Why Study In An International School In Malaysia?

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Schools are not the only factor that can contribute to the students’ achievements and skill developments. But as parents, we truly wish that our children will get their first learning experience in school on the right foot. Despite the hefty fees, statistics show that as time goes by, the number of parents sending their children to international schools keeps growing. Have you wondered why? Many parents who sent their children to international schools agree that these are the top three reasons why they made such decision at the first place.

1) The Class Environment

Malaysia is undoubtedly a multiracial country. However, students population in international schools does not just consist of Malaysian, but also of different ethnics from around the world. The students are exposed to the diversity of cultural environments. Soon they will learn to respect the differences, get to know and understand more about each other, and even get to learn different languages. In fact, the number of students per class is not too crowded to create a student-centered learning environment.

2) English Medium

Today is the day of technology. You can tell it’s hard to say no to learning English as it is everywhere. It is even the language of the internet. Teachers of international schools speak English and students will have to speak the language all the time during school hours. Students are exposed to the English language at an early stage in their life, so when the opportunity comes,  they will be well prepared to get into universities abroad and pursue their careers globally. No worry about preserving the local languages, as they will not forget their mother tongue especially the national Malay language.

3) Updated Curriculum

Most international schools updates and improves their international curriculums regularly. If you often have to travel to other countries, don’t worry as the curriculum always integrates into other international schools around the globe. Most importantly, the teachers are highly qualified, well trained, and do their job with passion. They believe that education is not just about academic excellence and copying from the textbook, but also about focusing on the acquisition of students’ skills to be practiced throughout the real life.

Do you agree with all the points above? If the answer is yes, maybe you should start finding the best international school in Malaysia for your kids. Making the right decision can be distressing, but as a parent, the final option is really yours.

5 Highest Paid Jobs in Malaysia: Learn Which Professionals Earn Most

higheredThe corporate world has a broad spectrum of jobs that have different salary brackets. For those who are entering college this year, one of the questions they ask is, which jobs pay the highest salary?

When choosing a career, aside from looking for jobs that are significant, challenging and can feed your passion, it is equally important to look at the salary prospects. Let’s face it; everybody needs to earn money for basic expenses but also leisures.


According to the 2016 Hays Asia Salary Guide, 53 percent of Malaysians consider salary and benefits as top priorities when choosing a career. If you’re interested in a peak on who banks the biggest amount of salary in Malaysia, here are the five highest paying jobs.


#5. Real Estate Brokers

The real estate industry is indeed a stable and promising ground for many people aiming for greener pasture. They earn roughly RM 50,000 per month. The primary role of a real estate broker is to act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of real estate properties.


#4. Clinical Research Associate

If the job requires knowledge, expertise, and experience, the salary is expected to compensate all the hard work. A clinical research associate, the one who carries out many activities related to research and clinical trials, earns about RM 52,917 per month.


#3. Engineering

Engineering has many fields, and they are often the highest paid jobs across the globe. For instance, aerospace engineers and materials engineers are paid the highest. In Malaysia, engineers receive about RM 55,000 per month. Engineering courses in Malaysia include chemical engineering, civil engineering, materials engineering, industrial and mechanical engineering.


#2. Marketing Director

The business sector is still one of the most successful fields in the world. A marketing director earns about RM 55,000 per month, and he or she holds responsibility for the marketing activities of the company or organization. Moreover, the marketing director implements a brand strategy for the enterprise.


#1.          Surgeon

In Malaysia, the career that earns the top spot in the highest paid jobs is a surgeon. A surgeon makes about RM 70,000 per month, and that’s a lot of money.


There are many perks of choosing any of these career options. However, being paid this high comes with a price – long working hours, grueling shifts, and increased level of responsibility. It is still important, however, to choose a career that you are passionate about and a job you’ll learn to love in the long run.

What matters most at the end of the day is the fulfillment you’ll feel about your job. If you want to earn more and at the same time, learn and develop your skills and choose a profession you know you want to become.

What Kind of Chef Should You Be? (A Look at Different Types of Chefs in the Kitchen)


The Malaysian culinary industry is thriving, with many major culinary events being held in the country and a lot of Malaysian chefs gaining international fame and winning the Michelin-star awards. For those who aspire to follow the footsteps of Chef Wan or Chef Ismail, who are both world-renowned Malaysian chefs, check out the 12 different types of chefs you can find and become in Malaysia:1

  1. Expediter Because it’s very important to make sure that the dish is perfect before it reaches the table, this task is usually undertaken by the executive chefs themselves. As an expediter, you’ll be the last in line when it comes to food preparation. Your main role is to deliver the food personally or with the help of a waiter.2
  2. Line Cook (Commis) This is an entry-level position which requires you to do basically everything that needs to be done in the kitchen, be it arranging dishes or cutting vegetables. The fast-paced position offers you a chance to move up the career ladder.3
  3. Pantry Chef (Gard Manger) For this role, you’ll be in charge of cold items such as dressings, cold sauces, hors d’ oeuvres and salads. However, your biggest responsibility is to make the dishes look presentable.4
  4. Fry Cook For restaurants serving mainly fried-based dishes, like a Southern restaurant, there must be a frying station of which a fry cook is needed to man the station.5
  5. Meat Cook (Rotisseur) As a meat cook, you’re responsible for everything meat; from grilling and broiling to braising and roasting. The tasks may also overlap with the saucier, in which you need to handle gravies.6
  6. Vegetable Cook (Entremetier) For this role, your main responsibility is to deal with dishes with ingredients such as eggs, vegetables, rice, and soups.7
  7. Fish Cook (Poissonier) As a fish cook, you’ll handle everything seafood, especially when it comes to cooking and preparation.8
  8. Saucier As a saucier, your role is to handle and prepare sauces. Some types of cuisine, like French, rely heavily on sauces, which is why a saucier may be needed.9
  9. Station Chef (Chef de Partie) If you hold this role, you’re normally assigned to a single station only, be it the grill, the salads, or the soups. You may work under the direct supervision of an executive chef or sous chef.10
  10. Pastry Chef (Patissier) Pastry chefs require a different kind of culinary training, and they’re mostly trained at baking schools. Your daily tasks revolve around desserts, breads, and pastries.11
  11. Sous Chef You’re the second in command after the executive chef, and your role is to manage the kitchen, including supervising every preparation of every dish and making sure everything is perfect.

    Team of young chefs preparing delicatessen dishes
    Team of young chefs preparing delicatessen dishes
  12. Executive Chef (Chef de Cuisine) You’re the big boss in the kitchen, and it’ll take you years of training and experience to reach this top position. As the executive chef, you get to create your own unique dishes and oversee everything.

Pursuing a career in the Malaysian culinary industry can be lucrative if you learn your craft well, and understand your own strengths and weaknesses. The many culinary courses in Malaysia could open the doors for you into becoming the right type of chef that fits your passion and personality. The key ingredient to your successful culinary career is finding and choosing the right culinary course that you’re most passionate about, and that you know you would thrive in. This is what made Chef Wan very successful in his culinary career.

Managing Homesickness

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If you are sending your child to a boarding school in Malaysia, chances are, they will get homesick in the first couple of months. Think of it this way, even adults who move to other cities tend to miss their hometowns, what more for children and teens who have stayed only at one place their entire lives? This is quite normal, though. You should expect it and best be ready for when it happens. Here are a couple of tips you could do when your child misses home.
Talk to the school about it
One of the cures for homesickness is actually going home, so you have to know when this is possible for your child. Some schools allow the children to visit home on the weekends, or when they have special family occasions. Some schools also have special programs that help manage homesickness. They have counselors that the students can talk to when they are feeling this way. Encourage your child to seek comfort from the school.
Encourage them endlessly
Whenever you talk to your child, try to be the positive voice they need. Homesickness is nothing more than a challenge that they have to go through, which is why it is important that your child knows you have confidence in their ability to survive this hurdle. Try not to talk about home too much, and instead talk about events and activities in the boarding school that they could look forward to. Also encourage them to build meaningful relationships with other students and even with the teachers. This would take their mind off the homesickness.
Don’t show them that you are upset
When your child misses you, chances are, you miss them too. However, you shouldn’t show this to them, because it could bother them and make them feel worse. It is okay to tell them that you miss them, but as much as you can, try to talk in a positive tone.
Student life at Malaysian boarding schools could be tough, especially for new students. Homesickness is a common occurrence among students, and there are ways to go around it so it won’t affect your child. You should expect for the homesickness to diminish after a couple of months. By then, they would have adjusted to the new environment and to a new life of independence and responsibility.

Top 3 University Degrees You Should Consider Taking in Malaysia

If you are a student who wants to pursue higher studies, then choosing a university degree in college is one of the toughest decisions you’ll ever make. Your decision today will affect your life in the next 5 to 10 years. It may either lead you to the right path of the greater scheme of things, or to the other path you mistakenly assumed was right.

Several Malaysian universities are known to produce academically excellent students who are competitive enough to work in international fields. So if you are considering to study in Malaysia, you might want to grab your pen and application form and start building your future on these most sought-after university degrees.


  1. Petroleum Engineering

Showered with natural resources, Malaysia is one of the major exporters of crude oil worldwide. Huge Britain-based foreign oil investors have been on a business agreement with Malaysia for almost 50 years. These major oil companies have been contributing to the petrochemical sector’s growth, resulting in the overall boost of the Malaysian economy.

In addition, the country owns almost 2% of the world’s natural gas and approximately 29 billion oil barrel reserves, which indicate that the petroleum industry is Malaysia’s catalyst towards economic prosperity. With the addition of the government’s extra efforts to increase the production by 5% every year, Malaysia will soon be Asia’s number one hub for gas and oil exports. Therefore, high salaries and huge career opportunities are waiting for the Petroleum Engineering graduates.


  1. Business and Finance

Based on the economic trend last 2014, statistics showed that Malaysia’s economy grew up to 5.5%, which entitled the country to become the world’s largest Islamic financial and banking center. In spite of the existence of a global crisis and extreme poverty in Malaysia, the financial sector was resilient to manage the risks.   In 4 years, the financial sector predicts that almost 300,000 business-related jobs such as international trades, sales and marketing, accounting, and investments, will emerge. Because business and finance studies became one of the most sought-after programs in Malaysia, several universities have been offering business courses to students since then.


  1. Law

Because the laws ran the world, attorneys or lawyers work almost everywhere. Private businesses, judiciaries, government institutions, private organizations, and academia are only some of the fields which a law student might consider entering after graduation. Typically, law studies in Malaysia take 3 years long to finish. Students can specialize in a particular field they find interesting such as real estate, civil rights, immigration, employment, insurance, or criminal law.

Because the degree leads to one of the top high-paying jobs in the country, the law studies in Malaysia have become popular and in demand. A law graduate who owns a firm can earn as much as RM 66,000 per month! Consequently, top-ranking universities in the country have been offering law studies to all who aspires to work and earn from these high-paying jobs.
Finishing a degree program is not as easy as deciding on what degree to take. Remember that the decision you’ll make today will be your future. Think carefully and choose wisely before applying.

Open the Door to Opportunity with Business Studies

Many students head into their college experience with no clear goal as to what they would like to accomplish with their life. One of the most intriguing opportunities is taking courses in business studies. A bachelor of business provide wide variety of career options for a person and create a lot of opportunities for them. The flexibility of this type of degree can be applied to many different industries or even make a logical stepping stone toward a master’s degree in business or another field. Individuals who possess a strong business background, have developed the skill set that is valuable to many careers. Today’s job market is highly competitive and a strong background in business studiescan put your resume at the top of the heap. There are several factors a person should seriously weigh as they choose their area of study.

business-degree-2A Very Practical Choice
Because of the applicability of the business degree, it makes so much sense because the doors to many industries are open to you. The valuable jobs that are open to a person with a bachelor of business are vast and can fill almost any interest a person has. The practicality of always having career options is only a part of the equation. With a business degree in you pocket, the earning power is really only limited by how hard a graduate wants to look. For example, if you put your interest into the field of accounting a person can expect to start their career earning around $50,000. That is only one option. Having many job opportunities and the potential to earn a lot of money is very practical.

education-stock-photo-19714565-business-seminar1Furthering Education
Continuing your business education beyond a bachelor is a choice that many students make. Business studiesmake this easy to do. Obtaining an advanced degree like an MBA can enhance earning potential and allow for even more job opportunities. The flexibility business programs can steer your career in the areas of management, marketing, public relations, advertising, business administration or even individual entrepreneurship.

Group of business partners looking at young man presenting compuBuilding Blocks of Success
Earning a degree in business provides people with the raw materials to build a successful career, either working for someone else or starting your own business. With all of the basic knowledge of how to operate a business, there are not many limits on what you can accomplish toward your individual success. All types of business degrees provide a very solid foundation that can be parlayed into success in areas of business administration, finance, or marketing just to name a few.

When you are considering the major in college then you should be putting a business degree at the top of your list because it will provide you with the solid base of success that will allow you to grow into whatever industry appeals to you as your life develops. Regardless of the ultimate path a business graduate chooses, the educational value will provide valuable skills that will allow a person to function successfully in the world, and also understanding the way the business world operates will make you a more powerful consumer as well.


Why Foreign Students should Study Business in the UK


Many foreign students are flocking to the UK each year to earn their business degrees because it provides the opportunity to separate yourself from the pack and put a unique experience on a resume. The UK has only trailed the United States as a destination for international students and it was estimated that about 480,000 students invade the UK each year from varied locations like China, the United States and India. That is because some of the most prestigious institutions of learning are offering a business degree that will help advance a career. This is a more in depth look at the reasons that so many students make the UK their choice for business studies each year.

focus-on-businessMore Focus on Business
One of the top reasons that the UK is so popular for students studying for their business degree is that the system is set up to provide a deep immersion into the topic of their major. This is a huge difference from many colleges and universities in the states. Students are often encouraged to take a well-rounded course load before focusing on their interest in business. The UK students know what they want and the curriculum is built around business courses that can help develop your knowledge of the subject. The only difficulty is that changing a major is a lot more complicated in the UK because few classes are going to be similar in the course load between one program and another. There is definitely a deeper exposure to the topic at hand.
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Students Can Save Money in the UK
Even though the cost per year is on a par with other nations, it takes less time to complete a business degree in the UK. Most universities will award a bachelor’s degree in three years rather than four. That is a significant savings in money, effort and time in order to put your degree to use. Moving on to earn a higher degree or to take the knowledge from your business courses and apply it to a career will all happen sooner. This can be great for the business student who has a clear desire about the outcomes they desire. Saving a whole year in tuition costs would seem to make solid business sense.

work_cropWork is an Option in the UK
It is very common for international students to get a job while studying full or part time in the UK. They are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week and that can really help the bottom line of a student’s budget. In the US, there are strict guidelines that limit the jobs students can take. There are no such limits in the UK, a student can get a job virtually anywhere and find something that will contribute to and augment their business coursed. A person on a student visa is able to work anywhere that they want, which is a great advantage to them.

Study-Abroad-UKUK Education Provides Global Connections
Finally, the British experience in education will provide more global connections than earning a business degree somewhere else. The educational system in the UK is more globally connected with students coming from all parts of the world. Getting to know the widest variety of people through your studies and taking courses provides a worldwide grid of connections. That type of system is going to provide opportunities that simply taking business courses will not provide. The more people that know and trust you, the more chances a person has to complete business transactions, find jobs and make money.


Why Business Studies is Key to Success in the 21st Century


The world is changing faster than ever before. It is hard to say what one skill will set you up for years to come. In the old days, learning a trade such as and finding a job with a trade union was enough to set you on the path to support yourself and your family for life. Today, a bachelor of business is proving to be increasingly valuable to help set up a long, flexible and profitable career.


An education in business studies incorporates a lot of different disciplines. It allows future managers to study finance, accounting, logistics, production, trade, operations, marketing, advertising, sales, entrepreneurship and management. With such a wide variety of different skill sets, business studies majors have an upper hand on their competition in the marketplace. No matter what the interview question, they will have a base of knowledge to draw upon.


A bachelor of business can be used to enter small, medium or large businesses in many different capacities. Take a large company like General Electric for example. The company makes airplane engines and utilizes its financing unit to help fund in production of the product. Business majors could work in many different places along this value chain including supervising production, supply chain management, accounting, financing structures, sales and reporting. Business majors have a wealth of options at such a company.


Even working at a small distribution company, a person with a bachelor of business has many different options to choose from. They can run the ware house, manage inventory, work in the back office on finance and accounting or work up to senior level management. While some of these positions require additional certification or training, they all need basic understanding of business.

Getting a degree in business has helped countless managers achieve their dreams. It is a great start to support a long and profitable career.




When you enter the world of business studies, you are taking a very complex and difficult road. Deciding where to go to school is just as important as the classes you will take. You have to be okay with your choice. You need to feel like you belong at the school.

There are lots of things that need to be considered. For instance, the ranking and reputation of the school needs to be at the top of your list. The right school will put you on the right track for an exciting career. The wrong school can do just the opposite.

Think of the guidelines below as a checklist. If you can go through the list and check everything off, then you have made the right decision with your law studies.

1) While going to a one of the top brand colleges will certainly outweigh the location, location is very important too. Think of this in terms of real estate. It all comes down to the location. The right location will give you an inside lead on jobs and other important factors. Never go to school out in the middle of nowhere. This will lead you down the wrong road.

Pick a school where your presence will make a difference.

2)Do you already know which area of law you want to practice? Pick a school that specializes in this area. Say you want to go for property law. Pick a school that deals specifically in this field.

What happens if the school is lower on the rankings scale? It won’t matter. If you know which area you want to specialize in, than you are half way there. This will also guarantee you your first job. When it comes to a specialized field of study, sometimes higher rankings do not really matter. Think about this.

3) Visit the school ahead of time. Take some time and visit with others who are going there. Talk to some of the students. This is one way you can find out if the school is a good fit or not.

If you feel out of place from the start, then look into another school. You have to feel as though you belong there because you will be spending more of your time in school than anywhere else.

4) Look at the sort of opportunities you will have at the school. What types of experience will the area bring to you in general? Will you be able to flourish in the area? Some students end up living in the area after they graduate.


The Best Business Studies Program in UK is Available For You to Enroll in Today!

TILT ANARCHY IN THE UK 1_906There are no doubts about the fact that our current and future generations’ success is greatly dependent on the qualities of their education. Unfortunately, there are vast arrays of people who are unconcerned about attaining an education that can set them up for financial freedom and success in the future. If you happen to be one of those people, are you willing to sacrifice a comfortable future for simply doing nothing now? Or would you rather acquire an education that may only last for a couple of years, but will set you up for financial freedom and success for the rest of your life? The answer is probably the latter. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to ensure that you enroll yourself in an educational program that you are not only interested, but also one that you are certain of having the potential of supporting you and your family.

study uk

When it comes to enrolling in courses, one should choose from a program that they are interested and can see themselves actually enjoying the field of work it leads one to. It is also important to look at the competition that lies ahead in the respective field of study. Business studies are a field that is sure to provide a myriad of opportunities for succeeding. By enrolling in the UK business transfer programme, a current and/or prospective student will be able to take advantage of an educational program that has been proven and reputed as being one of the best in the country.

The world of business is quite a competitive one. Everyone involved in business is either striving toward profiting for their own company or one that they work for. A proven educational background will help a student to reach their goals of accruing revenue while simultaneously evolving in their particular field. Be sure to sign up for courses at the UK business transfer programme institute today. Not only will you be happy with your decision of signing up for the programme, but you will also be proud to call yourself as part of the graduating class upon receiving your certification. You will quickly see that many doors will be opening up for you upon receiving the certification from the UK business transfer programme. Call the advisers and sign up for a seat in class today!