5 Important Things To Keep in Mind When Purchasing an Outdoor Water Filter In Malaysia


Malaysia is one of the best countries in Asia for outdoor activities like backpacking, hiking, and camping. If you are planning to take up any of these hobbies, one of the most important gear you should always carry with you is an outdoor water filter. You are going to need it to ensure that you are always drinking clean and safe water. A water filter performs two main functions. One, it screens out debris in the water like mud, dust, and little bugs. And two, it helps in getting rid of bacteria, chemicals, and viruses. If you are planning to purchase an outdoor filter in Malaysia, here are the most important factors you must consider:1

  1. The durability of the filter. The most durable water filters out there are the ones that you can carry almost anywhere without worrying that it will either break or malfunction. The amount of water they can filter should also be in the range of 1000 to 2000 liters before they need to be replaced.


  1. The weight of the filter. This is a huge consideration if you are a heavy backpacker wherein every gram or kilo matters. The weight of the filter depends on two things – the material that the filter is made of, and the number of accessories that may come with it. For long-distance hikes, you should go with the lightest filter possible.


  1. The length of time that the filter needs to cleanse the water. This depends on the features of the filter. Some filters claim that you can drink the water right away after filtration. Others instruct you to wait for a few minutes before you drink the water.


  1. The material that the filter is made of. The most common materials used in manufacturing filters are ceramic, fiberglass, hollow fiber, and silica depth. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, ceramic is much tougher than fiberglass but it clogs rather easily.


  1. The micron size of the filter. This refers to the measurement of the pores inside the filter. Generally speaking, the smaller these pores are, the more effective they are in filtering bacteria, chemicals, and viruses.

There are literally dozens of brands that manufacture and sell outdoor water filters today. They differ from each other when it comes to features, sizes, shapes, prices, and toughness. This is why you should take the time to look into your options to determine what’s appropriate for you. You can use the factors discussed above as your guide in purchasing the right filter.

Expert Tips: How To Make Wooden Furniture Last A Lifetime

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Trends come and go, but wooden furniture will always be in style. If you’re planning to buy wooden furniture in Malaysia or already have a few in your home, here are some expert tips on how to make them last a lifetime.

  • Keep the dust away. Dust buildup could eventually scratch wood finishing. Dust your wooden furniture at least once a week using a material that is lint-free such as cheesecloth or an old t-shirt.
  • Use mayonnaise. We know, watermark rings are horrible on wooden furniture. Try using mayonnaise to rub off the marks. You can also use petroleum jelly. Just let it sit overnight and wipe it off in the morning.
  • Deal with scratches. Small chips and scratches look bad on wooden furniture. For some DIY fixes, you can use a shoe polish to make them less noticeable. If the damage is too visible, try using a felt-tip marker in the closest shade you can find before the shoe polish trick.
  • Keep them away from heat. Temperature changes can damage wood by splitting. Don’t place your wooden furniture next to heating units or vents.
  • Keep humidity levels consistent. Dry heat can make the wood split while high humidity can cause it to swell. Yes, fluctuating humidity is a pain when you have wooden furniture. The ideal humidity level inside your home should be between 40 and 45 percent.
  • Clean it the right away. Regular dusting is good but if you want to give your wooden furniture a good cleaning, you can use mild dish soap mixed with warm water. Use soft cloths for cleaning but make sure you don’t soak the wood with water.
  • Polish with the right products. Use a soft paste wax to polish your furniture instead of silicone polish products. Silicones can damage the wood for good but soaking into the wood grain.

Image result for Wooden furniture is beautiful, chic and stylish regardless of the season. Admittedly, they are harder to maintain but this should not stop you if you want to buy wooden furniture in Malaysia.

Wooden furniture is beautiful, chic and stylish regardless of the season. Admittedly, they are harder to maintain but this should not stop you if you want to buy wooden furniture in Malaysia. Wooden furniture is absolutely classy and they can last a lifetime if you know how to take care of them properly.

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A Buyer’s Essential Guide–Cool Tips For Buying Good-quality Wood Furniture

Buying good-quality wood furniture has always been a tricky and complex affair. Sure, anyone can easily identify a scratch, rip, stain or colour without any special knowledge. But determining whether a piece can last for decades just by looking at it is hard. Here are a few handy tips to help you hunt for authentic pieces good-quality wood furniture.

Image result for Buying good-quality wood furniture has always been a tricky and complex affair.

1)    Check the quality of wood.  Wood comes in two varieties—softwood and hardwood. Hardwood is much stronger and more expensive than softwood. Teak is a top-quality hardwood that’s also loved by many people worldwide. Other varieties of hardwood are cherry, ash, oak, maple, mahogany, and walnut.

Image result for Check the quality of wood of wood furniture

2)    Check the joints. The joints of any piece of wood furniture (table legs, drawer corners, couch arms) should be neatly fixed together. Check whether the joints are corner blocked, double-or-triple-dowelled, glued and firm-stapled together for sturdy support. Ask the salesperson questions if you’re not sure.

Image result for The joints of any piece of wood furniture (table legs, drawer corners, couch arms) should be neatly fixed together.

3)    Open and close doors. A high-quality piece should feel solid and weighty, and should slide seamlessly. Check the stops and glides. The wood furniture interior should feel smooth and sanded together. The doors should feel the same though substantial to the touch, and should swing with ease. More so, all parts should properly align together when shut.

Image result for open wood furniture door

4)    Be keen on hardware. Make sure all the wood parts are secure and strong. There should be no rough edges around, and all hinges should handle the door’s weight. Also, the latches under the wood furniture should function properly.

Image result for Wooden Furniture

5)    Push it around. Make sure all the legs touch the floor. The piece should also feel strong and sturdy when rocked. If you experience lots of movement than usual, something is faulty with the piece construction—don’t buy it!

Image result for ush it around. Make sure all the legs touch the floor of wooden furniture

You simply can’t buy a decent piece of furniture based on its looks. You must pay close attention to details as this is what determines the quality of the wood furniture. Make sure you buy wooden furniture in Malaysia from reputable dealers and trusted merchants online. The tips shared above should help you shop for an authentic piece with confidence.

7 Tips to Majestically Transform Your Malaysian Home



Regardless of how big or mall is it, there’s no place you could be safer and comfortable than home. That’s why, everyone has been investing to have a better -looking and spacious home to live for the rest of their days. From decorating walls to arranging pieces of furniture in Malaysia, here are some tips on how to make your Malaysian home great!


  1. Transform the Doors

Wooden, stainless, and painted ones are too old fashioned! If you want something new, then it’s time to become transparent and elegant! The use of glass doors adds a sophisticated look to your room. You can try to use this tip on your walk-in wardrobe or bathroom.


  1. Paint The Wall with Stripes

It’s cuter when the walls of your kids’ rooms are painted with stripes. Try gray and white to appear simple yet elegant, or yellow and white to create a balance between a boy or girl’s theme.


  1. Choose the Glossy Stainless Steel

Transform your kitchen into shiny, gray, and big. Your guests will surely love to hang in your kitchen once you made it simple and classic. Paint the cabinets with silver and choose those appliances that are made up of silver.


  1. Pebble-lined Walkway

An ocean-inspired design, pebble-lined upgrade transforms a walkway into a secret tunnel path to your living room or kitchen.


  1. Choosing the Room’s Color

If you want to make your room spacious, choose a bright or soft color. Try white, cream, or beige; they reflect light, hence making the room big. But if you want to make it cozy, choose the darker one. However, dark colors create an illusion of lesser space.


  1. Less Is More

Not because you love everything does not mean you should display or put them all in one room. Instead of putting all of your ceramic vases into one side or corner of the room, you can divide them into quarters giving you a more dramatic look. Also, if you are going to choose some furniture in Malaysia, might as well choose the not so bigger one for lesser space.


  1. Make it Vertical

Make your floor spaces bigger by optimizing vertical space use. Avoid bulking your things up. Try using innovated shelves that maximize your wall’s vertical spaces.


Investing to beautiful home interiors would make your life more relaxed and contented. Even just a wall transformation could make your home different! But what’s more important, as you make every home beautiful, ensure also that they are all worth living with the ones you love.


Keep Your Wooden Shoe Rack Smelling Nice and Fresh Everyday

Imagine coming home from a tiring day and finally taking off your shoes. While you’re opening the shoe cabinet, you’re hit by a horrible smell, good enough to knock you out. Yes, our shoe racks can sometimes emit a very unpleasant smell, but there are easy ways to remedy this and keep your shoe rack clean and smelling fresh all the time.

All you have to do is follow one or more of these steps to keep the odour problem at bay.


  1. Clean Using Vinegar

uses-for-vinegar_300x300_67Remove every pair of shoes you have in the shoe rack and place them on the side. Then mix one part vinegar and one part water. Place this into a spray bottle and spritz it onto the entire surface of the shoe rack and wipe it off with a clean cloth or rag. Let your shoe rack dry out for at least an hour.



  1. Identify the Smelly Shoe

Sniff all the shoes you’ve removed one by one to identify which one is giving off an offending odour. Usually, only one or two pairs are the cause of the smell. When you’ve identified the pair, you can sprinkle some baking powder inside the shoe and leave it there overnight before dusting off the excess. For stubborn odours, place a piece of paper or newspaper into the shoe together with the baking powder and take it out after a day.


  1. Absorbing Excess Moisture

Mini-Moso-Natural-Air-Purifying-Bags-Naturally-Removes-Odors-in-Shoes-Gym-Bags-Sporting-Equipment-and-Luggage-Prevents-Mold-Mildew-And-Bacteria-From-Forming-By-Absorbing-Excess-Moisture-Pack-of-Two-50-0-1In order to prevent further smells, you can try placing a small amount of baking soda or coffee beans in a container into the shoe rack. Both baking soda and coffee beans function as natural deodorizer by absorbing the excess moisture in the air that encourages the growth of bacteria and mold that causes these smells.



  1. Clean Your Shoes

If using baking soda doesn’t help with certain shoes, one suggestion would be to gently hand wash them with some mild detergents. Make sure you dry your footwear under the hot sun thoroughly as this will help with the elimination of odour.


  1. Wear Clean Socks

Wear clean dry socksTo prevent your shoes stinking up the shoe rack again, make sure you wear socks, especially with sports shoes. Alternatively, you can place some clan absorbent pads at the bottom of the shoe whenever you want to wear them and then dispose them after each wear. Another tip for keeping your shoe clean is to use baby powder on your feet before your wear any shoes as this will help absorb sweat.



To give a fresh smell to your shoe rack, you can always place a bag of potpourri with several drops of your favourite essential oils, rather than using artificial perfumes.

Getting Better Furniture Online

You can get really good quality furniture online in Malaysia, and that will help you make sure that your house looks amazing when you are managing style in the house. The house is a great place for you to set up your personal style because people can walk in and instantly know that you have the right furniture in every room. You will learn a lot from your shopping about the colors and styles you want in the house, and you will be able to set up the whole house so that people can instantly tell that you clearly made the design decisions.

You can get really nice furniture online that is a much better price for your family while you are shopping online. Shopping online makes this whole process easier because you can access the catalog in a heartbeat. You can see what you could buy, and you can see all the styles and colors that are available. There are a lot of things you can choose from, and you should be sure that you have checked out all your options in every style before you make a purchase.


ethnicraft-teak-essential-sideboard-w-1470-h-850-d-470-mm--eth-15301_2There are some great items you can buy for the house that will cost less money, and they are delivered to you so that you assemble them as soon as possible. There are a lot of people who will be able to get the one piece of furniture they need to pull a room together, or you can buy a whole set that was made to work together. The living room or dining room set you need can come all together, or you will have a chance to get a bedroom set with the size bed you want. All sets come with the twin, double, full, queen , king and California king sizes so that you can get the bed you want. The bed you want is a bed that you should feel comfortable in all the time, and you need to make sure that you have the set in the color you want.


The sets you buy come with different numbers of things, and that means you can get the small set that will work in a small room, or you can get a much bigger set that will work in a large room. You have more options for your home, and you can fill it up with furniture that will make your home look a lot better. The house will be more valuable, and you will have enough furniture to host people that come over. That means that you will have a way of bringing people over for fun.


Young Woman Shopping Online Sitting Besides Row Of Shopping Bags

There are some things you can buy online that will help you transform your house, and you should be sure that you have done something that makes your house more fun to live in. You want your family to be comfortable, and you need to be certain that the colors and styles match with the personal style you want to have in the house.


Interior Decor and Design Tips


Interior design is something that can make a home feel amazing, but if you get the design wrong, your house may not have a good vibe and might feel off inside. The reality is, few people really have a knack for interior design, so it might be a good idea to try to outsource this aspect of setting up your home, and see if you can get some outside help, or another opinion on how to set up your living room, as well as other rooms of the house. However, there are some things that you can do on your own, which should put you in a decent position to set the house up nicely.
Interior Design Tips 
One of the first things you are going to want to think about is the access points to each room. This means you are going to want to study each room and really look at where there are windows and doors, although you are also going to want to consider each and every closet, nook and cranny in each room. These things are going to dictate where you can put certain items, so you can think about this as having a landscape that you are going to have to work around. The items that you buy to fill your home are going to be based around the things that are already built into the house.
Painting the Walls 
The next thing you are going to want to do is pick out colours to paint the walls. This is something to do first, which will then allow you to pick furniture to match the walls. Going this route is a good way to go, as you do not want to buy a bunch of furniture and realize that there is no paint that goes well with the furniture you have bought, as you may not be able to return the furniture, and even if you could, that would be a major hassle that no one wants to deal with.
One thing you are going to want to make sure you do not do is over crowd the room. Nice furniture is great, but you do not want to put too many things in the room that kill the flow of the room. An open space, where energy can flow through the home freely is going to make it feel great, and is something that each and every interior designer focuses on, so you should make it a point to think about this as well.
Purchasing Furniture 
When you want to get furniture, you should not rush into buying anything, but check out all of your resources and really consider the pieces before purchasing. Rather than looking only at stores in your area, you should check online as well. If you want to buy a shoe rack in Malaysia, you could go to the stores in your area and look for some, as well as check out the online options. Chances are, you will find higher quality products for cheaper online.

Tips to Maximize Space in Your Kitchen


We live in a time of increasing accumulation. As goods become more available and affordable, we acquire items pretty rapidly. And this spills over to clutter up a home pretty quickly. There’s also more services and information with paper trails that tends to pile up in places like the kitchen and before you know it, the functional counter space to work on the meal preparation you should be doing in the kitchen is occupied by things that probably do not have a good place in how the kitchen was designed.

And the design itself of the kitchen in Malaysia may not be optimized to use the space as effectively as it could be. This often leads to compromises in how much you enjoy preparing food at home. You may find yourself using more store-prepared foods that cost more and are loaded with additives you would be healthier to avoid. When renovating your kitchen space in Malaysia, take some time to consider the following variables:

Clear up the clutter.

One of the most beneficial things you can do to reclaim your kitchen space and be able to enjoy meal preparation in an organized space with counter top available, is to get rid of the items that are really not needed for kitchen activities. Go through everything that and separate that which is not a kitchen item. Then find a more appropriate place in your home for as much of it as you can. I f the place is in the kitchen, consider where it could be stored to be out of the way.

Some items are kitchen tools but they’re not used enough to need to take up valuable counter space. Put some of the lesser needed appliances and food containers in cabinets or on shelves. You may need to re-organize your cupboards to make neater stacks so you can fit more without things falling over.

Use that dining room.

Make eating your meals a special part of your day. You will find your meal time more satisfying. You can also keep more kitchen area clear by possibly removing furniture for eating from that area.

Give some thought top your dining room furniture. This may be a good time to update. You can make this room nice and a more pleasant place to enjoy meals. A wood dining table is a handsome addition to any set of dining room furniture. And when you make this designated room more inviting, family members will be drawn there and this will reduce the tendency to use the kitchen as a drop-off point.

Consider organizing solutions.

After you have a plan to buy furniture in Malaysia, you can finish the space enhancement in the kitchen by adding shelves and racks in cupboards. Shelves can be an artful work of craftsmanship when they will be visible and stand-alone. This is where you can put extra appliances and possibly more decorative canisters for ingredients.

And for inside the cabinets, adjustable rack systems can maximize the usable area without having to pull pans from the bottom of a cumbersome stack. The easier it is to access and put away items you use, the more inviting it is to maintain your new system.



Decorating your living room can be vigorous activity. It is where your personality comes into play. Whether you’re outgoing, flashy or reserved. Since it is your personal space,you get to fill it with the things that make you feel your best. From choosing the colour of your walls, the texture of your rugs to the shape and size of your furniture, the only limit is your imagination.

When it comes to furniture in the living room, several things come to play.


• Positioning and arrangement

Being the social hub, proper placement of furniture is paramount. A well-arranged living room can make people feel welcome and warm. The positioning depends on the natural focal point of the living room. It could be a fireplace, in front of a television, it could be determined by the architectural structure of the room. When decorating around a view, be careful not to use pieces of furniture that block the view. A daybed would be the best choice to maintain the view. An arrangement of the furniture in a way that will cater for traffic. People should be able to pass comfortably without jumping over pieces of furniture.


14747 Teak Square root sofa Turkish coffee upholstery (3)• Character of the pieces

Good furniture should be able to stand the test of time. It should be solid yet within your budget. It would be advisable to stick with solid wood rather than particle board and light aluminium. The cushion should be comfortable. If it is a chair or a sofa set, give it a sit test. Excellent furniture is comfortable. The finish of exposed wood on a piece of furniture can dramatically change the effect it has on a room. Painting a piece of furniture black can easily make it contemporary. The fabric also plays a significant role on living room furniture. Most people prefer darker colours for frequently used pieces. Mixing up solid colours and different textures, however, can also add a sophisticated touch to a living room.


• Mix and match

Using various types of items can create a cozy or modern living room depending on your taste. End tables are essential if you’re a regular entertainer. They are especially useful to place snacks or books. Choose end tables with polishable surfaces as they look better for longer.

A club chair can be paired with a sofa L shape and coffee tables especially when you are buying furniture in Malaysia.

When decorating large spaces, one may choose to create two seating areas. Using a bench or ottoman between the spaces allows guests to sit on either side that helps to create one continuous space by merging the seating areas.

Console tables placed behind a sofa can open up a room especially if lamps are placed on them. A good console table should not clash with the harmony of the couch. Preferably, it should be made of the same wood as the sofa.  Mix different shapes and sizes of furniture to draw attention to various points of the living room. However, it’s advisable to use the same colour when the forms or are too different.


Holiday Home Decorating Tips for Large Families

Simple elegance can define a home with large family. There are many variables that can affect the pace of your holiday celebration. Begin this creative phase by following the simple tips below.

Spark up your table – Because in a large family the focus of the holiday is on the big meal, decorate the dining table with things like runners, themed napkins, plates and items meant for the holidays. These elements can be striking especially on a wood table purchased from our furniture store.

1. Create a focal point

Replacing your old couch with a new L-shape sofa set can make a beautiful addition to your living or family room. Once you have determined the size and style that suits your home personality, you can begin to take the steps that will pull the entire room together for the holidays. Remember, using a particular color as a guideline is helpful but listen to the overall decor.

2. Scent the airscented-candles-from-furniture-storepng

Scented oils and candles can not only cast a holiday glow but make family members and guests feel fresh, even if the space is crowded. As the whole room fills with the fresh scent, you and your family can enjoy and relax in the holiday mood.




3. Light the rooms

Artificial lights can be the easiest way to set the atmosphere of the entire house for the holidays. With one switch, the whole house can go from a bright and busy hub for activities to softly lit setting for a quite dinner. In addition, the right light can make the meal look and taste exquisite as well. Performing tasks during holidays that otherwise feel like drudgery seems easier in the right amount of light. While accent lights draw attention to an object in the room, decorative lights meant for holidays can draw attention to itself. These lights come in the form of candles, candelabra or any other type that is deliberate and contrived. Its sole purpose is to grab the attention. It can be very functional when more people are around. By capturing eyes, these lights also forces the focus away from everything else.

dining table from furniture store

4. Other tips

There is practically endless number of ideas to make a large family house look special in times of holidays. These ideas have proved to be a family’s dream as they have become more varied and eclectic. From nostalgic reproductions to modern-life inspired designs and styles, the ideas for holidays can suit any look and take any form. The copious selection of furniture at our store offers a lot of excitement as well. Look for everything in our brochure from wood furniture to light fixtures. There are also vintage designed furniture to suit your lifestyle, needs and budget. For added interest, ask our experts. Whatever you choose, stick to your taste, family size and style that is compatible with other elements of holiday decoration in the house. Anywhere the family engages in activities deserve good environment. Buying the right products to make it happen is the key to success.