Smart Career Advice For Law Students

Students going to law school in Malaysia, or anywhere else in the world should appreciate the unique opportunity that law school provides students. Law school provides an array of course study which provides a number of different career options for law students. Many do not realize that law school provides a number of elective law courses in the student’s second and third year of law school which enables the student to focus on a specific area of law or aspect of business if the student decided that he or she would like to pursue a non traditional legal option.



The first advice law students should understand is despite their desire for a specialty in law school for their legal career, there are a number of courses that they should take which would be beneficial regardless of what their chosen career path is. For example, beginning and advance courses on contracts and contract drafting would help one in a legal, business or general life setting. The ability to read and interpret contracts is invaluable in like and is needed regardless of the vocation of the individual. In business, the ability to understand the meaning of contracts can mean considerable sums of money as well as shifting liabilities.


Law students should also take classes on trusts and estates. The ability to understand the concepts of estate planning and building and maintaing wealth is rarely taught in the educational system. Only specialized courses on the subject is offered and for considerable price. Estate planning enables one to build an economic future for their family and their family’s family. The terminology and the application of law in estate matters are primarily used by a select few attorneys that specialize in the area. The ability to manage business and non profits is directly tied to the understanding of estate and trust matters.


The ability to understand the concepts of estate planning and building and maintaing wealth is rarely taught in the educational system.


Individuals that are seeking a career in politics or social services areas can also benefit from courses on public policy and legislative drafting. It is not an accident that the vast majority of members of legislative bodies such as the United States Congress or Great Britain Parliament are attorneys. Attorneys have a deep understanding of how to draft and use words. They also are taught the importance of legislative history which enables them to better predict the effect of the implementation of certain laws. This is also why the vast majority of the members of state and federal judiciaries are attorneys.


Individuals that are seeking a career in politics or social services areas can also benefit from courses on public policy and legislative drafting.


Law students should understand that the law courses provided them in law school is only a primer for their chosen career. It does not matter whether the law student intends of becoming a practicing attorney or not. New attorneys are taught what they need to know in the practice of law. new attorneys quickly realize that law school and the law school course curriculum was only a preparatory phase for their real legal education. Unlike medicine, a law student can not specialize early in their legal vocation. They should experiment with as many courses as they like while they have the chance.

What to Do When Your Kids Lose Interest in School


When your children were very young, they expressed such an interest in learning. They loved to point out different colours with you, and they were always eager to recite the numbers and the alphabet. Lately, however, you’ve noticed that your children are beginning to lose interest in school, and you are displeased with the change, especially since you know the potential that they have.

Identify the Reason

Don’t assume that your children are losing interest in education just because doing so is part of life. It’s true that many children experiences ebbs and flows when it comes to learning, but a cause can also exist. Perhaps the school is not integrating enough kid’s activities and is setting the bar too high for young children. Maybe you are not reinforcing the skills that your children learn in school at home, and as a result, they are beginning to struggle. It’s also possible that your children have learning disabilities that make it difficult for them to focus. If you can identify a cause, then you can work toward a solution.

Find What They Like


Chances are, your kids don’t dislike every single class in school. They may enjoy the time that they get to spend learning cooking skills, or they may eagerly wait for the day when their class goes to their physical education instruction. Find ways to tie other subjects into those ones. Don’t force it too much because you don’t want to turn the subjects they like into ones that they dislike. However, you can, for example, check out mathematics for kids. Explain how if math didn’t exist, they wouldn’t have the ability to measure ingredients correctly in their cooking classes.

Talk to Their Teachers



Many parents try to fix the problems all by themselves. Yet consider how much time each day your children spend in school. Their teachers likely know them well. Remember that you and the teachers are partners in helping your children to learn. Once you begin to accuse one another of causing the problems, that partnership begins to fade. Ask your children’s teachers if they have noticed changes in your kids and their work lately. The two of you can come up with a plan to develop more of an interest in school work.

Assess the Situation Realistically

As your children grow up, they are going to develop other interests, and not all of them will be connected to school. Realize that as your children grow as people, their interests are going to change. As the material becomes more difficult, your children may begin to earn Bs in science courses rather than As. You need to ask yourself if that situation is really the worst one in the world. Instead of placing so much focus on your children’s weaknesses, look to their strengths.

Many children eventually lose interest in education to some extent, but it starts to grow again when they get older. Help them to keep and develop skills to be prepared for that moment.

How to Get Into Law School in Malaysia Without Getting Broke


Law students with limited funds who want to get a UK law degree have several options available to them. They can live in the UK and attend law school, which will be an expensive undertaking or they can get a UK Law degree while living in their own country.


Many universities are currently partnering with major universities, allowing students to attend classes in their own countries that are partnered with major UK universities. The courses they teach in both Business and Law are exactly the same. They have the same exact syllabus as the UK school. Tests are the same ones taken by the on campus students. UK instructors grade exams. The UK has some of the most prestigious universities, including law schools.


Programmes that are Available

To find out more about the available programmes and how they work, visit Brickfields Asia College (BAC). It has built a reputation as the Fastest and Smartest Way to get UK Law & Business degrees anywhere. The school provides a high quality education to students. After completion of their programmes, they are highly sought after by local and international firms. Graduates are highly employed at a number of companies. The school offers students over 100 top level Law and Business degrees. The final courses can be completed locally or internationally. BAC offers a law schooldegree from a number of the top UK law schools. Much of the work can be completed locally and if you wish, you can finish your last year in the UK.


Benefits of Getting your Law Degree this Way 

Earning your law degree in this manner will save you a lot of money. You can live in your own country for most of the time during your studies. Many people complete all their course work locally. When complete, their degree is from a prominent UK law school. This makes being hired after the degree is completed a lot easier.


BAC currently partners with more than 25 foreign universities and professional organizations. This allows them to offer students over 100 Law and Business degrees. Their law programme is designed to provide you with everything you will need to embark on a successful career in the field. Many of the students have received world-renowned awards and quality certifications. Most students who have completed their programmes have gone on to very successful positions in private and public organizations.


Visit Brickfields Asia College and talk to a counselor about a law school course of study or a business degree that can lead you to a successful career. You will be surprised at the possibilities and the cost of your education.


Breakdown of Private School Fees: Is It Worth It?

The cost of private school depends on the type of school chosen. The school may be non-sectarian, military or religious. The quality of instructors, location and status of the school may also be a factor that influences the cost. Some of the most expensive private schools are in the U.S. and may cost up to $40,000 a year or more for students to attend.

private school in Penang – POWIIS.EDU.MY

Private vs. Public School

While there might be a quiet debate about the merits of public vs. private school, parents whose children attend private schools are pleased with the knowledge their children test well above the national average in writing, science and math. Private schools offer a safe and controlled environment with high teacher and parent satisfactions levels. Students thrive at opportunities to focus on community services and civics in a value-based setting.

Acceleration of Education

Many parents and industry pundits believe that public elementary, middle school and high school levels are not equipped to educate and advance students like private schools. It is a competitive world, and many parents want their children to prepare well ahead of time. Many private school classrooms teach at levels that are two grades ahead of public schools. For these parents, the cost of their children’s education is worth every penny.

The Setting of Higher Standards

Both the academic and behavioral expectations of students are set higher at private schools. These higher standards are the draw for many parents. A different set of social teachings is enforced in the classroom.

Smaller classroom sizes, like those offered at a private school in Penang – POWIIS.EDU.MY, are an added benefit. Students can receive more attention which allows them to learn their material better, faster and more thoroughly. A private school also offers a setting where a child’s weakness and strengths are better addressed.

A private school experience can also help children better prepare for life. The environment and training can help students to grasp the benefits of advanced college education. Private school graduates are likely to earn more income and accomplish more in life based on their early understanding of the world in which they live.

3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Business Degree

One of the biggest decisions that anyone will make in their life is what to study when they go to university. Although many people believe that getting a degree from university will make their lives easy, this is not true. Getting a degree in something practical that is going to offer practical knowledge and skills is essential to landing a job after graduation and continuing on the path to success. One of the best degrees that anyone can get from university is in business. Not only are the courses challenging, but a degree in business will help someone get a job after graduation quickly. Here are three ways to get the most out of your business degree.


Get an Internship

One of the most important things that anyone can do while they are at university getting a degree in business is to get an internship. Not only will an internship open up an opportunity for you to get your foot in the door, but it will also allow you to get practical work experience while achieving a degree. Internships are so important that many business twinning programme are making an internship mandatory before anyone can graduate from university. Try and get some sort of internship as soon as possible after starting your business degree.

Take Hard Classes

Another way in which a person can get the most out of their degree is to take hard classes that will challenge them during their time at university. Many students attempt to take the easiest classes possible in order to get good grades without a lot of work. However, it is important to take difficult classes and challenge your mind while you are at university. There is no point in going to a business twinning programme to take easy classes and not challenge yourself.

Develop Relationships With Professors

Finally, another way a person can get more out of their business degree is to develop a deep relationship with some of their professors. Many times, professors have many connections in the business world where they used to work. This can be very invaluable when trying to get a job after graduation by using your network. With the few years that you have while at university, it is important to cultivate long lasting relationships with professors that you interact with as it can pay dividends down the road.

The Halal Logo: Understanding What The Halal Certification Means in the Food Industry


In 2010, statisticians determined that the world population contained an estimated 1.6 billion people of the Islamic faith. This population continues to grow, and the demand for foods that are produced in compliance with Islamic law is expanding rapidly in many countries. Products must carry the Halal logo to ensure that Muslim consumers can rely on the processing of their foods according to their own specific religious rites.

Understanding Halal 
The word “halal” means “lawful” or “permitted,” according to Islamic law. It is one of four categories of designation in Sharia law that regards the use of objects of all kinds. The term “halal” is more widely understood in regard to food and involves the type of ingredients used and the rituals involved in their preparation. In terms of animal products, halal means that only certain types of animals are used, that they are slaughtered in a certain approved way and that appropriate prayers are said before the slaughter. Halal is similar to the religious proscriptions of other religions, but include traditional Muslim religious elements.

Halal Certification 
Many food manufacturers apply for certification of their premises and processes to ensure that their customers can purchase these halal products in compliance with their religious requirements. Certification requires that foods:

· Be free of substances from religiously forbidden animals or ingredients or that have not been extracted according to Islamic rites

· All utensils, machinery and equipment used in the processing is cleaned in compliance with Islamic law.

· All materials are kept separate from forbidden substances during the preparation, processing and storage of the products.

· Official certification is authorized by accredited religious authorities of the Muslim faith.

The Halal Logo
In the past, halal certified products were only available in certain neighborhoods or in certain areas of the country. Today, halal products are available in a wide variety of stores and on the Internet. Consumers can be assured that the products they purchase are produced in full compliance with Muslim religious requirements. These products carry the halal logo, an “H” with a circle around it, or the Islamic characters with the word “Halal” below it. Halal online products also bear this logo to assure consumers that the ingredients and processes are in compliance with Islamic law.


Parenting 101: How to Gel Different Parenting Styles and Keep Harmony in the Home

Before you were even in a relationship, you dreamed of having children. You had a particular way that you wanted to raise them and without knowing it, you may have already developed your parenting style at that point. Now that you have children, you’re finding that you and your partner clash on multiple issues when you are supposed to work as a team.

Remember to Stay United Even When Divided

When you and your partner have entirely different viewpoints on a particular matter concerning your children, it may be difficult to hide that fact from your children. Yet you want to make it clear that the two of you are still united as a team. Otherwise, children are likely to start favoring the parent who is more easy-going. They may also pit the two of you against one another. When they sense division between the two of you, they may learn to take advantage of that as they grow older. You and your partner can make a commitment that you are going to talk through these scenarios instead of acting as a divided unit.

Not Every Battle is a War

Sometimes, you have to prioritize. If the two of you have entirely different opinions on a situation, you are either going to have to reach a compromise, or one of you will need to acquiesce to the other. In situations where an unequivocal “yes” or “no” answer is needed, compromise is not always a possibility. Know when a battle does not make sense to constantly fight over. If your children’s safety and integrity are not compromised by saying “yes,” then you may not need to fight so intensely for the opposing side.

Do What’s Best for Your Children

This piece of advice might seem like an obvious one, and on a day-to-day basis, you probably already have this tip at the forefront of your mind. However, when you get into a heated argument with your partner, the two of you might make it more about a power struggle. If you can reign the argument in and remember that choosing the best option for your children is the main focus, then you can become a team again. Creating a list of pros and cons together can help you to more clearly see which direction you should move it.

Talk When You’re Not Angry

As time goes on, you may realize that you have entirely different philosophies when it comes to kid’s activities, religious instruction, discipline and so forth. Yet clearly expressing these ideas in the midst of a debate is often difficult. When the two of you are not angry at each other, sit down to have a candid discussion. Talk about what your goals are for your children, and make a plan as to how you can incorporate both of your opinions even when a staunch dichotomy exists between them.

No matter how much you try, life is not a magical fairy tale, but you can make your own story easier by communicating.

4 Reasons You Should Study Business at University

Choosing a course of study at university is one of the most difficult decision that anyone will make in their early lives. There is a lot at stake when choosing a degree, as a bad decision here can lead to a lot of lost time and money. There are many people who regret choosing the degree they currently have, so it is important to learn from those mistakes. One of the best degrees that anyone can choose at university is in business.

Higher Pay

Perhaps the best reason to choose business as a degree is the higher starting pay compared to other degrees. A business degree has one of the highest starting salaries on average and that is expected to continue in the future. It is important for college students to still have a good worth ethic after graduation even with a business degree. No company is just going to give out a high starting pay just because someone has a business degree without the desire to work hard.


The knowledge earned while getting a business degree is information that can be used for many years after graduating from college. There are many different applicable areas that the business degree knowledge can be used in. If the economy were to take on another recession the knowledge and skills learned in business school can still be used in the real world.


Another great benefit to choosing a business degree is the people that a person will meet while getting a business degree. One of the most important keys that a person can have in life is having a great network of people that are willing and able to help. There are many times in life where knowing the right person is much more important than working hard or having the knowledge base for the job. There are many different stages of life after university, and havinga large network can be instrumental in succeeding in every area.

Making A Difference

Finally, one of the best reasons to get a degree in business from university is the fact that people can make a difference with their degree. There are people who join non profit companies after graduation because they want to make a difference. However, people with business degrees can also make a difference driving the bottom line of any number of companies in the world.

Determining The Right Age to Begin Formal Education

Starting from when children are little, many parents sing to them, recite the letters of the alphabet with them and teach them how to count. However, at some point, you know that you need to begin your children’s formal education. Parents usually start their children in school anywhere from the age of two to the age of six, but you want to know what is right for you.


Daycare and Education

You may need to bring your children to daycare while you are at work. Some programs strictly promote play, and others have an educational component. While you do not need to have your children in an educational daycare program from the moment that they are born, you can consider switching them once they are around two years old. Since they are spending time with other children each day, making it an educational experience is a smart idea. Also, if you bring your children to daycare for only a few hours each day, then you may wish to consider a nursery school program instead.

Unique Ability

Unique Ability to Learn

All children are unique in their abilities to learn. Right now, you may find that your children become frustrated and overwhelmed when you try to infuse too much learning into their daily activities. They may simply not yet be old enough to benefit from reciting the alphabet on a regular basis or discussing what the weather is like outside. On the other hand, you may feel that once they are in a structured environment, they will have a stronger desire to learn. You have to assess your children and their particular needs.


Level of Learning

You also need to consider where they are in terms of learning and if an early education program would stifle or broaden their experience. For example, let’s say that your child just turned two and is already reading. He or she points out letters and numbers and can speak in an articulate way. Sending your child to a program developed specifically for two year old children is not necessarily the best idea. He or she may already have the skills that are taught in the class.


Learning Disabilities

When your children have learning disabilities, you may feel as though you cannot send them to an educational program just yet. However, so many schools have programs that are developed for children with learning disabilities even during the early childhood years. In fact, your children may go to a school where all of the students have learning disabilities. On top of that, you can look into at-home services where therapists will come to your house to work with your children on their individual struggles. You should not feel as though your children’s learning disabilities preclude them from having an educational experience.

The decision to begin formal education for your children is one that your family will have to make together. You need to look at your own children’s need as well as the structure of the schools in which you are interested.
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