5 Easy Steps On How To Build A Toy House Using Corrugated Cardboard



Building a toy house from scratch is a fun and enjoyable activity, especially if there are kids around. What’s good about it is that you don’t need a lot of materials to start the project. You can recycle all types of cardboard boxes. For instance, a shoe-box can be turned into a table or empty matchboxes can be utilized as chairs. The whole activity relies on your own creativity. If it’s your first time to build a cardboard toy house, here are the basic steps you should follow:









Step 1: Create the design for the toy house

Grab a pencil, take a page of design paper, and start scribbling what the house would look like. The first thing you should take into consideration is the size of the finished house. Is it going to be a big one where small kids can actually enter? Or is it a small playhouse meant for dolls and figurines? You should also take into account the sections of the house that you plan on integrating into the design. If there’s going to be a porch or an outside shed, then put it there in the overall design.









Step 2: Gather all the materials you need for the project

Get all the empty boxes and corrugated cardboard you can find in the house. It doesn’t matter how small the box is, you might find it useful. If you don’t have enough corrugated cardboard, you can always purchase them online. For instance, CLPG Packaging Industries is a company that sells a wide variety of cardboard boxes. You can learn more about their cardboard products on their official website at www.clpg.net.








Step 3: Cut out windows, doors, and other holes in the cardboards before you start assembling them

Every cutout you make should be in line with the overall design you made on step one. Make sure that the windows and the doors are appropriate to the size of the walls you have in mind.








Step 4: Assemble all the parts using glue, strings, packing tapes, or thumb tacks

This should be an easy task if you dutifully followed your design plan. Connecting the parts can be a bit frustrating if you’re using glue since it may take time for them to harden and stick. That said, you may consider using packing tape first before applying glue to make the task easier. For the parts that are flimsy and thin, you may use staplers.








Step 5: Paint the toy house

Cardboard boxes are usually brown so they look rather dull and bland. Give your toy house a more vibrant and lively look by applying some colorful paints.



It’s not that difficult to build a nice-looking toy house if you follow all of the steps discussed above. Building in an orderly fashion is the key to finishing the project. It’s a fun activity that can help you bond with your kids. It’s also environment-friendly considering the fact that a lot of the materials used are recycled items.