It Is Possible to Create a Functional Attractive Kitchen


Many homeowners feel they must choose between function and attractiveness in a kitchen, but that simply isn’t the case. With the right planning and organisational items, homeowners can enjoy both.

In the list of priorities, function is essential in today’s kitchens. Family members are constantly on the run and most do not have the time to look for gadgets and supplies while cooking. So, the first thing to do is plot out the space and decide where everything would fit best.

Regarding that, things that typically would be used in cooking should be near the stove. That means utensils should be in a drawer, typically to the right, for easy access. Hot pan holders should be immediately in a drawer below that. Pots and pans could easily be convenient on the left side of the stove. Sheet pans and muffin tins need to be near the oven with additional hot pan holders in a drawer close by.

It would be preferable for glasses to be near the refrigerator, especially if there is an ice maker. One mistake many people make is to put flatware in the immediate kitchen. Most put it near the dishwasher, so it is easy to put away. In actuality, it would be better placed near dining tables. Someone will need to set the table and the household cook will likely not want them in the kitchen retrieving silverware while preparing meals.

A kitchen’s attractiveness is largely subjective, but there are some common aspects in beautiful, modern kitchens. Make sure there is a lot of light with nice unhampered windows. Natural components, like wood, stone and granite, remain highly popular because they add warmth and a comfortable feel to the room.

There are two centres to a dream kitchen. The stove is one and the dining table is the other. Those should be emphasised in monetary expenses. A quality stove will go a long way to revitalising a kitchen in both use and beauty. Dining tables are the heart of the home because that is where family members gather. Make sure the table is attractive and solid with comfortable dining chairs where guests can sit for long periods of time to talk and chat during and after meals.

Solid wood furniture has always been the preference for dining tables and dining chairs. Wood furniture will endure for centuries, if it is made well, and become heirloom pieces for many families. That is, in part, to the memories created there. Be sure to add colour to your kitchen space in both large and small versions. A nice feature wall accented with contrasting coloured pictures or collectible plates works nicely. Dining plates can feature a unique design for interest and a rug full of colours and designs not only adds dimension to the room, but is functional in preventing slipping. None of these ideas require a lot of money. They do require a thoughtful plan centered around ideas that mean a lot to family and guests.



Tips To Keep Your Teak Furniture Looking Good All Year Long

Teak furniture is renowned for being durable, attractive and easy to care for. All of this is true. This is why you so frequently see teak outdoor furniture sets. Although teak will last for a long time with just minimal care, you will want to know how to keep it in the best shape possible. A few tips will help you to keep your teak furniture looking attractive all year long.

Protect the Furniture When Outside

The first tip is to protect all your teak furniture when it is outside. The teak pieces you can get from a furniture shop are incredibly resilient and have a natural resistance to the elements. It is still best to provide some protection against the sun and excessive rain. Think about putting the furniture under an awning. Do not leave the furniture in areas where water pools on the ground. You might also want to cover the furniture if you are going away or expecting severe weather for a few day. A little protection will go a long way with teak furniture.

Clean the Furniture Every Week

If you want to keep your furniture as attractive as possible, then do a little cleaning every week. You want to remove any dirt and debris that has accumulated on the furniture or within the grain. You can do this with a rag and a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid. Alternately, you could use a special teak cleaner and a fine bristled brush. If you are short on time, then washing the teak down gently with a hose will work as well. This will prevent problems over the years.

Dealing With Stains on the Teak

Always deal with stains on your teak furniture immediately. You mainly have to worry about oily and acidic substances causing stains. The main way to deal with a stain is to sand the area down gently until the discolouration is gone. Use a very fine grit sandpaper. The area might appear lighter than the surrounding sections when you are done. The lighter colour will fade quickly and there will be no trace of any changes. If you are oiling the teak, then apply some oil after you finish sanding.

Maintaining the Original Colour

Some people enjoy watching teak furniture weather and take on a silvery patina. Other people want to preserve the original golden colour. If you want to maintain the original colour, then you need to regularly treat the teak with a special oil solution. You can get this from a furniture dealer or you can make your own. A simple mixture is equal parts of mineral spirits and teak oil or tung oil. Wipe this into the surface of the wood a few times a year to preserve the colour.

Teak furniture is easy to maintain because it contains natural oils that resist fungus and pests. You still want to take some action in order to preserve the appearance and structure of the teak. If you follow these tips, then your teak furniture can last for decades or longer.

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