase with confidence whenever there’s a sale because you know that those points will be valid whenever you do opt to use them.

Give Points as a Gift 

Often, the easiest way to purchase points is as a digital code. Access your account, input the code and the money transfers into your account. You can also purchase codes and then email them, which is a great option for a last-minute gift. If you prefer a more traditional present, you can even purchase MOL in the form of a gift card, which you can wrap and then hand or mail to the person.

Hassle-Free Gaming 

Gaming is supposed to be fun, and a service like MOL helps you eliminate hassle. It also protects your crucial information and safeguards you in the event that your online gaming interests change.


How to Get Started With WoW Battlegrounds


Battlegrounds are one of the most popular forms of player versus player conflict in WoW. They are team fights where the goal is to complete specific objectives rather than to simply kill the other players. World of Warcraft is a game, but sometimes tempers still flare up on the battlefield, so it’s best to learn a little bit about the battlegrounds before you get started with them.


How They Work

Battlegrounds are instanced PvP combat zones where teams compete to complete objectives. Players earn honor by fighting in the battlegrounds, which they can exchange for various PvP rewards. Players also earn experience while competing in the battlegrounds, so players can use them as a way to level up instead of doing quests. Players join battlegrounds through a queue, so people who want to level up with the battlegrounds should join up and then work on simple quests or other tasks while they wait for the match to start.


Where to Start

Every battleground is different. They all have their own map, objectives, and minimum level. Look up a battleground’s map and objectives before you get started with it to make sure that you can contribute to your team. The first battleground to be unlocked is Warsong Gulch at level ten, and it’s a good place to get started. Players get separated in the queue based on their level, so you won’t get matched with anybody who is too much stronger than yourself. Many of your opponents and allies will still be learning the system in the lower levels, so it’s a good place to get started. The higher the level, the more people will expect out of their team, so it’s best to start learning when your level is still fairly low.

How to Prepare

There are a few things that players should do to get ready before they take to the battlegrounds in WoW. Apart from learning the general objectives and layout of the battleground, players should try to make sure that they have level-appropriate gear. The wide range of players in World of Warcraft’s battlegrounds means that being properly geared is less important than it is for advanced raids, but it is still an important factor in match. Levels always scale to the highest in the bracket while fighting in a battleground, so players don’t need to worry about leveling up to maximize their contribution.

The Rewards

Time is money, especially in a game that needs a subscription. WoW prepaid cards offer good deals, but you still want to get the most out of your time in the game. Battlegrounds are good way to level up, especially for people who have already hit the level cap on one character and do not want to repeat quests that they have already done. Players also earn honor that they can trade in for PvP gear, which allows players to keep up on their gear for PvP without having to step back into PvE content.


The Guide to the Classes of Maplestory 2


One of the popular online games in Singapore, MapleStory 2 differs from MapleStory in the sense that it has a new block with a different art style. The game places an incredible focus on the customization of your characters, so you have a lot of freedom when playing this game. In the game, the focus sits on the Lapenta, which is a magic that had been meant for sealing away evil from long ago. The problem comes in that the Lapenta have started to vanish, and you have to protect them to keep the evil out of Maple World.

maplestory-2-charactersThis game gives you a robust character creation system, where you can change facial markings, eyes, skin color, hair and clothing. You have such a large choice for all of them that no one in the game will look the same as you. The game allows for five characters, and you can use three to 12 letters when creating a character. Unlike the first MapleStory, you do not have a giant information bar at the bottom of your screen. MapleStory 2 has different colors for different chats.

ms2-wallpaper-05-1600x900What are some of the classes in the game? First, you have the knight, which is the Royal Guard who protect Tria Palace. You are a strong warrior who will defend your allies to the death with shield and sword. Next, you have the wizard class, which has suddenly come back to the world since people have needed them again. These are humans who have developed a deep knowledge while receiving the help of fairies. They are ardent in their study, but they have become so wrapped up in it that they have disregarded almost everything else.

Aura-Kingdom-F2P-MMORPGAs with many MMORPGs, you have a priest class that shares the teachings of God, and he gives emotional comfort to those in need. This class requires a lot of patience and intelligence to play well. Another class that belongs to the world of Maple Story would be the rangers who belong to the order of the Green Hoods. They were first founded by the legendary archer Hastur. Rumor has it, they carry out missions for the royal family in secret. Rangers will always have their eagle friends with them.

20140922054057a0dwaijuvjqstxwkAssassin would be another class, but not much is known about how they truly live. Known more immoral actions in the name of justice, assassins have some interesting weapons like throwing ninja stars. Next, you have berserkers, which are known rulers of the battlefield. They live without fear and can go into a blind fury when wielding their Great Sword, a force to be reckoned with.

Want to carry heavy artillery? With the heavy gunner class, you are the outlaw on the battlefield who destroys everything without breaking composure. This can be a hard class to work with, but once you get it, it can be one of the most fun. Finally, you have the thief class, which is known for their sleek and crafty movements. The thieves began with the wandering rebel Jonathon Button and his group of followers. At first, they were just some alley misfits, but now they live freely. Every class in this game has a uniqueness that is worth checking out.


Fifa 16: Ultimate Cheat Sheet

FIFA16 CoverWith the newest update to the “Fifa” franchise comes a new swell of changes to the core gameplay. Gone are the days you could loft a ball to bypass the middle of the park; say hello to a new game that lends itself well to patience and intelligent movement. Most SEA gamers are finding themselves having to rebuild their gameplay from the ground up, so I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of tips to help you do just that:

Mix up your passing: The game’s improved AI now works harder to maintain it’s position, so less-predictable passing will be required to get your opponent out of position. Rapid combinations of quick, short passes no longer cut it.


Play the wings: With more in-depth defending, middle-of-the-pitch play requires large amounts of patience and finesse. You’re much better off playing the wings if you enjoy faster paced, spread-out gameplay.


Apply pressure intelligently: Deciding who to use when applying pressure is now more important than ever. For example, if your opponent is making a run up the wing, your instinct may be to throw your defender on the case, but this could be a mistake. Moving your defender creates space for you opponent that you can’t afford. You’d be better off leaving the defender to hold his position, and sending in a midfielder to apply the pressure.


Don’t be afraid to get stuck in: Using the manual tackle button is a bit more nuanced in Fifa 16. If you’re close enough, using a midfielder against an attacking opponent should be easy work. Steadily tapping the button will help you achieve your results while avoiding a foul.


Skill moves are more difficult: No longer can you just wiggle the trick stick and expect to get through your opponents defenses. It takes a bit more skill, but if you know what your doing and you use the right crowd-pleasing trick at the right time you’ll be sure to leave your opponents in the dust.


Chemistry matters: When curating your Fifa 16 ultimate team, chemistry amongst your players is now the most important element. It may be tempting to choose the most celebrated player, but you’d be much better off picking players who play together in real life or who share a nationality. This will improve your team’s overall skill on the field and give you a leg up on the competition.



EA has made a lot of interesting updates to Fifa 16 and the quickest way to master all of the nuances is to just play the game, but put in the effort to incorporate these tips into your gameplay and you will undoubtedly impress your friends with your unexpected skill. Good luck.